Wolfstream Creek
02:34:58 Gluten
Wolfplay is being so slow
Sea Dragon
02:34:44 Valcore/VentBox

Oh dang that sucks. I'm waiting for my shark week and since school started it's been thrown off schedule
02:34:35 Tea
Someone named
Lol, Tea that is funny, who is doing it?
Gallops Estate
Can we please start a club that is the court of hee where we convict people of cases like these XD
McSmith Ranch
02:31:56 Mac | Thing 2
There it's as if it never happened.
02:31:29 Tea
Guys something's happening over on WP, I'm being accused of being a lizard and sinking the titanic, but you all know I'm innocent, right?...
02:31:27 Legion
Yeah. Some stuff shouldn't be shared
Madsie Manor
02:30:52 Madsie // 🥝
Sorry purple lol 😂 didn't mean to scar you
Vecchia Modo
02:30:45 Vecc - TBs
Gotta agree with Purple. Could of gone all day without knowing that.
McSmith Ranch
02:30:10 Mac | Thing 2
Thanks Sunny!

That image..yikes
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:29:31 Graceful
That really isn't an image I want in my head, Madsie. 😂
McSmith Ranch
02:26:08 Mac | Thing 2
Not bad. That's the thing. I just want to forget it lol
Sunstone Elite
02:26:00 Sun/Sunny
Mac congrats on the foal my mare threw though! All up week 4! I'm so happy she trained well.
Vecchia Modo
02:25:48 Vecc - TBs
lol Mac that bad huh ?
02:25:12 Alyssa
sounds like a good way to cope with it xD
McSmith Ranch
02:24:30 Mac | Thing 2
I'll just pretend that week 4s didn't happen lol
Sea Dragon
02:24:10 Valcore/VentBox

I agree!
Trost District
I'm happy with my KNN filly because she at least has 2 up and is homo LP.
-HEE Click-
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