Capricorn Elites
08:52:29 Capri | Capri-Sun
I dont have a W rated dressage mare that i can use it on either
Stormsong Manor
08:52:20 Ven
Are you going to use a height medallion?
08:52:16 Lost
Mares will do me better for another year over colts hopefully, but you're right Freedom. If it's at least rated well I can hold off crying until potentially wk 4 lol
Crystal Oak Stables
Thank you
08:52:10 Kae/Diamond OG
Just PM the owner Capri, most people won't turn down a good match.
Crystal Oak Stables
Dream Weaver Ranch, Pebble :P
Garner Stud
08:51:35 Soupy
Copy and paste a link from HEE.
Crystal Oak Stables
How do i do the -HEE Click- thing/
Sunstone Elite
08:50:26 Sun/Sunny
Mmm. True Ven, I sort of feel that way about Am and NT...Though truthfully I would like a filly because only having 2 breeding mares in a program is kinda rough xD
Capricorn Elites
08:50:24 Capri | Capri-Sun

I bought a nice ass straw for my one girl because she is an E in dressage. The breeding requirement rating use to be E but now its W and i cant use it now -_-

She produces so well and it matched PERFECTLY.

Freedom Elites
08:49:47 Freedom
I don’t give a fuck what the gender is as long as the rating is good at least XD As long as I don’t get a PPE out of my big match like I did this month >_<
Crystal Oak Stables
How do you show your horse?
Sunstone Elite
08:49:35 Sun/Sunny
I hope he does good too! I'll throw all my nice shiny Wubs at him :D
Stormsong Manor
08:49:01 Ven
I'm using filly straws on my second and third PON matches. The first one can be any gender it wants to be
08:48:58 Kae/Diamond OG
I just hope he doesn't flop on me next month. I need to get some good WB lines going.
Freedom Elites
08:48:47 Freedom
Personally, I want at least one colt this RO. Fillies never get along with me for some reason >_>
Sunstone Elite
08:48:38 Sun/Sunny
I always toss a bunch of good treats at all the broods and studs I'm using before RO. And many sacrifices are made to the HEE Gods. I'm game for a filly circle though, especially PON and KNN wise.
08:47:51 Lost
Perhaps we can perform a filly chant cirle xD
Sunstone Elite
08:47:16 Sun/Sunny
I had the colt curse this year X.x I pray I get fillies next month.
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:46:41 Maddie/Madeline
-HEE Click-
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