Sweetwater Creek
11:56:01 Creek/Beau
WH I would say my favorite breakfast food is CHEESY HASBROWNS!! <3
Plague Doctor
11:54:57 Green/John
Waffles for the win, yesss, I don't like bananas so if i go for fruit it's blueberries or strawberries
Sweetwater Creek
11:54:41 Creek/Beau
Pretty sure the cereal isle is the biggest one in the whole store XD just a whole wall full of cereal
White Hills
11:54:19 WH or Hills
I do love cheerios with banana, though my true breakfast love will always be waffles <3
That sounds fire, Creek. I'm a wimp for cereal with fruit in it, especially bananas. Grapes make a weird like added crunch though.
Plague Doctor
11:54:11 Green/John
My favorite cereal is a toss up between cheerios and frosted flakes
Plague Doctor
11:53:27 Green/John
I might have to browse for it, cereal has just gone full blown over the ears. Oreo cereal, whoopie pie cereal, ect.
Sweetwater Creek
11:53:08 Creek/Beau
If I did have to choose a favorite cereal. I think it would beee cheerios with bananas and sugar sprinkled on top (:
White Hills
11:52:35 WH or Hills
I don't know if it's still around, it was last year? that I bought it and I think I remember the box saying limited time
Plague Doctor
11:51:49 Green/John
Never tried that one White Hill
They're probably going to show at the show I'm going to on Saturday. It's a jackpot, which basically means forget rules. I have a golden opportunity to get incriminating footage.
White Hills
11:51:21 WH or Hills
The mint drumsticks cereal was fiiiireee though
Plague Doctor
11:51:21 Green/John
I eat cereal for lunch lol
Sweetwater Creek
11:51:06 Creek/Beau
I can't remember the last time I had cereal... I'm not a breakfast person at all and actually despise most breakfast foods XD
Plague Doctor
11:50:39 Green/John
Oh god the sour patch kids cereal was disgusting
White Hills
11:50:21 WH or Hills
I tried the sour patch kids cereal when I saw it, it was very no bueno
11:50:18 Tea || Snaink
you should've bought it, shingashina
And what's happening with the person who's being terrible to animals that you talked about a few days ago?
Plague Doctor
11:50:13 Green/John
The pokemon cereal actually tastes really good
Amhain Dull Liath
11:50:06 Noodle Addiction
Beau... You have.. Noodles?
Plague Doctor
11:49:50 Green/John
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