Hexada Equestrian
06:56:48 Hex
My bad, hollow!
Hollow Tree Acres
06:56:34 Crazy Goat Lady
I'm not mentioning anything sales, I'm mentioning how I thought there was an update. If there really was an update I'm wondering how to find it.
Kaelua Stables
06:56:19 Lex / PortaBubble
Hex, they didn't post anything for sale or anything of that sort.
Hexada Equestrian
06:55:29 Hex
I dont think your supposed to mention anything about sales in this chat Hollow
Hollow Tree Acres
06:54:21 Crazy Goat Lady
I could have sworn there was an update to search straws for sale by stable?
06:54:00 Scout
Maybe I could use her for bravery
Vixen Creek
06:52:30 Vixie
Nice! I hope she does well for you :)
06:52:05 Scout
Sucky rating but this mare is so gorgeous I had to buy her

-HEE Click-
06:51:04 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- this trash monster matches him, weirdly enough Vixie lol
06:50:26 Tea || Snaink
Hex, yes you should
06:49:25 Tea || Snaink
Vixie, I actually have a mare that kinda matches him xD
Red Mountain Arabian
06:49:12 Red
Why must you do this
-HEE Click-
Hexada Equestrian
06:49:09 Hex
Tea, last question (sorry xD)

So I should set my BM to AD and not just CCC for the PEP horse?
Vixen Creek
06:47:07 Vixie
-HEE Click-
Hexada Equestrian
06:45:15 Hex
Out of curiosity anyone here listen to Ghostemane?
SweetFire Fields
06:44:35 Coffeeholic
Does anybody have one of the new amber creme coats?
Cypress Creek Elites
06:44:22 Tea's RID account
I don't listen to the radio much anymore anyways so enjoy your kpop lol
Hexada Equestrian
06:44:12 Hex
Thank you! :)
06:41:40 KpopFan❤ʊ
* :D
06:41:37 KpopFan❤ʊ
Kpop is definitely taking over the radio :D

They usually only play Dynamite by BTS or Blueberry Eyes by Max Ft. Suga. But now they are playing Starlight by Loona and I’m freaking out. Like... Kpop is finally being recognized more on the radio D
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