Llama Queen
09:27:27 Working Joe Llama
Bahaha *breaks down to sobbing* Got my PPP Apricot quest only to get a PPP rabi, sabino, splash quest
Moonglade Manor
09:26:11 Raven #2
not a typo, it is spelled that way in the name of the stable
Outlaw Horse Farm
09:22:27 Windi
Raven... Fields is spelled wrong.
09:21:47 Noni
Moon, there's a typo unless the stable name is Feilds.
09:20:18 Noni
I keep saving geldings but I have no room for more geldings at the moment Dx
Moonglade Manor
09:19:49 Raven #2
Is this set good?
I made it for am art trade

Llama Queen
09:18:06 Working Joe Llama
Hi Dah :D
09:17:47 Dah/River
Lol Llama!!
Llama Queen
09:13:26 Working Joe Llama
-HEE Click- you rotten SOB
Galaxie Equidae
09:13:10 Gala
My quests are all color quests 🤣
Helicon Show Horses
09:11:59 Helicon
I now have two EEE stallions with E bravery. It's really too bad I don't breed for it xD
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Paradise Equine
09:10:17 PE, Paradise
Level 2 race up
Llama Queen
09:08:51 Working Joe Llama
thank you
The Rohirrim Riders
yes prlprl is homo for pearl
09:05:08 Noni
Okay giving up on this color quest xD I tried.
Llama Queen
09:03:41 Working Joe Llama
prlprl is homo for that gene, correct?
Shallow Brook
o okay thank you I was just wondering
White Hills
09:00:55 WH or Hills
Probably apricot Shallow
Shallow Brook
does anyone know whats the hardest color to get
08:59:28 Noni
Gotcha thanks xD That's what I figured. I'll have some pretty show mares then

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   Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 08:23 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Class Schedule

Core classes, one large block every day, this is the morning class, generally from 8-11am. These core classes are grouped by class, so freshmans will have classes together, and so on.
Monday - Mathematics
Tuesday - Sciences
Wednesday - History
Thursday - English
Friday - Electives, Clubs, etc.

Rhobin B.
Jillian M.
Soya I.
Elva B.
Bryn D.
Hikaru H.
Kouru H.
Sasha H.
Xen J.
River E.
Roya G.
Peter G.

Elijah M.
Robert R.
Nico H.
Taylor S.
Sloane R.
Zeke M.
Solomon S.
Cameron F.
Kimberly G.

Devin R.
Heather P.
Sawyer S.

Aodhan H.
Kathleho M.
Min H.
Leah G.
Willow A.

Med/Vet Postgrad (adv. sciences, etc.):
Keegan McCulloch

Majors will be your post-lunch class, usually from 12-2pm. These are grouped by major, obviously. Such major classes generally only have two or three classes per week, leaving roughly two afternoons for what the student pleases. The school has a very relaxed policy on work, and believes a refreshed student is one who will excel in his or her workplace.

Animal Behaviorism:
Kathleho M.

Sloane R.

Jillian M.
Sasha H.
Zeke M. (reg. Chem)

Criminology/Behavioral Sciences/Psych:
Devin R.
River E.
Sasha H.
Xen J.
Nico H.
Zeke M. (Sports Psych)
Jaiza C.
Maizo C.
Kaia C. (Sports Psych)
Oliver B.

Cyber Security:
Tempest S.

Min H.

Equine Studies/Business Management/Instruction:
Alexandra M.
Elva B.
Hikaru H.
Kouru H.
Rhobin B.
Soya I.
Taylor S.
Kaia C.

Folklore/Mythology/English Majors:
Elva B.
Solomon S. (english min.)

Math Majors:
Peter G.
Sasha H.

Med/Nursing Majors:
River E.
Solomon S. (sports science)

Music Majors:
Aodhan H.
Willow A.

Aodhan H.
Sasha H.

Political Science:
Leah G.
Robert R.
Roya G.

Veterinary Sciences (Vet Techs, Vets, etc.)
Elijah M.
Heather P.
Jillian M.
Xen J.
Ashton M.
Kaia C.
Kaison C.

Kimberly G.

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   Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open November 16, 2019 06:36 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
School Horses X

Riverwild Romance - "Roman" is a gorgeous dappled bay Andalusian stallion. He is one of the only stallions on the property due to his registrations and the wishes of his former owners. He is a very kind, patient horse with three gorgeous gaits. He has shown into the very advanced dressage levels with junior riders before his transfer to this stable. He is used for dressage only, and whomever recieves him is considered very lucky.
Rider: Roya Weber

Riverwild Remarkable - "Markus" is a very eye-catching chimera gelding. He is a Holsteiner gelding with a true black coat, patches of chestnut adorning his neck and stomach as well as his face. He has a thick blaze, no leg markings, and a very fluffy mane and tail. He is a very, very goofy gelding with a lovable personality. He is generally willing to please, but can definitely be the horse who stops to eat the flowers on a jump standard. He doesn't have a very nice jump and is attempting dressage, although he is very young and will need assistance. All the pieces are there, they just need to be assembled.
Rider: Tempest Scout

Riverwild Tempesto - "Storm" is a steel gray Thoroughbred mare who was rescued from a failing racetrack. She has proven to be a wonderful eventer with a strong, bold personality. She is an advanced ride due to a very strong, forehand-heavy way of going, and she can be poorly-mannered, depending on the day. She is quite temperamental when she wants to be, but what makes her advanced is her lack of predictability, just like a storm.
Rider: Leah Weber

Riverwild Maverick - "Maverick/Mav" is a well-built Trakehner gelding. He is one of the barn's younger horses, but is rather bold and seasoned in his mannerisms. He still has hesitations, but he is much further along inately than he should be. He is a markingless bay with a very, very cute face and light chocolate eyes.
Rider: Ashton Mulholland

Riverwild Reasons - "Reasons" is a 15.1hh Shagya Arabian gelding. Reasons is a liver chestnut with three white socks and a star, a fine-build with great endurance. This is a very bold gelding, but he still has qualms about some things you put in front of him. Beware.
Rider: Nico Hyden

Riverwild Renaissance - "Ren" is a 16.0hh seal brown Morab mare. She is calm and able-bodied, and is fairly seasoned in endurance. She is safe enough to pack around a beginner. She loves people, but prefers the outdoors.
Rider: Zeke McKennan

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Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:42 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Overview & Rules

Riverwild Equestrian Center is located in the scenic valleys of Germany, on the main campus adjacent to its School of Academics. The school is a host to over ten-thousand students, over half of which are international students. While its academics are world class, Beste University's partnering equestrian center, Riverwild Equestrian Center, is the pride and joy of the school, and is featured nationwide for a vast array of disciplines, and of course its international relations with some of the best breeders in the world.

On property, Riverwild Equestrian Center has more than 800 acres of land filled with wooded trails long enough for endurance conditioning, six multi-use arenas, a dressage arena, a gigantic indoor arena filled with jumps, all of the typical facilities to accommodate western riders, and a thirty-mile cross country course, as well as an open field filled with XC jumps of all sizes. Of course, there is private as well as group turnout in gigantic, rolling pastures, and two twenty-five stall barns. The accommodations are truly world class, and give any rider a competitive advantage when paired with an exceptional equine education.

Riding Schedule and Barn Rules
Riding schedule - to be determined :)
Barn Rules:
1: You and your roommate on campus will be responsible for either morning or evening chores one day a week.
2: There will be no "exceptions" or "alterations" with the school horse assignments unless there is a dire reason, either a health risk or your horse is not able to carry out your level of riding.
3: A good attitude is key to success, please be respectful of your teammates and other rides around you.
4. Not really a rule, but to clarify, this RP is not limited to the barn! Feel free to write your peeps on campus too! Carpool with other characters to the barn! Etc! The possibilities are endless :)
4: to be added :)

Edited at October 26, 2019 09:14 PM by Charmed Estates
Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:48 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Disciplines and Coaches, Teams
Rodeo/Generic Western Riding Instructor - Open
1. Rhobin Barker - Gizmo
2. Robert Robertson - Zena
3. Alexandra Mickaelson - Stella
4. Tempest Scout - Rebel
5. Min Hwan - Rad
6. Solomon Sullivan - Ren
7. Kaia Contiya - N/P
8. Kimberly Greene - N/P

Dressage Riding Instructor - Amen Wick and Naomi Woods
1. Sawyer Swanton - Tico
2. Devin Rhodes - Forty
3. Tempest Scout - Markus
4. Min Hwan - Rad
5. Willow Achron - Apollo
6. Roya Weber - Roman
7. River Eschalkken - Dia
8. Kaia Contiya - N/P

Show Jumping Riding Instructor - Adastrus Kin and Brooke Hollyn
1. Willow Achron - Apollo
2. Aodhan Hollyn - Rue
3. Xen Jackles - Hades
4. Elijah Moore - Sparx
5. Peter Weber - Venti
6. Taylor Sinde - Hendrick
7. Kaia Contiya - N/P
8. Cameron Fairfield - N/P

Hunter and Equitation Riding Instructor - OPEN and Gary Gold
1. Devin Rhodes - Forty
2. Jillian Michaelson - Ziggy
3. Alexandra Mickaelson - Stella
4. Sasha Hollyn - Amora
5. Min Hwan - Rad
6. Kaia Contiya - N/P

Cross Country Riding Instructor - Naomi Woods and OPEN
1. Elva Bjartskular - Stitch
2. Sloane Robinson - Ruthie
3. Taylor Sinde - Apollo
4. Ashton Mulholland - Maverick
5. Kaia Contiya - N/P

Eventing Riding Instructor - Emily Lachlan-Blount and Timothy Blue
1. Heather Proudstorm - Ransom
2. Bryn Dyre - Finn
3. Soya Ikachii - Cadie
4. Hikaru Harikama - Barney
5. Kouru Harikama - Krauss
6. Kathleho Mahlope - Aylee
7. Keegan McCulloch - Cruz
8. Leah Weber - Storm
9. Maiza Chestan - N/P
10. Kaia Contiya - N/P

Endurance Riding Instructor - Nicklaus Anderson and OPEN
1. Zeke McKennan - Ren
2. River Eschalkken - Andi
3. Nico Hyden - Reasons
4. Jaiza Chestan - N/P
5. Myraas Aldem - N/P
6. Kaia Contiya - N/P

Edited at November 25, 2019 03:06 PM by Charmed Estates
Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:48 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
School Horses I

Riverwild Zigsaw - "Ziggy" is a lanky, leggy Thoroughbred gelding who still looks like a very massive two-year-old. He has a very upbeat, happy temperament but is always getting into things, very similar to a toddler. In rideability, he has many baby moments, but none of them come from a bad place. When he gets his mind together, he has GORGEOUS movement and a gigantic jump with a perfect form. He doesn't have much experience with any one thing, but if he is ridden correctly and brought along, he will surely become a champion.
Rider: Jillian Michaelson

Riverwild Barnabas - "Barney" is what the barn people call a 'mini draft.' He is a full-blooded RID who stands at only 15.2hh, with a completely light gray coat free of dapples or fleabites. He has dark green eyes and very long eyelashes, and is a very expressive gelding whose facial expressions go the whole range. You will know what he's thinking by reading his face. As an older schoolhorse, Barney is very particular about what he will 'allow' from his riders. If you're doing something wrong, you're very correct in assuming he'll tell you. This does not just include eventing, he is the same with grooming, feeding, bathing, and more. However, if you listen to him, you'll surely be doing your job meticulously and will recieve praise from the barn people. Remember, he's only looking out for you--like an annoying grandfather.
Rider: Hikaru Harikama

Riverwild Krauss - "Krauss" is a tall, thick KNN gelding whose coat is a grullo leopard appaloosa. He stands out in a crowd, and not just because of his color. This horse has amazing endurance, and a stellar brain. His athleticism, movement, and form are all average at best, but his careful, tactful nature makes up for it. He is not thrilled about baths, tacking, or grooming, or pretty much anything else, and may threaten to kick or bite if in a grumpy mood. He's hardly ever thrilled by riders, ever since his favorite person graduated from the school and left him behind a few years ago.
Rider: Kouru Harikama

Riverwild Waymaker - "Aylee" is a top of the line Connemara x RID mare who falls just above a pony at 14.3hh. While very thick and big-boned, Aylee has a very distinct pony build. Her coat is a beautiful, shiny flaxen chestnut that looks like a very dark palomino. She has plenty of chrome with four white stockings, a bald face, and a belly spot. In rideability, the mare moves forward very efficiently, and 99% of the time is a point-and-shoot ride, being an older school horse. However, she can tend to be very bouncy, and very much dislikes a style of unquiet riding. If she gets upset, she will make sure to make her rider's life a total hell.
Rider: Kathleho Mahlope

Riverwild Fortitude - "Forty" is a large, muscular Oldenburg mare is an infamous, star-studded pedigree. She stands at 16.3hh with a seal brown coat which looks true black, save for a tan muzzle. She has four white socks which go to her hocks and a large blaze with patches of black in it. She is a very sweet, kind mare, who rarely has temperament issues, though she much prefers flatwork to jumping. However, she has a knockout jump with an incredible amount of scope and athleticism, the kind of jump that you want to watch all day. Her long legs eat up ground, making lines come very easily. In temperament, she is very kind, though she can show hesitation to new things, especially tarps, oxers, etc. She dislikes baths, but enjoys when people come and visit her in her stall to cuddle. Her favorite pastime is sunbathing at horse shows.
Rider: Devin Rhodes

Riverwild Cadence - "Cadie" is a very large-bodied sport pony mare who is locally famous. She is nearly pure white, though some golden-colored spots on her shoulders are indicative of a leopard pattern. She is a very strong-willed mare who can pull you to any fence at a gallop, and will be hard to maintain. However, once she gets there, she asks, "now what?" Her favorite pastime is pulling out of jumps, second to bombing her dressage tests with new tricks every time. She won't be the easiest mount, but will teach you the appreciation of staying on, as well as the appreciation of having a horse that's enjoyable to ride.
Rider: Soya Ikachii

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Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:48 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
School Horses II

Riverwild Ransom - "Ransom" is a seal brown Trakehner gelding with three white socks and a blaze. He stands at 16.1hh and is a seasoned eventing horse who always scores strongly in dressage. He is a bit of a lazier ride who may need spurs, which causes him to generally be under optimum time on the XC course. He is generally a fairly careful jumper who leaves the rails up, but is very long and lanky, which causes him to get crooked and can cause many rails. He is a very patient and respectful mount with great movement, and very little fazes him. He enjoys show prep and will stand still for hours, and no new atmospheres seem to bother him.
Rider - Heather Proudstorm

Riverwild Superstitious - "Stitch" is a large-bodied Thoroughbred mare with outstanding confirmation. She is a markingless wild bay mare who stands at 15.2hh, but don't let her size fool you. She is a pocket rocket who can outrun and outjump most upper-level competitors. She is at home on the cross country course, although she can sometimes be too bold and too strong, pulling against her rider and making it a battle of the wills. She requires an advanced rider who will control her ambition. Her movement isn't fantastic, it is average, which makes her worst event dressage. The mare also has a bit of a thing with being enclosed in arenas, so beware if you try and hack her indoors or in an arena. She is fairly good in terms of ground manners, but her patience is a ticking time bomb, so beware.
Rider - Elva Bjartskular

Riverwild Finessed - "Finn " is a large, thick chestnut KWPN mare who much more resembles a Thoroughbred in both temperament and stature. Her marking include a large star and a white sock on her left hind. She stands at about 15.3hh but feels much larger, and has three steady gaits, though her movement is average if you don't train enough lateral movements/dressage. She is very heavy on the forehand and will hang on you to any fence, making her very 'at risk' to clip rails, despite having plenty of scope when ridden correctly. Possibly a more suitable hunter mount, but is a total babysitter, and knows all the ins and outs of eventing. A very pleasurable mare if you can truly master the ride and are not being pulled everywhere. Very brave, never looks at anything outside, inside, ringwork, groundwork. Not a fan of the clippers or baths, but is tolerable. Can be aggressive at feeding time.
Rider: Bryn Dyre

Riverwild Hendrickson - "Hendrick" is a larger than life Trakehner gelding with all the admirable qualities. He stands at a whopping 18.1hh with plenty of muscle, and a very sweet, identifiable pony face. He has large, expressive eyes, and very large ears. Hendrick is a cherry bay with a star in the shape of a spade and two hind socks. In terms of rideability, Hendrick is fairly easy to work with. He is a very giving, patient horse with an aim to please. Though, with his height, he tends to put little effort into jumping since he can just step over anything. Furthermore, he is not very good on the flat in terms of balance and bendability, but nobody has really worked with him, as he is a younger mount. With his younger age comes a certain level of inexperience which may need to be brought along as his training furthers.
Rider: Taylor Sinde

Riverwild And That! - "Andi" is a shiny, eye-catching Akhal-Teke mare perfect for endurance riding, or anything that requires a little time in the outdoors. She has also tried her hand at cross country, and proves more than athletic. She is characterized by a gleaming buckskin coat and beautiful green eyes with no markings except for a small blaze. She does not have a lot of hair, and will need some extra care to preserve her skin, for it gets irritated often. Furthermore, she can become rather stiff, so she will need to be kept an eye on as she is ridden and worked.
Rider: River Eschalkken

Riverwild Fantastico - "Tico" is a big-bodied, dark gray Lusitano gelding with the movement and temperament to please. He is a very calm horse with a large snip and dark dapples covering his body. He has impeccable movement and elasticity, but he can easily get stuck on one thing and forget how to move onto the next, making a large challenge for his rider. Overall, he is very safe, but may not stand still for very long in the wash stall, for he enjoys getting dirty, but not becoming clean.
Rider: Sawyer Swanton

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Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:49 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
School Horses III

Riverwild Apollo - "Apollo" is a tall, gray German Sport Horse gelding. He has light, dappled coat with no noticable markings, although when you wash him you can see his star. He is built rather poorly but it hardly shows when you see him with tack on. He has average movement, but his canter is steady, rhythmic, and comfortable, something you can sit to all day. His jump is also incredibly easy to find distances on, though his hind end isn't strong, so his jump takes rails and lead changes don't always come easily. In temperament, Apollo will march along all day without mind to anything. A very kind horse who is just happy to be alive.
Rider: Willow Achron

Riverwild Sheza Princess - "Zena" is a shiny, stunning palomino QH mare with stunning confirmation. She will win the hack every time on looks alone. Although, she does not move off your leg very obediently, and her mind can wander. She is a younger mare, so some things may go more poorly than they would on a schoolmaster. She is a brave mare who is willing to do just about anything for her rider, which makes her a barn favorite.
Rider: Robert Robertson

Go Go Gizmo - "Gizmo" is actually not one of the school horses Riverwild owns, he is owned by Cate Linge who has graciously allowed his use in the program for the semester. He is a bright chestnut with a thin stripe and lopsided snip across the left side of his muzzle, and he stands at 15.3hh. He has a single coronet marking on his right hind and a short tail, featuring a very short mane which is growing out from being buzzed a year ago, so the strands of his mane are allover the place. He is gentle and calm when not put to work, but can be a pain to get him to do anything but barrels even though he will - eventually. He's a great teacher of respect and patience with his stubborn habits. He knows who's boss and he knows how to get away with things when the boss isn't around. In other words, he's a sneaky boy. This temperament carries into his ground manners as well, though the program can't offer as much assistance with this horse as it could with one of their owned mounts.
Rider: Rhobin Barker

Riverwild Cruise Control - "Cruz" is a very tall, very thickly-built Irish Sport Horse gelding. He is a dark liver chestnut gelding with three gigantic white stockings and a blaze, and his body is littered with dapples. He is a very kind horse with a lot of respect for people, and he enjoys the thrills of eventing, especially cross country. He loves the outdoors and is very bold, but will do whatever you ask of him. He is fairly good in terms of ground manners as well. Your wish is his command. He very much enjoys being clipped too.
Rider: Keegan McCulloch

Riverwild Stellar - "Stella" is a small, refined Welsh x Thoroughbred cross mare with a shiny light palomino coat, a thick blaze, and four white stockings. She has very thick hair and often accrues burrs and the like, so grooming her may take time. She is sweet and sassy, her movements and temperament a reflection of her riders. She has a can-do attitude and enough scope and brain to handle anything from pony finals to a junior rodeo, though she cannot get a full lead change on her own. She most definitely will buck for it, so hang on tight! On the ground, she is fairly patient, but if she decides she can't handle something, beware, because this pony is more stubborn than anything you've ever seen when she gets around to it. The more stubborn or upset you get, the more upset and stubborn she gets. Dealing with this pony is all about attitude.
Rider: Alexandra Mickaelson

Riverwild H-E-Double Hockey Sticks - "Hades" is one of the most beloved school horses at the farm. He is a very large monstrosity of a solid black Irish Draught Gelding who stands a little above 17.2hh. He has no markings save for a thumbprint star and a very slight hint of rabicano on his sides and tail. Despite his massive body size, Hades is a true veteran of eventing, especially thrilled about the dressage phase. Because he is so flat-friendly, he often pulls out those dressage moves, either because his riders ask without knowing, or just to show off because boredom hits. This is a very smart horse with three extremely smooth gaits--he makes his rider look good. However, because he is so smart, if he gets upset for some reason, he may purposely knock rails or refuse XC fences. If he gets mad, his automatic reset is a dressage day, he'll love you forever. Furthermore, his intelligence allows for the opening of doors, gates, cross-ties, and otherwise, so beware. In terms of ground manners, he is absolutely one of the safest in the barn, though he may move his legs when you're wrapping them, just to mess with you.
Rider: Xen Jackles

Riverwild Radiance - "Dia" is a 16.1hh cremello leopard appaloosa sport horse mare. She is a very good-natured mare, but is not kind, just quiet. She is fairly behaved, though her jump feels hateful to her rider. Her movement is flat, though she has the ability to move out. She is coming back from an injury, and is therefore flat/dressage only for the semester. She will probably not enjoy this, although she very much loves trail rides. She is okay to tack up, but likes to wiggle. She is also not very amusing to bridle.
Rider: River Eschalkken

Riverwild Reverence - "Ren" is a 15.3hh palomino QH mare. She is the half-sister of Zena, and is the mare that the farm assigns to beginners due to her angelic disposition and her safety features. She is a very kind horse who is a natural western pleasure mount. She is easy to ride and teach from.
Rider: Solomon Sullivan

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Riverwild Equestrian Center | Thread | Open October 26, 2019 06:49 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
School Horses IV

Riverwild On Fire - "Sparx" is a 17hh Thoroughbred gelding with a very unique coat. He is either a gray with bloody shoulder on his whole body in a fiery red, or... well, that's what he is. He has a solid white coat with a fiery red mane and tail, as well as what appears to possibly be a varnish marking, or maybe a reverse sabino. He is one of the most popular horses in the region due to not only color, but athleticism. He will take very large distances always, even if unneccesary. He leaves long, but doesn't seem to have any issues clearing the fences nor having 'emotion' afterwards. This is a very respectful horse who will only do as much as asked, nothing more or less. His lead changes are very clean and automatic, and this horse has very nice, though flat movement. On the ground he is very respectful, and will stand still forever if asked.
Rider: Elijah Moore

Riverwild Rueful - "Rue" is a TbxPercheron cross mare who stands at 16.3hh and takes the Percheron build with the Thoroughbred athleticism. She is a rose gray color with lighter fleabites, her face having a large irregular star. Her legs are thick and contain two hind white socks. This mare is a very kind, grandmotherly type who would do anything for her rider, particularly younger children. She is a very point and shoot ride who can make her own decisions, but listens as well. Her only downfall is that her joints can be problematic and she may have to take time off at times, leaving her rider horseless. On the ground, she's just as stellar, though her one thing is she cannot be left alone tied. A very, very loved mount.
Rider: Aodhan Hollyn

Riverwild Amoureuse - "Amora" is a 16.3hh Selle Francais mare. She has a gorgeous dark flaxen liver chesnut coat and four white socks, a bald face leaving her refined face with two blue eyes. This mare is built in a very stellar fashion, and her gaits and jump are phenomenal, the kind you could look at all day. However, a transfer from the eventing world despite a young age, Amora has a tendency to drag her riders both on and off her back. She can be pushy, and has a kind of bratty personality when she likes. She isn't very good for ground manners, so beware.
Rider: Sasha Hollyn

Riverwild Rebellion - "Rebel" is a 14.1hh Australian Riding Pony with a very pronounced personality. He is a shiny blood bay with a bald face, four white socks, and a visible belly spot. He has two blue eyes, and his build is very refined. He has very fancy movement, making him an adept hunter pony. He strongly enjoys jumping, but is trying to be turned into an all-around pony. He is comfortable being ridden any different way, but when he begins getting too sassy or 'enthusiastic' (for example, jumping barrel patterns instead of going around them) he needs to have a day of strictly jumping. He especially enjoys show environments and people, though he may try and 'chase' other ponies in the ring with him. He is very vocal and opinionated, but won't do anything about it except for a half-hearted bolt or cow-kick every now and again. He is the same on the ground, mostly good. He is one of the most famous personalities in the barn, and is a very popular show mount for the hunters, beginner dressage, and western, though needs some help with the latter two. He is a very sensitive and rideable mount who will go before you even say the word.
Rider: Tempest Scout

Riverwild Advantageous - "Venti" is a 17.3hh Bay Dun WB Gelding. He has four white stocks and an irregular blaze. He has a scrawny, TB build but his movement compensates. He has gorgeous movement and a gorgeous jump with a docile nature. He will nip as you attempt to tighten his girth, but a very nice, seasoned horse.
Rider: Peter Weber

Riverwild Ruthless - "Ruthie" is a 14.3hh WelshxAnglo-Arab mare. She has a shiny fleabitten gray coat and a definite pony face, definitely having the appearance of her Welsh roots. She has the temperament of an arab, though, and is extremely hot-headed. She won't stand still for anything or anyone, on the ground, under saddle, at any time. If you have the patience to deal with her, though, she is an absolute machine on the XC course. You will have to pace her, though, or she'll come in under optimum time.
Rider: Sloane Robinson

Riverwild Radical - "Rad" is a 15.1hh palomino Appendix gelding. He is very average in conformation and movement, but he makes up for it in experience. He is dull, though nothing phases him, and he knows how to do any job you ask of him. If you can compensate with a bouncy, short stride and a dull personality, this horse will be your golden ticket in any arena.
Rider: Min Hwan

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Boarded/Accepted Horses Barn Layout:

The barn is split between two ten-stall segments with wash stalls, grooming areas, feed rooms, and tack rooms in between for the rider's convenience. You will be sharing your tack room with four other riders. 1-5, 6-10, etc. All share space :)

Stall I - Espresso Silhouette - Heather Proudstorm
Stall II - Nightmare - Heather Proudstorm
Stall III - Storm of all Nightmares - Elva Bjartskular
Stall IV - RZ Starry Night - Naomi Woods
Stall V - Tall, Dark, and Handsome - Jillian Michaelson
Stall VI - Shez Devious - Quenten Keyes
Stall VII - Eclipse of War - Aston Mulholland
Stall VIII - Riverwild Fitzpatrick - Kacey Kalveric
Stall IX - Rise From The Ashes - Kathleho Mahlope
Stall X - Scotch Rockin' Cowboy - Taylor Sinde
Stall XI - Lowkey Loki - Nico Hyden
Stall XII - Chaos and Manhattan - Alexandra Mickaelson
Stall XIII - Eclipse of War - Ashton Mulholland
Stall XIV -
Stall XV - Demon From Hell - Cameron Fairfield
Stall XVI - Old Spice - Kimberly Greene
Stall XVII - Death To Devil - Elijah Moore
Stall XVIII - Double Trouble - Klaus Anderson
Stall XIX - Phobianic Apocalypse - Xen Jackles
Stall XX - SS Striker Pose - Min Hwan
Barn 2
Stall I -
Stall II - Royal Ruckus - Adastrus Kin
Stall III - Marshalloo Rocko - River Eschalkken
Stall IV -
Stall V -
Stall VI -
Stall VII -
Stall VIII -
Stall IX -
Stall X -

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Roommate Information:

The dorms are separated by year of college, the med and veterinary students either rooming together in the small cottages on the sides of campus or going off campus and renting something in the rural, suburban countryside. As for first, second, third, and fourth years, they will be rooming with someone of the same grade in brick apartments that look like something out of a history book. This is a blessing and a curse, for sometimes the utilities enjoy acting out on their own. Some even claim that a certain wing is haunted.

The on-site dorms consist of a gigantic four-story brick building which looks more like a massive mansion than an apartment-complex.
Each apartment consists of two beds, one large bathroom with dual amenities for each person, and two averagely sized closets. Furniture is allowed to be bought, but must be checked by staff before placement.

The base is a large square shape with two wings hanging off of either side. When you look at the dorms on an information packet, you'll find that the freshman have the top floor (so they walk the most), sophomores have the next below, then juniors, then seniors have the least walking to do, finally receiving the ground-floor apartments. Each left wing is for the girls, and is designated by both an 'L' and an odd number beside the letter, and each of the guys' dorms are on the right side, designated by an 'R' and an even number.

First Years:
Dorm L700 - River E.,
Dorm L701 - Alexandra M., Rhobin B.
Dorm L703 - Jillian M., Soya I.
Dorm L704 - Elva B., Bryn D.
Dorm R800 - Hikaru H., Kouru H.
Dorm R804 - Sasha H., Xen J.

Second Years:
Dorm L501 - Kimberly G.,
Dorm L503 - Nico H., Sloane R.
Dorm L504 - Taylor S., Ashton M.
Dorm L506 - Kaia C., Myraas A.
Dorm R603 - Kaison C.,
Dorm R606 - Robert R., Elijah M.
Dorm R607 - Solomon S., Oliver B.
Dorm R609 - Zeke M., Cameron F.
Dorm R610 - Jaiza C., Maizo C.

Third Years:
Dorm L301 - Heather P.,
Dorm R401 - Devin R., Sawyer S.

Fourth Years:
Dorm L101 - Kathleho M., Willow A.
Dorm L107 - Tempest S.,
Dorm R209 - Aodhan H., Min H.

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