Damn haven’t been on here for 3 months haha. My poor ponies neglected
Aspen Fire ES
01:21:02 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Hey Tangle :3
I'm doing alright, how are you?
01:19:57 Tangle || Woody
Aspen :)
How are you?
Aspen Fire ES
01:14:48 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Guess who's back once again 😅
Wild Roses
01:08:25 Rose/🥀
And then there is someone who knows about art lol I am no good in that department
Idle Lane Farms
01:02:11 Mera
The wings don't look right for the horse stock. Looking at the wing positioning and where the birds breast bone would've been positioned, it doesn't match up with the horses chest position
Wild Roses
12:59:12 Rose/🥀
Its gorgeous!
WIP, but cannot figure out that damn back wing >.<

Heaven on Earth
12:57:06 Heavenlea
Does anyone on here play the card game Rook?
Wild Roses
12:52:25 Rose/🥀
I just bid on horses and had the realization that I'm to the point of money that if I see a horse I REALLY want there's not too much worry and that was really nice.. now to not spend it all
Moonrose Mountains
12:47:15 Diva
Hehe I think I'm officially a challenge for any artist when it comes to - describe what you want 😂
Wild Roses
12:41:15 Rose/🥀
You have gotten bombarded lmao
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:39:42 BTS | Moon
hello Casi!
Wild Roses
12:39:35 Rose/🥀
Hi Casi, how are you?
Blue moon mountain
12:39:29 Blue
Hi Casi! 🐴
Cascade Myths
12:38:41 Casi
hello all
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:35:01 BTS | Moon
oh well
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:31:27 BTS | Moon
Sorry I was just really confused
Everflame Stables
12:31:02 Evy ✿
Please do not discuss others, especially by name, in the HEE chat ;)
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:30:45 BTS | Moon
Oh okay.
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just wanna curl up and cry October 26, 2019 01:22 AM

Ladybird Estate
Posts: 1582
This started about 4 months ago, where I asked this girl out who had a crush on me,we were always together ,and boy we loved each other so much ,probably why I feel like in currently dying inside. So we had been going out for just over 4 months?as we had become official in the 2nd of July,02 07 19.

About a week before she broke up with me see had started having out with her ex ..like a lot ,and It got to the point where she would ditch me and say nah imma go hang with (let's call her liza) liza. And of course I was a little but annoyed... then we had a party to go to , which was evident,itwas a friend and she asked if a few people wanted to stay the night so we did.

And then of course spin the bottle starts ,I didn't want to join in because I have a girlfriend,but my girlfriend says however,that if you're not in a relationship with the person you're kissing it doesn't matter. And liza is here.. oh boy.

My girlfriend keeps discreetly timing the table towards liza and then it's not like a quick kiss they are going at it and making out. Them the Saturday after that she broke up with me (also side not Liza is in a relationship ship after spin the bottle ,with one of my other friends) saying that we don't hang out enough and we don't hang out enough. Liza and my ex start to hang out loads ,so my friend being the great person she is asks liza "do you and (boyfriend) still go out?" So liza gets all nervous and glances at my ex and says "Uh y-yeah why?"

It's not just me but,she was cheating on me wasn't she?also on the Monday I don't go to school because well it would be really awkward ,and Ex starts getting really annoyed at me say"she's such a bitch,I hate her" and stuff like that and I hadn't even said anything hurtful,the things I said were
"Oh I didn't realise "
"To be honest I don't really understand,because the feeling mutual"
"If you don't want to be in a relationship you aren't comfortable with then don't be"
I'm so confused and I just feel really betrayed
just wanna curl up and cry October 26, 2019 01:36 AM

Coruscant Farm
Posts: 439
So I'll be honest I don't completely follow your story, but regardless that all still sounds like a lot of work and drama for someone you've only been dating a few months. There is a saying that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Your (ex?)girlfriend sounds incredibly selfish. I can't say I've never been in your shoes because there was one boy in particular I bent over backwards to try and make it work but he was just too much of a selfish shithead. I look back on it now and I'm like God I was so dumb for wasting so much energy on him. So I do understand how you feel. But I'd just count my loss and move on if I were you...it'll hurt less in the long run and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Save your energy for a good person and not someone that treats you poorly.

Good luck...Take care.
just wanna curl up and cry October 26, 2019 12:49 PM

Ladybird Estate
Posts: 1582
Thank you <3

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