Kuewi! <3
Wildfire Stud
11:09:37 wildfire
My accountant is probably having a heart attack from how much money I am spending on clinics, trail rides and shows
11:09:26 Night
I give up.
I should check up on the foals
FS Sundance Valley
11:07:39 Helia
Ah ok :) i already got in panic mode for a second 😅
Wildfire Stud
11:06:48 wildfire
-me waiting for my message to disappear in the sales chat so I can advertise again-
Gemstone Stable
11:05:48 Snow❆Gem

Just the prizes reset. :D
FS Sundance Valley
11:05:01 Helia
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This will reset tomorrow.
Wait what-?
11:00:20 K

Yeah I'm gonna do hopefully she improves on her week 7 🙏
10:59:55 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Too early looking at w4 alone
10:59:37 Ceci / (Call me) AL
K, see if she improves to w7/8
10:59:22 K
She might make up for it on her week 7 hopefully
My mom's car is packed to the brim full of stuff for the vacation and like, it's a lot of stuff
10:58:38 Mito/©Mythstake
I'd yeet her
10:57:25 K
Well not happy with you at the moment 🤦‍♀️ -HEE Click-
Wolf Dancer
10:56:51 Wolf Burger She/Her
Al I think the PON AD/Bravery gods of hee are calling me to do that... I already have a almost PON who hopefully has a 4th W and a EEE-E PON as well!
10:55:43 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Wolf, good ratings/bravery mare
Wolf Dancer
10:54:51 Wolf Burger She/Her
I.. don't know what to say about this girl...
-HEE Click-
Wolf Dancer
10:53:15 Wolf Burger She/Her
Munn we put up posters, tossed up found ads on craigslist/facebook, and talked to a whole bunch of neighbors we just took him in so he wouldn't be eaten in the middle of the night xD
Kuewi knn stable
10:49:43 Bazinga Force
I don´t think so, as she will stay a Smokey Roan Grullo
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   ~Whizbar's Wishlist August 18, 2021 10:53 PM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4195
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Guys, I am a lot more busy these days with less time/resources for the Wishlist, and I love seeing new stables posting wishes that I can grant, but I'm getting a bit inundated with wishes coming in from some same stables each month. It's a lot to try to keep up with, so I'm going to ask that everyone limits wishes to once every other month. <3

So here are my requests: ❤️

🍀 Please edit your wish that is pinned if you have one, instead of reposting or I'm just going to stop unpinning-repinning your wish a million times xD

🍀 I'd prefer if ya'll wish once every other month instead of monthly just so this isn't getting abused. I'm trying to help everyone out if possible so just trying to spread the love! =D

Thank you guys!!


(NEW !) Please CLICK HERE to view current Wishlist News!

Quick links:
🦄 Unicorn Stallions for Stud + Unicorn Foal Brandings

Deep within Eden there is blissful place where unicorns graze on luscious, green fields under a cotton candy sky. You watch as hints of violet, then green and red streak through the delicate puffball clouds. A dazzling rainbow appears in front of you - do you wish to find the end?


Post what you wish for below, and the field’s resident leprechauns may hop out of their teeny pots and mount their majestical unicorn steeds to show you the way and grant you your wish! But keep in mind… these are highly illusive leprechauns, and they won’t appear for everyone. But, you are welcome to take your chances!

This is Whizbar’s Wishlist!

The possibilities are limitless, from some spankin’ new apple polo wraps to a WWW straw or medallion, or your dream stallion for sale that's picked out and you would be honored to own… Just please make it something you REALLY REALLY want and something somewhat feasible.

I, Leprechaun 🍀Dizzy McTavern on 🦄Bluebell Lovely Rump, will occasionally visit this thread and grant those that I can, especially those that seem most sincere and something you will cherish. Please keep this in mind.


Here’s what the leprechauns will not tolerate:

🌈 Complaining that you did not receive anything. This will happen.

🌈 Making posts sound overly desperate and ANY sort of begging!

🌈 Regarding ebs - Please don't wish for ebs. I’d prefer to do what I can to help you earn them yourself instead.

🌈 Regarding upgrades - Personally, I don't sell them myself, and upgrades seem to be a highly popular wish, so just know that you may be waiting until another stable may kindly offer to purchase it for you!

🌈 Regarding art - Please give a link to a horse that you would love some art for, or request a specific piece of art like a stable banner or something. "I want Tier 1 art" is getting old and sounds a bit insincere since there's not something you specifically seem to really want. Also, I know you're trying not to be picky by listing a specific artist, but if you do, it seems more like you REALLY want art from that person, and this is what Tier 1 artists have told me they would prefer to grant. 😉

🌈 RE-WISHING: Wishing every other month if needed is a good guideline to follow, if possible. You may wish again down the road, especially if you have fairly reasonable requests each time or if your first wish was unpinned before being granted. Please use common sense is all I ask. I will stop pinning your wishes if a warning is given and your actions havn't been altered!

🌈 CHANGING WISHES: Please edit your post that is pinnned if you'd like to change your wish. However, please try to be courteous to those who may be in the process of granting your wish. They may not see that you just changed it in the blink of an eye... So be thoughtful before posting please to limit the # of times you change it before it is granted.

🌈 CLAIMING THINGS BEING GIVEN AWAY: Please don't hoard all the free goodies (even if it's across your accounts)! It's awesome when someone gives away horses/items, etc, but if you are successful and are able to obtain/afford these things yourself, please save them for smaller stables who could really benefit! I'm keeping an eye out if you continuously claim free things others are giving away throught this thread, and by all means, if you'd like the thing, go for it! But make it count, because the wish you have posted already will be re-evaluated and unpinned if you claim countless other things through the thread. =D Thank you!!


Absolutely no whining or begging will be tolerated.

These are HEE’s rules.

Be mindful of the highly sensitive ears of this meadow’s inhabitants. We have to be quiet and peaceful so the leprechauns don’t get bucked off their unicorns!!


Will you spread the cheer, join the growing band of leprechauns, and pick a wish to grant in return?! It’s up to you!

❤️ Thank you so much to our loveliest leprechaun, 🍀Lucky O'Wobbles (AKA Pola), for graciously donating the page’s magnificent banner!

Edited at March 10, 2023 10:31 AM by WhizBar Eventing
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist August 18, 2021 11:52 PM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4195
Give Award

Wow, thank you so much guys for the overwhelming offers to help, you guys are absolutely amazing!!

The most wonderful thing you could do is to pick someone's wish that you'd like to grant and make sure you quote it, so I know which wishes have been granted by other members. ❤️

All unfilfilled wishes are now PINNED on the first couple of pages! So look for the "push pin" on the posts that havn't been granted yet! ☺️

Here is the running list of the most notable Leprechauns I have chosen to have their unique Leprechaun name and Unicorn mount generated in honor of their service in this meadow.

🍀Lucky O'Wobbles (Polaresta Elites) and magical mount, 🏔Sage Silky Stallion

🍀Tater O'Rainbow (Luckycharmz) and magical mount, 🍀Clover Cheeky Stallion

🍀Goldie McSpud (Shadow Woods) and magical mount, 🌸Violet Silky Tail

🍀Toadstool McFearsome (Foggy Forest Stables) and magical mount, ❄️Fern Snowy Tail

🍀Sprinkles McCharmfull (Pyramid Equestrian) and magical mount, 🌷Burdock Pretty Reins

🍀Fortune McCoppertop (Wild Winnie Equine) and magical mount, 🍂Elm Lovely Saddle

🍀Clover O'Blaze (Hallucination Manor) and magical mount, 🌹Primrose Cheeky Mane

🍀Potsy O'Shivers (Verity Stables) and magical mount, 🍬Heather Sweet Pony

🍀Fightin' McDoodles (White_thundacat) and magical mount, 🐈Catkin Celestial Rump

🍀Daffodil O'Looney (Thistleberry Farm) and magical mount, 🦋Nightshade Lovely Bridle

🍀Fightin' O'Lyn (Cat's Eye) and magical mount, 🍥Hemlock Pied Boy

🍀Woolly McWoozy (Gryffenwise Stables) and magical mount, 🍒Cherry Bonny Stallion

🍀Shillelagh O'Rainbow (Moonrose Magic) and magical mount, 🍭Starflower Lovely Tail

🍀Greenie O'Gingerly (Sandpiper Hollow) and magical mount, 🍰Clover Pied Rump

🍀 Bleary O'Bourbon (Camelot Stables) and magical mount, 🌿Fern Golden Coat

🍀 Fortune O'Shivers (Tranquility) and magical mount, 🌼Daffodil Silver Fleece

🍀 Wobble O'Wickless (The Seven Sins) and magical mount 🌟Champion Misty Eyes

🍀 Sprinkles McKnob (Amethyst Ranch) and magical mount 💐Tulip Jolly Lashes

🍀 Goldie O'Blaze (ACloudToStandOn) and magical mount 🌺Poppy Pied Rump


And our other wish-granting Leprechauns include...
🌈 Superior Equines
🌈 WolfDancer
🌈 Silent Grove
🌈 Emerald Eventing
🌈 SimplySweetStables
🌈 Floresta Elites
🌈 Zeberz Manor
🌈 Arctic Acres
🌈 Paradox Elites
🌈 Tanglewood
🌈 Sweetwater Creek
🌈 Adara
🌈 Green Acres
🌈 LunarEclipseStables
🌈 Elektra's elites
🌈 Wind Wood Estate
🌈 L.C123
🌈 Etheria
🌈 Gem
🌈 Sagamore Farms
🌈 The Unknown
🌈 River Bend Stables
🌈 Clear River Arabians
🌈 Pegasus Lane
🌈 Celaeno
🌈 Zephyr Elites
🌈Sandpiper Villa
🌈 Sporting Chance Farm
🌈 Empire Eventers
🌈 Ginger Ridge
🌈 Zomb
🌈 prancing wolf
🌈 Jay MacKay's
🌈 Eyrie of the Stars
🌈 Arcturus Center
🌈 Blue Ribbon Stable
🌈 ShiningStar Stables
🌈 The Lazy Ninja
🌈 Fairy Godmother
🌈 Fairytale Paints
🌈 Kats Horse Ranch
🌈 Whispering Wood Barn
🌈 LostCause
🌈 Whispering Pines
🌈 Cinnamon Stables
🌈 DunderMifflinPonyCo.
🌈 TB_Showmen
🌈 Bella Luna Farms
🌈 Lady of Fangorn
🌈 Wild Turkey Meadows
🌈 Aurorae Warmbloods
🌈 Volcanic Ashes
🌈 Fancy Elites
🌈 Rivendell Horses
🌈 Arroyo Ranch
🌈 Kuality Kolor KNNs
🌈 Ironclad Roan Estate
🌈 Arrowhead Valley
🌈 Rolling in Hay
🌈 WildWillow
🌈 BlackForestStables
🌈 Spotted Shorties
🌈 Rocking Horse Farm
🌈 Ranch Lands Training
🌈 The Undercity
🌈 Westhaven Paints
🌈 Shenandoah
🌈 Da Smexy Sheep

Thank you all ❤️

Edited at February 4, 2023 09:49 AM by WhizBar Eventing
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist January 29, 2023 10:39 AM

Whispering Wood Barn
Posts: 1418
Give Award
Desperate Need Of 2 packs of ReRolls♡ I would love to wish for some!

I also have some WWW SH ( 9 ) straws to my age 4 stud thats not being used. I am willing to give them out for free in hopes to give him more testing! Just shoot me a message!

Edited at January 30, 2023 11:54 AM by Whispering Wood Barn
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist February 27, 2023 10:54 PM

The Fallen Rulers
Posts: 473
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i am really needing a upgrade if possible, i have 30k to put to one. thank you <3
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 1, 2023 11:20 PM

The Undercity
Posts: 509
Give Award
I have a really cool match I am planning for 167! I have a hopeful tobi PON match with the wonderful Arturo! I am hoping to get a sven for it if anyone could help with the funds or if you have an extra one you are willing to give up it will be helpful!
I am still giving two straws to my tobi freshie! Please PM me of you are interested!
Thank you so much to all the leprechauns!

Edited at April 22, 2023 10:29 PM by The Undercity
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 4, 2023 11:41 PM

Wicked Equine Ranch
Posts: 17
Give Award
I know it's a huge ask but I'm really wishing for 1-2 ᚱ Dominie straws for this match, if not possible (He's retired) I'm also in need of a 100 stall barn or a J Medallion :) Thank You Guys and Gals for making this all possible<3 Horse Eden - Online Horse Game

Edited at April 8, 2023 08:36 PM by Wicked Equine Ranch
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 4, 2023 11:48 PM

Rivendell Steeds
Posts: 1130
Give Award
I used my first sven this RO, and got her. I have high hopes for her, and would absolutely love some good fantasy/star wars themed art for her! I would love art from TMO, Galloping (GG), Roanie, Willow, or Zomb, if possible, thank you! :)

Edited at March 5, 2023 04:39 AM by Rivendell Steeds
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 5, 2023 03:54 AM

Sungold Eventing
Posts: 317
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Hello HEE Leprechauns, I would really like a Medium/large barn/pasture, since I have used up every stall of my 2 25 stall barns :/
And I am wanting to start a new project, which if all goes well I should be able to do some giveaways!
Thank you!!

Edited at March 5, 2023 05:58 AM by Sungold Eventing
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 8, 2023 05:52 AM

Posts: 6
Give Award
hello everyone! this month i'd like to ask for an unbred EWW combo mare <3 preferably not ISH but i'd be happy with anything that produces well.
thank you guys! :D

Edited at March 8, 2023 05:53 AM by Dreamscape
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 16, 2023 01:16 PM

DragonFyre Estate
Posts: 688
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Changing my wish. Could really use a sven for this match.

Edited at April 8, 2023 01:05 PM by DragonFyre Estate

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