Hayzed Pastures
Ill really need a GOOD computer especially now. And mine is crapping out >_>
Pony Paradise
07:15:40 Pomy Or..Just Pony
I want a MacBook, but I have a school computer so I just use that. Only problem is, my district blocks 99% of stuff
Oak valley
07:15:32 Just a lonely POTATO
I was speaking to her just a minute ago
07:15:06 Tangle || Woody
I spoke to her like...yesterday? Ja, yesterday
Llama Queen
07:14:34 Or am I?
Oh okay. I know I've been pretty MIA in chat. Wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.
Jericho Stables
I need a new laptop. One is on the books soon.
Oak valley
07:13:54 Just a lonely POTATO
She's alive Llama. Very much alive
Pony Paradise
07:13:45 Pomy Or..Just Pony
I saw her not that long ago...
JP Show Stables
Love mine. Need to do stall charts while walking around barns? Easy. Handles switching between Adobe products better than my new Mac desktop (I hate this Mac). Makes Art so nice to do.
Llama Queen
07:13:21 Or am I?
I haven't seen Fleur in forever?
Shivering Sea
07:12:05 Shiv
I had one of the first surface for university and such... I wanted to smash it against something. It would delete everything I would do at some point.
Lore Riding Academy
-HEE Click-
Hayzed Pastures
The one i want when i finally figured it out wasnt available even from the website >.<
Southern Creek
I love my surface so much.
Hayzed Pastures
I just want a surface pro so i can arts lol. I hate doing it on my computer. And never could get used to my cheap Wacom
Pony Paradise
07:07:46 Pomy Or..Just Pony
Yeah. I could never draw with a mouse. Never in my life.
Shivering Sea
07:07:02 Shiv
Each person has a way I guess :D
The tablet is more about getting used to it, that's when you see results and start getting attached to it.
I should try my Ipad as well...
Pony Paradise
07:06:20 Pomy Or..Just Pony
I my defense I have experience cutting images out because with the other game, you have to erase the background from the screenshot. I have been doing those types of edit longer than these manips
07:05:25 Tangle || Woody
I can't do art on a tablet. Even though the one I'm being loaned has PS Touch, I can't. I just can't.
Pony Paradise
07:05:17 Pomy Or..Just Pony
My first manip was disgusting
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Forums > Breeding Discussion

TB + SH Breeding Partners Wanted! March 25, 2020 08:41 AM

California Valley
Trivia Team
Posts: 929
I am in search of 1 or 2 TB breeding partners and 1 or 2 SH breeding partners!

TB Requirements/Expectations

- Have EEE+ TBs
- Be able to match (although I can teach someone how to match)
- Ideal breeding partner is a premium stable (but not required)
- Willing to share/exchange broods, studs, etc. (I will do the same!)
- No random hiatus (although there are exceptions)

SH Requirements/Expectations

- Have EEE+ SHs (although other breeds are accepted)
- Be able to match (I can teach someone if necessary)
- Ideal breeding partner is a premium stable (not required)
- Willing to share/exchange broods, studs, etc. (I will do the same!)
- No random hiatus (there are exceptions)
- Is experienced with breeding rated SHs because I have just started them

** I do expect potential breeding partners to be active **

What You Can Expect From Me

- Sharing/exchanging broods, studs, straws, etc.
- Tips/helping with matching
- Active every day
- I will have an upgrade 99% of the time
- I am experienced with TBs, but new to SHs
- EEE+ TBs/SHs

Check Out My Rated Barn Here

If you are interested in becoming breeding partners with me, please leave a comment explaining why you feel like you would be a good fit or send me a PM (I don't bite :D)

TB + SH Breeding Partners Wanted! March 25, 2020 11:03 AM

Rose Water Creek
Posts: 153
Hello, I'd love to be a SH partner with you. I have 3 EEE studs and one is a proven EEE producer, along with new mares, one I believe is an EEE producer. I cannot match for crap but I seem to be doing alright lol not only do I breed for ratings, I breed for color as well and have a couple very nice color stallions with decent ratings for color. I am a premium stable. I'm more than happy to share studs and broods, within reason, there's a couple id like to breed first when they're 3, 4 and 5 to see if they produce well. Unless their a stud, cuz in that case I don't care, my studs produce fairly well.
TB + SH Breeding Partners Wanted! March 27, 2020 10:29 AM
Rose Gardens
Posts: 37
I would like to partner with you in breeding TB's, if you would have me? :)
I don't have a lot of horses, 4 EEE mares, 2 EEE fillies, 1 EEP mare, 1 EPE mare, 1 PEE mare and one EEE colt, all homebred. I try to match, but I'm not sure i totally get the system.
I am premium at least the next 3 months.
TB + SH Breeding Partners Wanted! March 31, 2020 11:04 PM

Mistress of evil
Posts: 234
I would love to be a SH breeding partner with you I have one SH EWE colt and two SH mares I would be glad to help you in breeding SH horses as I love ISH and SH horses so if you would like to be a breeding partner let me know
TB + SH Breeding Partners Wanted! April 1, 2020 06:11 AM

Posts: 1176
*casually stumbles*
Well hello :3
I breed high quality TB's.
I'm online almost everyday, and would love to partner with you.
Before I cull, I have 1 EWE and many EEE babes.
If your interested please shoot me a pm :3

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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