Light Fields
-HEE Click-
1/29 color rarity, i'm so happy
Annapytt Ranch
01:16:50 Anna
Emmas Eventers
It's due at 1:30
Annapytt Ranch
01:13:15 Anna
Why didnt i get my bank payment?
12:36:18 Crazy Color Hoarder
This calls for a new banner!
Wild Warmbloods
I just spent more than half my money on Hay Bales, so I probably won't need any more till I die
12:25:31 Crazy Color Hoarder
Ok so I found my phone has a quality reading image resizer built in
So I compromised & did that plus cropping but I got the whole picture in my bio
If anyone knows a better way feel free to pm me
12:11:07 Crazy Color Hoarder
Please help im very challenged
I have a lovely piece of art done by mythical mare & I can't figure out how to make it work on my avatar
The Old Gods
12:09:42 Dead King
Farm Land
12:08:09 Lulu
you need Jesus
Boulder Creek
Well. It'll be in all of our nightmares tonight.

OR one lucky person can BUY it!

#onepersonstrash #anotherstreasure
Farm Land
12:06:43 Lulu
when i seen that i want to pour bleach onto my eyes
Wild Warmbloods
... just don't even ask ...
Aspen Fire ES
12:05:59 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
What the heck did I just witnessed when I clicked that link? xD
Wild Warmbloods
Dot dot dot
Wild Warmbloods
Wild Warmbloods
... I sighed into the Weirdest conversation ever seen on chat... what the heck is thag
Freiheit Farms
12:02:46 Frey ☼
I clicked the link out of curiosity and I- what xD
Golden Gate Stables
haha what the heck
Farm Land
12:01:42 Lulu
dude the in the fuck
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   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 4, 2023 11:48 PM

Rivendell Steeds
Posts: 1117
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I used my first sven this RO, and got her. I have high hopes for her, and would absolutely love some good fantasy/star wars themed art for her! I would love art from TMO, Galloping (GG), Roanie, Willow, or Zomb, if possible, thank you! :)

Edited at March 5, 2023 04:39 AM by Rivendell Steeds
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 5, 2023 03:54 AM

Sungold Eventing
Posts: 189
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Hello HEE Leprechauns, I would really like a Medium/large barn/pasture, since I have used up every stall of my 2 25 stall barns :/
And I am wanting to start a new project, which if all goes well I should be able to do some giveaways!
Thank you!!

Edited at March 5, 2023 05:58 AM by Sungold Eventing
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 7, 2023 02:36 PM

~Pegasus Lane~
Posts: 1232
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This may be quite a bit to ask, but a pack of rerolls would be very much appreciated for this girl, as when she grows up she just looks blue roan :/ If anyone wants straws from a EWE-E PON stallion - or any stallion that I own - let me know <3
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 8, 2023 05:52 AM

Posts: 6
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hello everyone! this month i'd like to ask for an unbred EWW combo mare <3 preferably not ISH but i'd be happy with anything that produces well.
thank you guys! :D

Edited at March 8, 2023 05:53 AM by Dreamscape
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 10, 2023 04:39 PM

Rising Manor
Posts: 48
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Hey leprechauns! <3
its been a while hasnt it lol, I still have that gorgeous girl Whiz got me- she has done well :D
I decided to come back and ask for an upgrade- or just the ebs to help get one. I've been struggling with it lately, but with my RID doing alright, I have a handful of babies I'm excited to rate but doing the math it will take about two weeks still and I don't have the patience >~<
Thank you so much!
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 16, 2023 01:16 PM

DragonFyre Estate
Posts: 614
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I would love some art for this girl this month for my birthday. Preferably from Zomb, Ven, Jello, Vixen, Polaresta or Moon. But open to any tier 1 or high tier 2 artist.

Edited at March 17, 2023 07:58 PM by DragonFyre Estate
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 17, 2023 09:26 PM

Blue Ridge Valley
Posts: 13
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Hello leprechauns, I leave a tasty offering as I place my wish here.
I wish for an upgrade to get my rating and color program started or for a WWW WB mare,
please enjoy the treats I made.
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 18, 2023 05:43 PM

Hope Fly Away Acres
Posts: 47
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I wish for a 100 acre pasture please🥺🔥🎀or a 3month upgrade I haven't had one in a while

Edited at March 20, 2023 04:37 PM by Hope Fly Away Acres
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 19, 2023 10:09 PM
Chonky Acres
Posts: 2
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I'm wishing for a WEE+ RID mare, with ok production if possible <3
Thank you leprechauns for all the hard work you guys put in to make this thread possible <33
   ~Whizbar's Wishlist March 20, 2023 06:54 PM

Amazing Grace Equine
Posts: 124
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Oh lovely leprechauns, I wish for an EWW+ combo appendix mare, I appreciate all the work yall do for everyone :)

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