Black Dragon Stable
10:33:53 BDS / Black / Stormy
this season, I'll have the funds to try that. lol
10:33:24 Sun's Shiny PONs
True, I'd try her with Bane!
10:33:07 Ceci / (Call me) AL
BDS, pedigree doesn't help if the horses doesn't match :(
Black Dragon Stable
10:32:01 BDS / Black / Stormy
-HEE Click-

lookit that pedi. -_-
10:31:38 Sunny's Shiny Wubs
She'd do good with Bane I think BDS
10:31:10 Sunny's Shiny Wubs
Thanks! I'll be watching your girls also :D Once my matches are done, my first course of action is stalking the shinies
10:30:36 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Hope you get a nice prl filly :)
Black Dragon Stable
10:30:20 BDS / Black / Stormy
-HEE Click-

This season's was a disappointment
10:29:17 Sunny's Shiny Wubs
Same AL. I would love for just one to work out xD

Been digging this account back up from the grave. Got a match next month!
-HEE Click-
Super pumped! At least I can count on the prl, lol
Black Dragon Stable
10:28:47 BDS / Black / Stormy
my EEE girl is going back to my EEE stud to see if that match gives another EEE like her maiden. Paired her with a WWW this month, and she dropped a PPP
10:28:01 Ceci / (Call me) AL
I have 9 KNN matches coming up the next months so I have plenty of color curse chances (and genetics curse too)
10:27:54 Sunny's Shiny Wubs
I don't, I'll be sad for a couple days, and then move onto July. Because I'm all truthfulness, without homo boys/gals, it's all a chance
Columet Farms
10:27:46 The Coffee Purist
Me either BDS. Everyone is staying in house. Probably.
Black Dragon Stable
10:27:06 BDS / Black / Stormy
I'm not even doing matches this year. All mine flopped this season
Columet Farms
10:26:52 The Coffee Purist
Maybe you'll get lucky Monday:)
Sunstone Elite
10:25:53 Sun/Sunny
Oooh beautiful Columet!
I've been getting shinies, but in the form of EEE colts xD
Sunstone Elite
10:25:17 Sun/Sunny
I've been mocked by shinies lately, but I won't give up until I get that supershine WWW.

Plus, I'm also sending a maiden who has the exact same coloring so hopefully 1/2? Lol
Arctic Dusk
10:24:45 AL's RID
The curse of the color gods: "no colour for you"
Columet Farms
10:24:43 The Coffee Purist
She's gonna be a pretty thing:
-HEE Click-
Black Dragon Stable
10:24:35 BDS / Black / Stormy
morning yall
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Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 7, 2020 10:15 PM
Woodland Dream
Posts: 209
Welcome!!- This is a private RP between Heaven on Earth and Woodland Dream. If you do not go by one of the names mentioned, pleeeaze don't post :0. Feel free to follow along, though, and enjoy the story that comes forth. ;D

-This RP contains wolves, possibly war, definitely some negative vibes, maybe a couple other things. Let's find out :P

Edited at May 8, 2020 12:55 AM by Woodland Dream
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 01:37 AM
Woodland Dream
Posts: 209
Name: Lexium of the Flowing Wind pack
Nickname: Lex
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
Appearance: dark brown undercoat with a pitch black overcoat, so he's got some highlights showing through that are a tad lighter. He has some silver on his belly, the tip of his tail, around his muzzle, and on his back legs. Pale yellow eyes. a tail that is a little thicker than the usual, and paws that are on the larger end of the scale.
Personality: Lex is an amazing pack leader, he can take on any challenger and is a great hunter who loves defending the pack. He likes acting dominantly, and kinda likes fighting. He is wary around animals that are bigger than he is (that includes larger wolves). He is very smart, even for a wolf.
Likes: wolves that are submissive to him, female wolves (he loves his mate, Leila most of all)
Dislikes: talkative wolves, annoying pups, males that are overly aggressive or challenging
Other: (just a vague background story,) Lex became leader of the pack when he, as the beta, challenged the alpha male to a fight for winner-takes-all. Lex banished both the alphas (male and female), taking Leila as the new alpha female.

Name: Lahelao of the Flowing Wind pack
Nickname: Leila
Gender: female
Age: 5.5 years
Appearance: Leila has a white undercoat with a red overcoat, giving her an overall reddish color with reddish brown on her back, and a reddish white on her paws, bottom of her tail, and belly. She has black-tipped ears and tail. dark brown eyes.
Personality: Leila is also pretty agressive, seeing as she has to defend her position as alpha female. She is the best hunter in the pack, but not the best at fighting. She prefers talking to fighting, but, once again, she's still agressive when she thinks she should be. She is very smart and can figure out any problems thrown her way.
Likes: being alpha female, hunting, a good laugh, Lex
Dislikes: threatening wolves who want to take her and Lex's position, being ignored, going hungry
Other: (Once again, I'll just put a little background) Leila never expected to be alpha female, she was surprised when Lex chose her as his mate. She took to the role naturally, and is loved by all wolves except for jealous females. She doesn't enjoy the fighting it takes to keep her position, but she takes pride in the fact that she is able to keep it.

I don't really know how this is, so let me know if this doesn't line up with your idea. I was kinda thinking that there could be rival packs that have back-to-back territory and get in a lot of fights? idk, really, I have a very vague idea and I am honestly perfectly fine if you wanna go with something different. 😁

Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 01:48 AM

Heaven on Earth
Posts: 2882
(If it's ok with you, I'm going to make a lone wolf, that used to be with the pack the Flowing Wind pack is fighting, then your characters can start losing to the other pack, and can turn to my wolf for help learning there weaknesses and beating them, but my wolf likes being a loner, so it'll take some work! Does that work for you?)
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 02:00 AM

Heaven on Earth
Posts: 2882
Name: Killian
Nickname: Kill
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Appearance: He is mostly black, but he has 2 small, thin white striped across his back right over his shoulders, he also has some slight white frosting under his neck, on his chest, he has Light blue, blue eyes, his coat color is very rare
Personality: He has been a loner since he was born, he loves fighting, and was easily the best in his pack, probably better than most wolves, he is also great at hunt also best in his pack
Likes: Being alone, Freedom
Dislikes: Getting bossed around, listening to orders, alpha males in general
Other: (Backstory) He has always been a loner, most of the wolves in his pack made fun of him for it, he fought every single male wolf in his pack to prove he was the best, he even beat the alpha, but them he left, he had no want to be alpha, so he left the pack, to be on his own
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 02:31 PM
Woodland Dream
Posts: 209
(Sure! That sounds good. Should I start, or do you want to?)
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 04:48 PM

Heaven on Earth
Posts: 2882
(You do please)
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 8, 2020 10:41 PM
Woodland Dream
Posts: 209
(Okay, cool 😊)

Leila/ alpha Female:

Leila fought with full force, she was in the middle of a battle along the border with the other pack. The other pack's rank scent filled her sensitive nostrils, and her teeth were stained with their blood. Her back leg was sore from landing on it wrong when once of the other pack had pushed her down, but she fought fiercely anyway. She looked around, seeing all the others in her pack were growing weaker and looked about as beaten as she felt. While Leila was a little distracted accounting for her pack, the wolf she was fighting took the opportunity to push her down and rip a gash in her side with his incisors. Leila cried out in pain as a steady flow of blood came from the wound. Two wolves came to her side, attacking the wolf who had bit her, then supporting her to help her walk away. She barked for the wolves from her pack to follow, and they quickly finished off their individual fights and came to her side as they all ran back towards the den.

A five mile walk later, Leila limped into the wolve's camp. She felt dizzy from the loss of blood, but at least it had somewhat scabbed over. She saw Lex and immidiately collapsed as he came up and asked her what was wrong. Everything went dark, and all sound cut off.

Lex/ Alpha male:

Seeing the tired group of wolves practically drag themselves into the camp, Lex ran up to Leila to ask her what happened. When she collapsed, he starting barking orders. "Where's my medicine dog?!" he shouted, "I want him looking at Leila immediately. The rest of you, go lie down so he can check you over later!" As the wolves all dispersed to their seperate resting places, Lex watched in worry as the medicine dog started tending to Leila. He walked over to one of the party who had been with Leila. "What happened?" he asked her. He felt his hackles rising slowly as the grey wolf recounted the story of the gory battle. She looked at the ground, ears pinned in submission to her alpha, "Another loss today, Lex," she whispered sadly. Lex walked away, furious at the thought of the other pack attacking them at the border. Growlig under his breath, he said, "It's time we did something, and we need to soon."

Edited at May 9, 2020 02:03 AM by Woodland Dream
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 9, 2020 01:47 AM

Heaven on Earth
Posts: 2882
Killian watched the fight from in the woods, so he was my seen, he saw the other pack was struggling, he watched his father's men tearing them apart, 'Do they not know anything about planning a attack?' He thought to himself, as he kept watching, it was kind of sad how bad they were losing, 'Well they can have fun, I got out of that' he thought to himself

Killian turned away and walked to where he hunted, he saw and rabbit and busted off after it, catching it easily, he bit it's back to kill it, then he ate it, he headed down to the stream to get a drink.

Edited at May 9, 2020 01:48 AM by Heaven on Earth
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 9, 2020 02:01 AM
Woodland Dream
Posts: 209
Leila/ female alpha:
Leila opened her eyes early the next morning, seeing that the pack's medicine wolf had patched her side wound with a thick wad of cob web. She sat up carefully, not wanting the web to tear. she looked at where Lex was sleeping near hear. What happened? she thought, confused. She remembered the battle, but everything after being torn into by that wolf was blank memory. She sniffed Lex and nudged him, whispering, "What happened? How did we get back? Did we win?" Lex slowly blinked awake and licked her soft ears, telling her to stop asking so many questions when she should be resting.

Lex/ alpha male:

Lex was confused at all her questions. She must have lost so much blood that she'd forgotten. He walked over to where there was half a dead moose buried in the snow. He brought a piece of meat over to where Leila lay. "Here," he told her, "You need power for your body to heal itself." As Leila started to eat it hungrily, he asked, "You suffered a bad injury and some of the wolves from our pack helped you walk back. The other pack respected the border and didn't follow, but who knows how long that will last?" He sighs in sadness. I've been alpha for a few weeks, and we're already weakened. Lex didn't know why the other pack had been attacking more recently, maybe it was because they somehow knew that new alphas had taken over. No matter the reason, Lex knew he was failing the pack by allowing the attacks to continue and not coming up with a plan to stop them. Lex sent a silent prayer up to the heavens, hoping that there would somehow be a miracle to help his pack through these tought times.
Private RP Heaven & Woodland May 9, 2020 02:14 AM

Heaven on Earth
Posts: 2882

Killian knew his father was mad when he had beat him in a fight, and then just left, but he was sick of it, He had always wanted to be a lone wolf, and know he was, he wasn't tied down by a pack, or his father, but another part of him wondered, Had he made his father too mad? Was this his fault? Either way, he made his choice and he was sticking to it now.

He headed to the stream and took a drink, then he laid underneath a low hanging tree to go to sleep, there was a nagging feeling though, he didn't want to be that one to cause other wolves pain, at least ones that aren't in his old pack, but he shook his head and kept laying, but he couldn't sleep

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