could you guys send some name ideas for me 🥲
Gemstone Stable
02:20:44 Snow❆Gem

Running R Ranch
02:20:40 RRR (Jo)
Woah, this is quite the look *.*
-HEE Click-
oh gosh i have so many to breed and then naming all the new foals- ill be at this for hrs man
Ranch Lands Training
02:18:58 Lilly/PON Addict
Oh my gosh Snow 😂
Sabo Stables
Yeah hes thrown a variety of combos, but definitely lots of EEE an some EWE combos last month.
Moonbird Magic
02:17:49 🛸Divaaa
Dim Dim Diiiim
Gemstone Stable
02:17:43 Snow❆Gem

Oh, make a parachute out of the top blanket. With all the laundry wrapped inside. ;P Like a giant knapsack. Sling it over your back and your Santa. LMAO I've done that before.
Sabo Stables
okay great to know, thanks. I tried to expand my program by including a bunch of EEE mares and hope for the best with my EWW stud, but this RO i constantly got way too many PPP colts :/ Thinking I need to be more selective again and do a cull
Moonbird Magic
02:16:45 🛸Divaaa
Is your stud good producer though ? At least a few EE monthly ?
The Joker
02:16:28 Ari <3
Think I might do this for shine too -HEE Click-
Effortless Charms
is there a way to send multiple horses to a competition at once??
The Joker
02:16:01 Ari <3
That's so sad :( poor mama
Moonbird Magic
02:15:01 🛸Divaaa
Fuck it's midnight, we got a stray cat living around and recently she lost her kittens in storm. She's now screaming every night
Sunshine PONS
02:15:00 Super Rat 3rd.

Very pretty.
02:14:56 Blook || Yakiv
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Ranch Lands Training
02:14:53 Lilly/PON Addict
It's currently 1 in the afternoon and it doesn't go dark until after 9 PM. I think I made it into the bed, but I have 3 loads of laundry on the bed to fold before I can unmake the bed
The Joker
02:14:32 Ari <3
Should I do this for the appy 👀 -HEE Click-
Mapinguari Estates
02:14:05 Evelyn
-HEE Click-
Holy fuck yes!!! I Know the spots aren't genetic but she's stunning!!
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Contest Guidelines March 20, 2017 02:26 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 4262
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First of all, thank you contest holders for giving back to the community with your contests! Everyone appreciates it very much. The wonderful giving spirit of our community is one of the greatest things on this game.

There are some rules for the contests which need to be followed to help keep things fair and manageable and have our contests run with integrity.

1) Contests are entered and held at your own risk, so please don't offer anything you cant part with. Like everything in the game, if you make a deal with someone and it falls through, please don't email staff about it. There is no way I can chase everyone around with a stick who breaks a deal. Please see it as lesson learned. Please don't give people stuff unless you trust them to follow through on the deal. Artists please don't give people your artwork without payment up front. Put a watermark on it if you need to show it to them. If they don't pay up you are more than welcome to resell the artwork as a premade. If you feel something shady is going on, please use the report post button and report the post so we can investigate.

2) People holding contests - If we find that you are scamming people or not following through on your deals and contest prizes, you will be given a warning the first time and banned from the forum after that. So please, please don't hold contests unless you have prizes available to provide people. Also, please don't change prizes in the middle of a contest.

3) Do not use contests as a way to trade EBS between your accounts, rate horses for non-premium members, use one of your accounts to benefit another of your accounts or any other function that breaks game rules.

4) Contests that have an entry fee are not allowed.

Thank you.

Edited at March 20, 2017 02:28 PM by Cadence Farms

Forums > Contests

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