Tranquility Meadows
link: sorry XD
-HEE Click-
Was trying for more apricots. XD Got one that way last time.
Tranquility Meadows
im still in love with this coat!
Tranquility Meadows
I was not expecting this :o
-HEE Click-
Tranquility Meadows
The Joker
01:33:09 Ari <3
I bought this foal purely because of how hilarious I found his colour dodging to be XD -HEE Click-
Tranquility Meadows
-HEE Click- What would he show best in?
Sterling Valley
01:09:38 Phoenix
Ah that repeated- sorry
Sterling Valley
01:09:26 Phoenix
Goodnight PK

I think the Arabians are most popular currently, I always see there breeders around
Sterling Valley
01:08:21 Phoenix
Goodnight PK

I think the Arabians are most popular currently, I always see there breeders around
Azrail Elites
01:06:37 Candi
Goodnight PK!
Heavy Hunters Estate
01:05:32 Hunter
-HEE Click- oof wish he rated batter tho
Van Der Linde Stable
01:04:53 Seven / Dutch
Good night PK!
Van Der Linde Stable
01:04:40 Seven / Dutch
I think SH but really not sure
PK Rescue Stable
01:04:26 Smeagol Twisted
I will so I will say goodbye to all now! G'nite!
Sterling Valley
01:04:01 Phoenix
What breed is like the most popular currently? What y’all think
Van Der Linde Stable
01:03:32 Seven / Dutch
Enjoy the rest of your ice-cream and get some sleep. I'll probably still be awake until 9am
PK Rescue Stable
01:02:10 Smeagol Twisted
almost done with ice cream lol! then bed ffor sure
Van Der Linde Stable
01:01:39 Seven / Dutch
Lol. Get some rest. You need it I'll be around
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   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 2, 2022 12:26 AM

Bellbird Estate
Posts: 92
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I've got these two stunning horses, that I really want to breed aprove, so an uprgade would be really appreciated.
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 3, 2022 10:00 AM

Posts: 362
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If anyone would like to bestow the gift of rerolls onto me that would be super awesome lol, I've bought and used 60 so far trying to get a different buckskin variation on my new wild mare and I haven't gotten a single one :(
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 8, 2022 01:09 AM

Pearl Waters Estate
Posts: 52
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I wish with all of my heart, for an upgrade! I have such nice art that I bought and I would love to use the banner cut and make a matching palette ^^
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 8, 2022 03:31 AM

Dark Shadows Estate
Posts: 456
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I wish for a 50 stall barn for my new apricot breeding program! :)
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 8, 2022 01:49 PM

Posts: 428
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I wish for dressage medallion for this match:
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 8, 2022 11:12 PM

Murderous Manor
Posts: 1179
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I would love a new 25-50 stall barn as I cant fit my show string in my 25 one. Also an upgrade wouldnt hurt but barn is on the top :)
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 10, 2022 08:11 PM
Melody Meadows
Posts: 2
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was wondering if i could get another barn 25 or 50 would be fine, thank you
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 12, 2022 05:01 PM
Imperial Elites
Posts: 19
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I wish for an upgrade <3 Mine's about to run out and I have new arts coming in <3
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 16, 2022 07:10 AM

HillCrest Stables
Posts: 527
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Can I change my wish to a 6 Month Upgrade
I desperately need one
   ~Whizbars Wishlist May 21, 2022 05:38 PM

Crossroad Manor
Posts: 1
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Okay first of all too everyone who is doing this you are amazing and deserve lots of kindness! <3
Secondly I would love the money to get an upgrade even just for three months becuase rating horses is becoming dreadfull.
of course I understand that is a little greedy so simply A nice TB EWE combo stud would be cool to boost my ratings (no roan or sabino)

Edited at May 21, 2022 07:07 PM by Crossroad Manor

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