Emmas Eventers
Spiders don't bother me though I'd probably feel differently if I lived somewhere with deadly kind lol
Fireball Stables
03:48:13 Flicka/Indy
Yeah same but I'm kinda used to tgem since when I had my old horse there were like heaps of spiders in the stables or if we left rugs in the ground they decided to take a nap in their rugs
Wraithcry Farm
03:47:50 Crazy Cat Lady
I am going to play Minecraft Pokémon on the PC
Oak valley
03:47:00 Olive Oil
Lol spiders really creep me put
Fireball Stables
03:45:43 Flicka/Indy
Well he can stay ive name him jerold lol he can stay as long as he stays away from me
Oak valley
03:44:33 Olive Oil
Wait no I mean Derek
Oak valley
03:44:07 Olive Oil
Jeez Flicka! There was a massive spider who kept coming back to us. We called him Dave
Oak valley
03:42:46 Olive Oil
When I brought my pony in from the field he acted knackered so I thought he was going to be a stubborn mule, he ended up nearly taking off with me xD
Fireball Stables
03:42:39 Flicka/Indy
Holy mother I was sitting on the couch minding my own business and this thing decided to come join me
Wraithcry Farm
03:41:37 Crazy Cat Lady
I did a lot of walking and some trotting today. We worked hard. She’ll get a day off tomorrow then right back to work Monday.
Trillium Acres
03:37:43 Roz
*peeks* sneaky thunda :P
Oak valley
03:36:20 Olive Oil
I also cantered him over a jump (it was his first time!) it was only a tiny jump though
Oak valley
03:34:34 Olive Oil
I was attempting to trot stirrupless earlier and my pony was trying to canter
Twisted Oak Orchard
03:32:19 KK
Oh. I was about to say I might be concerned. But crazy? Yes that too. lol Glad you're alright.
Trillium Acres
03:32:14 Roz
Gorgeous, but mean.
Oak valley
03:31:41 Olive Oil
Lol you should know by now, I am absolutely crazy
Angels angels
03:31:14 *has 400+ brindles*
I mean Oak vally @KK lol

I'm going ok lambo you?
Oak valley
03:31:06 Olive Oil
What a beautiful fish Mac
HillCrest Stables
03:30:46 Roan Addict
She is absolutely gorgeous
Wraithcry Farm
03:30:32 Crazy Cat Lady
She is beautiful and steady. She is just too old for me to consider purchasing her. I am working to get better with my riding and eventually I will purchase a gelding named Bubba

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~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 5, 2019 07:26 PM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280
A little about the Rp,

For the past decade, scientists have become obsessed with creating genetic hybrids, and the top subject lately has been the equine. Most hybrids are dumped on the island of Silent Haven , a human free island 500 miles off the coast of North America due to their defects
The island is rather Large in size, with a dormant volcano on the northern side if the island, and thick forests scattered across.
The inhabits however, are extremely unusual. They are visibly equines, with evident changes from mutations with other animals. They have to survive on this desolate island, and either run from or too any visiting humans.

Rules :
1. All HEE rules apply!
2. Be nice to all other players
3. All replies must be at least 2 sentences
4. Decent Grammar and English please
5. No perfect characters
6. Don't cause major drama or massive fights without agreement from all role players
7. Only create as many characters as you can handle
8. The hybrids will have genetic flaws, so no perfect Pegasus or anything. They are "unwanted" for a reason

put any extras you have in other and also put BAA!

NOTICE! Please tell me if you have changed something to your characters! I will set up a forum for play when we get more people to join us!

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I am not on all the time I will respond ASAP!!

Edited at April 6, 2019 08:54 PM by Frosty Farms
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 07:16 AM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280

Protective stallions can breed to herd mares, lead stallions can breed to herd mares and the lead mare. Elders are horses 18+, foals are horses under 3

Lead stallion: 1/1
Apollo- Frosty Farms

Lead mare: 1/1
Athena~ Winter Fell stables

Herd Mares: 6/6 (until more join.)
Emery- Breezie
Arizona- Breezie
Autumn- Lilly

Protective Stallions: 7/7
Maestro- Gem
Crest- Fox clan
Night of Roses-
Phoenix- River
Bescha- Not to Shabby Abby
Serenade- North Ranch
Expecting mares 2/5
Astell- Fox clan
Fuji- 911 horses.

Foals: 6/9 (Closed)
Star- Winter Fell
Arrow-Fox clan
Cross-Fox Clan
Comet- Winter Fell
Gaia- NTSA

Rogues: 3/4
Jhett-Fox clan
Dregan- Bright Oak

Edited at May 31, 2019 08:22 PM by Frosty Farms
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 07:27 AM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280
~ Starting Post!! ~

Apollo/M/7/lead stallion/M: herd, Athena

Apollo looked down at the herd from a hill. He closed his eyes and he smelled the sweet smells of the area. He trotted down the hill and he nickerd to Athena and a couple others. He grazed a bit beside Prim (his younger sister).
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 08:46 AM

Gem Stone Estate
Posts: 618
Maestro | M | 8 | Protective Stallion | M: Open

Maestro walked the edge of the heard, swishing his tail back and forth, his eyes scanning their surroundings for any dangers. He glances over to the herd and watches Apollo trot down the hill to his sister. He turns away and continues his walk around the herd.
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 08:54 AM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280
Apollo/M/7/ Lead stallion/M:open

Apollo turned from prim and he walked over to a lake. He drank the ice cold water before standing still. Apollo flicked his ears at a sound.
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 09:32 AM

Winter Fell Stables
Posts: 10526
Athena/F/6/Lead Mare/M: Apollo

Athena walks up to Apollo and nudges his neck as to say good morning. Athena goes back to grazing next to Apollo.

(can the horses talk?)
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 11:52 AM

Fox Clan
Posts: 1307
Ahhhh! I’m kinda late!

Astell/Female/8/Expecting Mare/M: Apollo (Briefly)

Astell looked up at the clear blue sky above her, the wind swishing the grass below her slightly. She was going to go into labor soon, and she hoped she wouldn’t cause to much trouble to everyone with her pregnancy. Dropping her head, she soon returned to her grazing, the other horses were already awake and talking. Looking over she nodded her head at Apollo. “Good morning!” She called, then returned to her grazing, her wolf ears twitching from the wind

Jhett/Male/5/Rouge/M: Open

Jhett yawned and stretched wide, extending his white feathered wings, the blue flames around his eyes igniting as the suns rays hit them. It was... peaceful so far for him, other than a pesky eagle that would leave him alone, he had soon scared it off so it would stay away. His antlers caught the sunlight, Shinning a more golden color now as he trekked through the leafy green forest, some birds were chirping morning songs and he payed no mind, his only objective was to get to the river for a drink.

Crest/Male/6/Rouge/M: Open

Crest galloped through the forest, the emerald green leaves below him flying as he pounded through the packed dry earth, his wings tucked firmly to his sides. It was morning time and he wanted to go for a gallop, with his royal blue bandanna firmly clipped together, he knew he would be able to go fast. The sunlight caught his silvery coat, making a slight sheen to it, some birds were chirping their morning songs but he Paid them no mind, stopping to take a break once he got into a large flower field, his breath coming out in long pants he looked around the clearing.

Edited at April 6, 2019 11:52 AM by Fox Clan
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 02:01 PM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280
Apollo/M/7/Lead/M: Athena, Astell.

Apollo looked over at Athena before he splashed a small wave at her. He smiled and he nickerd back to Astell.

Yep! They can talk.)

Edited at April 6, 2019 07:33 PM by Frosty Farms
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 07:37 PM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 7280

Apollo lifted his head and he didnt hit anyone near him with his long curly ram horns. He lifted his four wings and he flew up to high to get a better view of the herd. He looked at them before concluding everything was just fine.
~ Unwanted Hybrids ~ April 6, 2019 07:41 PM

Fox Clan
Posts: 1307
Jhett/Male/5/Rouge/M: Apollo

Jhett stopped at the river for a drink before looking up, sensing another horse nearby. Looking high near the clouds he saw a stallion with four wings and curly ram horns flying in the sky. What would a stallion like that be doing so high up when enemy's can easily spot them? Then it occurred to him that he might not be a rouge and one of the horses in the herd made up of other hybrid horses like himself. Not knowing whether to go near or not he stayed where he was and kept his gaze steady on the stallion in case he looked his way

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