Golden Cackle
-HEE Click-

Just got him. About to do lens of time since it says he is gray
Starflight stables
06:21:54 Universal truth
Misty Streams
06:20:31 Misty
Maybe see what he gives you when he is old enough to breed, and if he doesn't give you what you want, then geld and show.
Starflight stables
06:19:42 Universal truth
I know but I want to see his foals.
Misty Streams
06:18:59 Misty
I would geld him, starflight.
Starflight stables
06:18:41 Universal truth
Coral Eventers
06:18:28 Coral
It depends if your breeding for color or ratings, Starflight :)
Starflight stables
06:17:30 Universal truth
Should I geld?
-HEE Click-
Misty Streams
06:16:04 Misty
Lmao I was going to do this before I saw how weak she takes really was in it 😂 I might need a spd glass, but I'm at 50k 🤦

-HEE Click-
Moonpaw Manor
06:15:23 Wubs Have Paws
She might have gotten lazy from the good treatment
Tamarack Mountain
06:14:36 Opal
funny because in real life quarters are known for their speed lol
Moonpaw Manor
06:13:57 Wubs Have Paws
You need a great speedy stud, like rocket type lol
Misty Streams
06:12:25 Misty
Shit. Her strength weakness is getting a bit extreme lmao

-HEE Click-
Moonpaw Manor
06:11:16 Wubs Have Paws
Starflight stables
06:10:27 Universal truth
Oh my god! Number Of Horses Sold: 6
Amound Of Eden Bucks Earnd: 10600
Starflight stables
06:10:02 Universal truth
Hi Diva!
Moonrose Mountains
05:34:03 Diva
It's sole purpose is to teach the non English natives the right way of speech and grammar. Take a pride in it, you're helping someone
Moonrose Mountains
05:31:27 Diva
Tina please be aware of not using chatspeak, this isn't the 1st time anymore
05:29:16 Tina
05:29:02 Tina
Thanks tho:)
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