08:03:36 Ceci / (Call me) AL
We're talking green numbers and that is good, not red
08:03:35 Luna's Lily
Wait, so should I reassign to higher level riders?
Star Catcher Estate
08:02:49 Fleur|WBs
oh nevermind lol. You have it right. I read it wrong. Luna, that's good. :D
Star Catcher Estate
08:02:18 Fleur|WBs
Cassa, you have it backward.

From the FAQ:
The red numbers mean that your horse has leveled up before their rider, and so they are at a disadvantage in showing. It would be beneficial to switch your horse to a higher level rider.
Cassa Belle
08:01:21 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Which is good
08:01:05 Luna's Lily
Is that a good thing?
Cassa Belle
08:00:01 Jess/Cassa/Belle
They are with a rider who has more experience I believe
07:58:43 Luna's Lily
Um. Like, all of my 1 year olds and about half my 2 year olds have a green 1 under jumping. Why...?
07:56:03 Jane OR RGH
I know it’s not good
I’m praying that the people get the horse out soon.
Cassa Belle
07:55:22 Jess/Cassa/Belle
It happens. It's like a turtle though, and it's really not good for a horse to be upside down
07:54:33 Jane OR RGH
Oh lord
Apparently there is a horse stick upside down in a ditch that’s being rescued..
No idea how the horse would be upside down....
Valerian Queen
Primary Account: 0 Eden Bucks
Savings Account: 139,739 Eden Bucks

Eek! so close :P
Red Valley Elites
07:52:27 Hopeful
I love this girl! :)
-HEE Click-
07:52:04 Jane OR RGH
I only had 10 minutes to get ready this morning because I woke up late, but I still got out on time and was all ready to go
Star Catcher Estate
07:47:03 Fleur|WBs
I went all 50 moves with her and she didn't spook once. -HEE Click-
This is weird. Never happened to me before.
Fleur-de-lis Acres
07:42:28 Fleur|KNN
Jericho Stables
07:42:08 Wait, what?

Arctic Dusk
07:38:33 AL (RID/WB/PON)
A 3 month one is 10 USD
07:36:36 Jane OR RGH
It’s 150k-200k game money or 10-30USD if I’m correct
Golden Pasture
how much are they?

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White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 12, 2019 12:52 AM

Posts: 2650
Nestled in the hills of Virginia, White Oaks Equestrian Center has stood for over 50 years. Its current owner has decided to turn this state-of-the-art stud farm into a boarding school for talented riders. They offer many disciplines, although you have to excel to be accepted. You have been accepted, and you and your horse will be trained up, until you are good enough to go to the international circuit. There are a few scholarships available, although you will have to pay back some of the money once you are competing professionally. You will be assigned a school horse as well as your own, whom you will have to train.

Discussion thread:

RP thread: you are here



- No god-modding
- No relationships between your own characters
- Do not injure another person's character without their permission
- Only make as many characters as you can handle
- Please notify me if you are dropping out, or won't be on for a while
- Drama and romance is allowed
- Hate the character, not the player

School horses

WO Phantom Glory 'Phantom' 17.1 hh, 13 yrs, stallion: This stallion is a stud, and is only for the most experienced rider. A large dappled grey, he has Thoroughbred looks and light mane and tail.
Rider: Taylor Slinde

WO Pot Of Gold 'Stardust' 15.1 hh, 13 yrs, mare: A palomino QH mare, she is well trained, almost push button and is trained to a high level. She used to be a stunt horse, so if you tap her in the wrong place, she may rear and throw you!
Rider: Cameron Fairfield

WO Bloodshot Gangster 'Gangster' 15.1 hh, 5 yrs, mare: Only 5 years old, she is for a confident rider. She is a Blood Bay Sabino mare, with four white socks.
Rider: Luke Hemmings

WO Knight In Shining Armour 'Fairue' 15.2 hh, 7 yrs, gelding: A 7 year old, he is completely white, although he has grey purple dapple on his hocks, which point to his breed, Appaloosa. He tends to shy at imaginary things, especially water.
Rider: Tristan Day

WO Victory At Last 'Victory', 15.2 hh, 14 yrs, gelding: Victory is an Australian Thoroughbred, and has competed in the Olympics. A schoolmaster at basically everything, he is fine for riders of all levels. He is a completely brown horse.
Rider: Gabriella Hemmings

WO Music To My Ears 'Mozart', 14.2 hh, 14 yrs, gelding: Mozart is a cheeky piebald. He excels at showjumping, although doesn't have the best of manners. A confident rider is needed for this naughty horse.
Rider: Savannah Storm

WO Descendants Of Khan 'Khan', 16.1 hh, 9 yrs, gelding: Khan is a well-built black Arab. Bred on the farm, he has impeccable bloodlines. He has amazing manners on the ground but can act up in the saddle.
Rider: Heather Proudstorm

WO Schoolyard Whispers 'Secret' 16.1 hh, 8 yrs, mare: A pretty palomino mare, Secret is the half-sister of Stardust. With white socks and a blaze, she is very attractive, although is prone to 'flirt' with stallions more than most mares. She excels at dressage but needs a firm rider.
Rider: Luka James

WO River Of Promises 'Promise' 15.2 hh, 7 yrs, gelding: Promise is a black blanket appaloosa, with a long tail. He is a Grand Prix jumper, as well as being an excellent dressage pony.
Rider: Emily Lachlan-Blount

WO House Of Cards 'Joker' 15.1 hh, 9 yrs, gelding: Joker is a piebald Anglo Arab. He is amazing at cross-country and is good for most levels of riding. He is also one of Kholo's horses which she bred herself.
Rider: Timothy Blue

WO Bravest Of All 'Brave' 16.1 hh, 11 yrs, mare: Brave is a pitch-black Anglo Arab, out of Kholo's own stud. She is a fearless cross-country horse, and adores water jumps. She can be a little hot-headed in the dressage ring, and throws large bucks to let you know how she is feeling. This head-strong mare needs a rider who will make her think that everything is her own idea, not their's.
Rider: Keenan Kellison

WO Are You Joking 'Jest' 16.2 hh, 5 yrs, gelding: Jest was one of Kholo's impulse buys. He has amazing bloodlines but is as green as grass. He is a skewbald Thoroughbred, with a high-strung personality and gallons of talent. He is extremely intelligent, but hasn't been trained yet. Jest loves jumping of all kinds, but is prone to waste his energy by jumping too high. He is best for an experienced rider.
Rider: Noah Cooley

WO Song For Evela 'Saturn' 17.1 hh, 9 yrs, mare: Saturn is a dapple grey Clydesdale mare. Despite her considerable size, she excels at eventing. She has dabbled in dressage, but is still at elementary level. Kholo was given her by a dear friend, who could not afford to keep her anymore. She is very clever and is easy to school, once she realizes what you would like her to do.
Rider: Emery James

Assigned horses:

Savannah Storm: Music To My Ears 'Mozart'
Cameron Fairfield: Pot Of Gold 'Stardust'
Heather Proudstorm: Descendants Of Khan 'Khan'
Taylor Slinde: Phantom Glory 'Phantom'
Luka James: Schoolyard Whispers 'Secret'
Dee: House Of Cards 'Joker'
Emily Lachlan-Blount: River Of Promises 'Promise'
Noah Cooley: Are You Joking 'Jest'
Emery James: Song For Evela 'Saturn'

Instructor's schoolhorses

Timothy Blue: House Of Cards 'Joker'
Tristan Day: Knight In Shining Armour 'Fairue'
Keenan Kellison: Bravest Of All 'Brave'
Conrad Kellison:
Kholo Mzi:
Rowan Hirsch:


Eventing: Timothy Blue
Showjumping: Rowan Hirsch (Newleaf Stables)
Dressage: Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood), Rowan Hirsch (Newleaf Stables)
Cross-country: Keenan Kellison (Rishy)
Natural horsemanship: Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood)
Western (roping, reining, etc.): Conrad Kellison
Hunter: Tristan Day (Rishy)

Barn owner (1/1)

Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood)

Girls (5/5)
Savannah Storm (Tanglewood)
Heather Proudstorm (Aspen Fire ES)
Taylor Slinde (SM Stables)
Emily Lachlan-Blount (Rishy)
Emery James (Twin Trees Stables)

Boys (5/5)
Luka James (Fallen Waters)
Dee (GreysAnatomyStables)
Hunter Downing (White Stag Stables)
Noah Cooley (Rishy)
Cameron Fairfield (Tanglewood)

Stable hands / groomers (2/4)
Savannah Storm (Tanglewood)
Heather Proudstorm (Aspen Fire ES)


Luka James x Luke Hemmings
Dee x Hunter Downing
Noah Cooley x Keenan Kellison x Cameron Fairfield
Savannah Storm x Heather Proudstorm
Taylor Slinde x Emily Lachlan-Blount

Instructors will have a room each in the main house, with an en-suite bathroom



RH Kingston 'King' | Stallion | Rowan Hirsch
The Chancler 'Chance' | Stallion | Gabriella Silver
Dying To Be Famous 'Avatar' | Stallion | Savannah Storm
Demon From Hell 'Lucifer' | Stallion | Cameron Fairfield
Solo Mio 'Mio' | Stallion | Emery James

Mares & Geldings

Meadow Of Roses 'Rose' | Mare | Mirabelle Jackson
Ghost 'Archer' | Gelding | Luka James
Stardusted Chocolate | Mare | Taylor Slinde
Strength Of Nobles 'Noble' | Gelding | Hunter Downing
Bloodsport 'Red' | Gelding | Luke Hemmings
Spellbound 'Magik' | Gelding | Emily Lachlan-Blount
Under My Spell 'Mya' | Mare | Emily Lachlan-Blount
Espresso Silhouette 'Mystery' | Mare | Heather Proudstorm
Oh So Posh 'Posh' | Mare | Dee
Cooley Tabatha 'Tabby' | Mare | Noah Cooley

Edited at October 5, 2019 12:35 AM by Tanglewood
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 01:05 AM

Posts: 2650
The RP will start on a cool autumn day. Everyone will arrive and lessons will start the next day.
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 01:55 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | Open

-Heather would drive up to the stables in a red 2019 wrangler jeep with a grey horse trailer that has a built in tack. She would park on the grass then she turned the engine off, she felt nervous since both her & her old gelding have won the champion title as he was officially retired from Eventing as the old boy is kinda enjoying his retirement. She grabs his red nylon halter with a black & grey lead rope before stepping out of the vehicle. She would be wearing her grey beanie, her red knitted sweater with a red & white scarf, white mittons, her grey jeans with black & white knee high socks, and her brown ankle boots-

Edited at August 13, 2019 01:55 PM by Aspen Fire ES
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 02:23 PM

Coke Acres
Posts: 166
Oskar Brins | 20* [fixed] | Ashes of War (Clive)

Oskar pulled up to the stable, seeing someone already arrived he would park. Clicking off the engine he took a moment to collect himself, brushing a strand of his strawberry-blond hair out of his face. He got out, stretching the stiffness out of his neck from the long drive. He went into the storage area of the trailer to get the grey halter and the old red and black lead rope, not that it’s really red anymore. He walked back out nervous as he went to get Clive out of the trailer. He was wearing casual clothes with his work boots on.

Edited at August 13, 2019 04:06 PM by Coke Acres
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 02:38 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | Open

-Heather would walk out to the back of the trailer and unlatches the locks on the trailer before setting it down on the grass then she sets inside to be greeted by her gelding, she petted him before putting his halter on, clipping the lead rope to his halter then leads the large black gentle gaint out of the trailer. Prince would observe their new surroundings as he lets out a loud snort, playfully tossing his head with his tail actively swishing. The young woman noticed that someone else has arrived as well-

Edited at August 13, 2019 02:38 PM by Aspen Fire ES
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 04:58 PM

Posts: 1927
Timothy Blue / Eventing Instructor / Looney + Boomer / Open

The car grinds to a sudden halt,Tim quickly pulling up the handbrake and flicking the engine off.He gives a small sigh,gathering his stuff from the seat beside him and pushing the door open with his pinky.A grunt escapes him as he clambours out,just managing to slam it shut with his elbow.Wincing at the loud bang it made,he quickly makes his way around to the trailer,dropping his stuff in a heap before lowering the ramp.
He couldn't help but smile at the echo of nickers he received as a greeting.

(So Exciting! :D)
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 05:50 PM

Coke Acres
Posts: 166
Oskar Brins | 20 | Clive, Timothy |

He jumped as he unhooked the halter tie. Someone had came to a loud stop outside the trailer. Clive looked questionably at him with his curious brown eyes. Oskar smiled at him, “Seems someone’s made an entrance,” he whispers to the Stallion. He lead him out. With a quick look around he got on the blue roan and smiled widely, there was so many facilities here. So many opportunities! He thought. He wanted to go on an adventure but there was no reason to yet. He got off with a sad expression. Tying Clive up he waved to the others.
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 05:54 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | Open

-Prince started acting up as he starts prancing a bit, throwing his head up as he continuously swished his tail, his tail was very much active as the old boy was acting like a yearling- "Prince ya goof knock it off" -She said as she couldn't help but laugh at his silly behavior, knowing that he's eager for a trail ride-
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 06:40 PM

Coke Acres
Posts: 166
Oskar Brins | 20 |

He quickly clenched his fists awkwardly, he usually had much more confidence than this. With a sigh he looked around wondering who would be showing them around. He was also getting hungry since he hadn’t eaten for a day or two. Oskar ran his hand through his hair, he done some research about the place and knew that it had a very successful breeding program. Maybe he would get to learn about those things, but than again maybe not. He itched to start riding around this new place. His mixed excitement and worry started to get to him. Shaking his head he went back into the storage room of the trailer, he smiled as he had had some pleasant memories here.
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 06:45 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | Open

-Heather started to lead her large gelding towards the barn to try to find his assigned stall. Prince calmly walked beside his owner but he had his head high with his ears perked forward as he curiously looked around, Heather wasn't the type of person that gets strict with their horses or constantly correcting them everytime they are being a horse-

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