Apex Equestrian
10:52:13 AE ~ Apex
Thank you :)
Timber Canyon
10:51:06 Timbie
You too Apex, welcome back
Apex Equestrian
10:49:35 AE ~ Apex
It’s good to see you guys after quite some time
Apex Equestrian
10:48:52 AE ~ Apex
Alright, thanks y’all. :)
Timber Canyon
10:48:10 Timbie
There is a section in the FAQ that will give you the crossbreeding formulas
Apex Equestrian
10:47:19 AE ~ Apex
So what breed do they end up as?
MakeEm Fancy
10:47:17 Ally 🌺

Timber Canyon
10:46:36 Timbie
Yer, been a thing for as long as I can remember
Apex Equestrian
10:46:34 AE ~ Apex
I haven't been on this game for a long time so apparently I forgot. Thanks
10:45:30 Legion
You've always been able to cross breed
Apex Equestrian
10:44:45 AE ~ Apex
Like for example X and TB?
Apex Equestrian
10:44:23 AE ~ Apex
Wait... you can cross breed in this game now?
Savannah stables
10:43:18 Savannah
My family thinks me and my grandpa are crazy for saying sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive, but they refuse to look at any evidence.
10:42:19 Golden
Anyways. I gotta go. Bai!
Vixen Creek
10:41:59 Vixie
Nature is wild
Spotted Acres
did anybody know that snowflake appaloosa actually grow into their spots. As my mom has an appendix QH that is starting to show snowflake appy spots
The Joker
10:41:18 Mojii
I’ve heard that bunnies can do the same thing
Savannah stables
10:40:30 Savannah
I don’t think I wanna answer that question
10:40:26 Legion
Some people will say 30 days, but it's closer to 60
10:40:19 Golden
I’m not gonna get into that @Savannah)
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Forums > Breeding Discussion

TB Breeding Partners Wanted! May 7, 2019 07:05 AM
Former Stable
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Alright so after a bit of breeding on my own, I have decided that I would like some breeding partners!

About Me
I am currently breeding only TBs. I am focused on ratings but I want to get some unique coloring into the breed.

•-Partners must be active and not go on a random hiatus
•-Partners must breed TBs for rating (nothing lower than PEP)
•-Partners should have some nice color in their breeding stock (not required though)
•-Partners must be kind, respectful, and responsible (don't break HEE rules!)
•-Be willing to work with others (because if we may get several breeding partners)
**I am also willing to work with newbies who are needing help with TBs or anyone new to breeding TBs!**

What's Needed
•-Broods: I don't necessarily have very good broods. I believe the best I have is a PEP and an SEE. My girls usually throw colts and not fillies xD. If you can provide mares with over PEP rating, that would help a lot.
•-Straws + Studs: I have a lot of studs with my best rating being EEP. I can afford decent EEE studs but they usually aren't the strongest. If you can provide studs, that's is greatly appreciated.

Other Info
•-Money: I am not very wealthy on here so most things I can't afford (for example: premiums, good EEE studs/broods, etc.) If partnering up with me, if the prices you set for the studs and broods aren't extremely expensive, that would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying not to go broke xD.
*NOTE: I am not asking for ebs!*
•-Expectations: I expect breeding partners to at least put time and effort into this. I don't want our partnership to flop. So as long as you put some time and effort into this, we should be good.
•-Sharing: We will be sharing breeding stock. So if I can use your broods and studs, you can use mine. You will just have to let me know before RO (rollover).
•-Several Partners: I plan on having maybe a small breeding group if this goes as expected. If you don't want to work in a group, let me know and we can figure something out.

Alright, so if you are interested, let me know!

Edited at May 7, 2019 07:06 AM by Conquest Estate
TB Breeding Partners Wanted! January 13, 2020 07:39 PM

Reese’s stable
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never mind

Edited at January 13, 2020 07:41 PM by Reese’s stable
TB Breeding Partners Wanted! February 1, 2020 05:52 PM

Posts: 631
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Are you still looking?
TB Breeding Partners Wanted! February 1, 2020 07:24 PM

Moonglade Manor
Posts: 1644
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HorseLoverStables said:
Are you still looking?

this stable has been inactive for about a month, so probably not.

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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