Ireland Green
Nope it’s one of the older ones in the game.
05:30:08 Mor/ Baker of HEE
I’m not sure I don’t remember seeing it either
Sikoa Acres
I am so tired of blue roan colts!
Oak Leaf Riding
I have so many chestnut and black horses on this account! lol
05:29:01 Kali
Is that blanket appaloosa pattern new?
Willow Brook Stables
I'm so tired of mahogany baysss
05:26:53 Mor/ Baker of HEE
-HEE Click-

Ohhhhh shiny Cross Country boy!!
Lucky Ranch
05:23:46 Salty/Cough Syrup
Lucky Ranch
05:23:41 Salty/Cough Syrup
But from what I've seen, blue roan, and blue roan Sabino are the most popular, nd some of the most hated lol
Lucky Ranch
05:22:51 Salty/Cough Syrup
Probably roan(?) Lol I have a pretty good variety right now, which I'm thankful for
premium potato
05:22:21 star
roans #spotlight
05:21:33 Kali
What's the cost Color you guys think you have the most?
05:20:32 Heyy it's Capp
I'll have to snag a brood from Tempest one day Sun! *.*
premium potato
05:16:45 star
true i hope he makes a good show gelding
Falcon Nest Ranch
05:15:43 Falcon
Potato, yeah that sucks. But he's still adorable.
Ranch Lands Training
05:15:38 Lilly/PON Addict
I now have a barn full of geldings and a empty bank account. Hope these dudes don't flop
Falcon Nest Ranch
05:14:59 Falcon
I took a sizable break from HEE and I never imagined I would see an X in the top sire rank for all horses. Imagine my surprise and delight!
premium potato
05:14:38 star
i wish he was not gelded tho but the stable i got him from was alredy gelded
Montova Acres
05:14:24 Mon
Sun, I am SO excited to see if Verity and Helios do well. If they don't... I may cry xD
05:13:48 Kali
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