01:29:23 Tangle || Tabgle.
I could never live that far North...even our 10-20C degree winter is freezing xD
Kaelua Stables
01:29:16 Lex
If only I chose a mare lol -HEE Click-
Madsie Manor
01:28:47 Madsie // 🥝
Lex just captured and all I got was this
-HEE Click-
Good for SD maybe.
Dawn Shadow Ridge
Good captures tempt me to go capture more
SweetFire Fields
01:28:26 Flaming Doritos
Awesome, Lex! The best I've ever captured was an APP
Kaelua Stables
01:27:49 Lex
Thank you guys! Good luck Mads
Madsie Manor
01:27:20 Madsie // 🥝
Lex congrats! I’m still waiting on a good capture!
Dawn Shadow Ridge
Wow Lex congrats!
Kaelua Stables
01:26:46 Lex
I... just caught... a PWW RID!!
SweetFire Fields
01:25:27 Flaming Doritos
Ah yes, back to the ol' ways.
Listening to some random bass-boosted sh*t with (almost) full volume and increasing it for dramatic effect XD
Emmas Eventers
North of England hardly ever has Summer then lol
Phoenix Rising Ranch
01:24:24 Star
Yesssssss *_*
The Lazy Ninja
01:23:39 Jessie
Beautiful Star I see why
The Joker
01:23:05 Mojii
30+ is hide in the basement and prey for winter 😂
Uinuva Puutarha
01:22:43 Lumme
My little sister was crazy over it. @Doritos
Uinuva Puutarha
01:22:15 Lumme
My little sister was crazy over it. @Doritos
Phoenix Rising Ranch
01:22:02 Star
I just could not resist
-HEE Click-
01:21:40 Tangle || Tabgle.
5-15 C is curl up and pretend to die weather xD 20-30 is beautifully comfortable, 30+ is summer.
01:21:39 Did you miss me?
Yep :)
SweetFire Fields
01:21:26 Flaming Doritos
You guys watch Stranger Things?
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