Oak valley
05:52:04 Olive Oil
XD Challenge accepted
05:51:58 puck
We always start our horses on the road by ponying them with an older horse
05:51:34 puck
Yea do it
Wraithcry Farm
05:51:32 Crazy Cat Lady
Online? For a bit. I am trying to network for a few rescues.
I am trying to rebuild my confidence. I had an accident, so I am riding the old lady to get back into the groove
Oak valley
05:51:07 Olive Oil
Oak valley
05:50:35 Olive Oil
So I attempt to do a very last minute entry for a contest ending in 2 hours?
Skye's Paradise
05:49:41 Just call me Pickle
How long will you be on for Wraith?
Fireball Stables
05:49:33 Flicka/Indy
I remember taking my first horse trail riding this was when I had no confidence and wasn't very good at riding well I got off to walk her haha she was having no of it tried to run me over multiple times. I soon got really confident with her and went out nearly every nice day we had
Oak valley
05:43:17 Olive Oil
Oak valley
05:42:44 Olive Oil
It was a pretty terrifying experience, first time he's ever reared with a rider on his back. Somehow I stayed on and got back in control before he could get seriously injured. At lie old place we had to rude along a very busy road then cross the main road, we didn't actually get onto the common at that place. At this place we have to get down the drive and cross the main road. We can either go to the muddy place straight across from us or go down a very quiet lane to get onto another part
Wraithcry Farm
05:39:07 Crazy Cat Lady
Yes that would make a difference lol. I’m not doing trails right now because I just don’t have a horse that can handle it. The horse I am looking at would though.
Oak valley
05:38:45 Olive Oil
We're taking baby steps now, edging further down the drive every time we go down
Blueberry Valley
05:38:17 blue // pride
Yeah, the lag is odd...
Oak valley
05:37:38 Olive Oil
It was a bit of a stupid mistake I made, we'd only just moved to a new place and I assumed he was going to be fine, it also didn't help that we turned away from a horse he barely knew
Wraithcry Farm
05:37:12 Crazy Cat Lady
I really hate this lag.
Oak valley
05:36:20 Olive Oil
Lol I just attempted to refresh the chat and it froze for like 5 minutes straight
Wraithcry Farm
05:36:15 Crazy Cat Lady
You need to make sure he isn’t doing that. Some endurance rides can have a lot of horses there doing a lot of different things. And some people aren’t to good at controlling their horses either. I’ve had someone brush against me,
My horse didn’t even blink, I just guided her through the situation and moved on.
Angels angels
05:31:27 *has 400+ brindles*
I feel so thirsty but I keep drinking water and it hurts my stomach because its full of water
Sandpiper Hollow
05:29:42 Piper
Of course lol. I try helping out the rest of the store as my department is dead today and a grate popped off of what I was stocking and wacked me in the face and busted my lip open
Oak valley
05:29:19 Olive Oil
This was at a new yard we'd just moved to

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Regarding Breeding Partners June 15, 2017 01:37 PM

Game Moderator
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This has become popular lately and for some it works, for others it ends in drama. HEE allows breeding partners but we do not support / recommend it.

~ Make it clear what you want and expect from your partner
Some are just in it for the freebies / sugar daddy and have nothing to give you in return.

Do not just hand out your login info<i style="">.
Ever. You could create a new account so you both can start it up from the ground. But keep in mind that you can NOT trade anything between this breeding account and your own accounts. It has to be played fully separately.

It is now forbidden to hand out your login info. Only YOU may have acces to your accounts.

Unless it's an obvious scam we will not help you return your things and we will not negotiate in between you two :)

So.. it's at your own risk!

Edited at August 24, 2018 01:26 PM by Corazon
Regarding Breeding Partners September 26, 2019 03:05 PM

The wilderness
Posts: 1311
Do you recommend helping each other breed their horses, achieve ratings ect. That kind of breeding partners?

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