Plague Doctor
09:50:37 Green/John
I may be getting my hair cut tomorrow, I'm takin a damn hat cause I feel I'll be ugly as shit
Red Dirt
09:49:18 HRD
It keeps saying something is not working on their end.
BlueMist Farms
09:48:26 Jaley
We haven't in CA Red.
Red Dirt
09:47:40 HRD
Is anyone else having problems with PayPal?
Trillium Acres
09:45:48 Roz
-HEE Click- lmao wowwww
Fire and Ice
I feel I should rate her she looks like she is training pretty good.
-HEE Click-
6666 Ranch
Level 4 race up
GreysAnatomy Stables
09:38:48 Renewed Two Seasons
Right. After watching that movie my brother and I would constantly yell Ni.
I still do not understand anything that happened, but I enjoy ni.
Star Catcher Estate
09:38:26 Fleur
I've also been watching lots of Great British Baking.
Little South Stable
09:37:38 Dosie Doe
Star Catcher Estate
09:37:37 Fleur
Yes Grey. XD
BlueMist Farms
09:37:26 Jaley
Mom keeps trying to get me to watch Monty Python but I need strong female characters right now.
Star Catcher Estate
09:37:14 Fleur
Same Dosie!
GreysAnatomy Stables
09:37:08 Renewed Two Seasons
Abstract Dunes
09:36:57 Abs
I was never able to get into that movie.
GreysAnatomy Stables
09:36:54 Renewed Two Seasons
Isn't that "Holy Grail" movie the one with The Knight Who Say Ni?
Little South Stable
09:35:44 Dosie Doe
my favourite monty python movie
is quest for the holy grail
6666 Ranch
Watching reruns of criminal minds right now... Can't get enough of it
Plague Doctor
09:35:13 Green/John
I'm finishing Sucker Punch at the moment

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Match For Her August 29, 2019 03:05 PM

Twisted Galaxy
Posts: 186
So I have a EEP that I dont know who to breed to. Shes kinda tricky with the way shes been training up. Id be looking for a TBLB but thats probably out of the question since shes only EEP.

Anyway what I get from her training shes strong in Movement and Strength. And I dont know what shes weak in because shes Levels up all bars. Her dam seems very weak in Heart and weak in intelligence Her Sire weak in Speed and Intelligence. Heres her training

WK4: 211112
WK5: 222222
WK6: 222222
WK7: 322222
WK8: 322223
WK9: 333333

Edited at August 29, 2019 03:05 PM by Twisted Galaxy

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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