Hummingbird Meadows
09:40:59 Hummer
Ugh, I hate too many smores tonight.
I got tons of girl clothing from my daughter but nothing for. Aboy haha
09:36:50 Mack
She was even more concerned when I started laughing. I can only imagine what she was thinking of me. In fact, thar whole debauchle got me wondering if she thinks in pictures, or her little babble language
MakeEm Fancy
09:35:11 Ally 💜
I had nothing with my first 🙃 I was prepared completely with my second though lol
Circle Star RIDs
09:33:50 Granny C
I can just picture the look on her face Mack.
09:33:28 Mack
Dawns souls
Honestly, we can only be so prepared. Your gonna do great, as long as that's your goal.
Circle Star RIDs
09:32:52 Granny C
Souls - you best get to steppin on it. Clocks ticking.
09:32:24 Mack
We had a chocolate puppy left over from Easter. I took a nibble of its leg and she was mortified. Took around 10 minutes for he to realize it was chocolate. She was so sad, but I could not contain my giggle
09:32:16 Crowley | Myth
-HEE Click-
Autumn's Dawn
09:31:50 Autumn/Dawn
Goodnight HEE Players~
I'm really nervous about this baby he due September 12 and I'm so not prepared at all
Circle Star RIDs
09:30:15 Granny C
lol they say, children, are your parents revenge. Believe it.
09:29:08 Mack
Yes, my daughter. Her personality is starting to shine and a love it, but I'm also weeping for what I put my own mother through
Circle Star RIDs
09:27:48 Granny C
Mack - your first ?
MakeEm Fancy
09:27:38 Ally 💜
Layla will be 5 and Foxy will be 1 this year 🥺
09:26:54 Crowley | Myth
Who what?
Willow River Estates
09:26:13 JF Jelly Star lurkin
09:25:47 Crowley | Myth
I'm excited for May to be 3/4.
Circle Star RIDs
09:25:30 Granny C
Sandy - got that right. lol
09:25:20 Mack
Mines turning 3 this month. I'm not ready
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(I)SH/PON Matching Help May 25, 2024 07:44 AM

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Please feel free to post matches you are not sure about here. Or ask for stud sugestions!
(I)SH/PON Matching Help May 25, 2024 09:15 AM

Silver Stirrup
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any match or stud Suggustions for this brood?:

(I will have a straw from The Mandalorian)
(Feel free to PM me so the form doesn't get too cluttered :))
(I)SH/PON Matching Help May 25, 2024 09:34 AM

Chocolate Rose
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I have this one I am pulling Embryos from her and both will be from him. Match
(I)SH/PON Matching Help May 26, 2024 12:16 AM

Aussie Stables
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i'm happy to help match for anyone
(I)SH/PON Matching Help June 16, 2024 06:10 PM

Lilac Heart
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Stud Suggestions for Yr.180?

Thanks! These are the 3 SH mares I have as I just started breeding SH but this year they only produced PPP/EPP/PEE foals :(

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