Moon Shadow Ranch
12:04:16 BTS | Moon
It's nearly midnight and the people above us are still running above us and making a noise :(
Quizzical Quarters
12:03:45 Ari

Eri Lowlands
12:02:36 Giggles Wubs
I gotchu ❤️
I'm still experimenting around with my mane/tail styles

the one thing I'm struggling with is how to do like, body repating/prep, to get the.. shiny, effect. to put one way, so been experimenting with that as well
wind star stable
hi guys I am thinking of building a barn. it would have 2 12by12 stalls and a 8by8 tack room do any of you know how much that would cost.
Wings Of Glory
12:02:13 O Great Potato Wing
sometimes i go through my old lineart phase and think dear god why
Mosa manor
Truthfully my hand drawn art is better than anything I can do digitally
Timber Canyon
12:01:42 Timbie
Hold my hair Lib, Imma vom
Eri Lowlands
12:01:20 Giggles Wubs
Haha I love seeing old pieces Timbie!
Since coming back to the game and doing manips again (after a few years)

February: -Click-

Now: -Click-

I used to have examples from a few years back but lost most stuff when I got a new computer ;^;
Serenity Studios
12:00:11 Serenity
I made the then a couple years ago whe I was like 14 lmao
SandWitch Arabians
11:59:56 Witchypoo
soap, comes in a tube ??
who'd a thunk it
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:59:47 BTS | Moon

both are amazing!
Phantom Farms
11:59:41 Hollow or Cross
They are both fricking gorgeous Serenity
Timber Canyon
11:59:30 Timbie
E-gads -Click-
Serenity Studios
11:59:17 Serenity

Chimera Collector
11:59:01 Hollow/Cross
It looks pretty nice haha
Timber Canyon
11:58:02 Timbie
I had even older ones, but I think I may have deleted them. I think the white one was my first go at a manip
Blue moon mountain
11:57:41 Blue
when you are so tired that you are putting soap on your toothbrush... It is 1:00 AM here lol.
Chimera Collector
11:57:37 Hollow/Cross
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I just... WHY October 27, 2019 11:27 PM

Fox Clan
Posts: 1994
Ugggggggh, so I'm really sorry to just throw my problems and complaints onto just randomly reading people but just to let you know, thanks so much for taking your time to read this. You could say I'm stressed and dealing with anxiety along with two other things. 1. I have this really solid group of 4 friends (Not including me) but recently there's been some drama between two of them and they've decided to not be friends anymore, I'm a little torn between the two of them because I still love them both and I don't want to seem like I'm neglecting by of them. It's just really hard to keep up and try to NOT make a stupid comment about it or tear up a little when I remember all the fun we had when we were still a group. I'm just upset about it but not sure how to say this or even if I want to say this to them
2. Me and my family foster kittens, it's something we love and enjoy doing. Recently we got this kitten named Dax to foster, he was a small little guy and his two siblings had died already, we took him home and we knew he might not survive since he was born in winter. A few minutes after getting him we got him settled and tried feeding him, he ate at first then an hour later we tried feeding him again and he wouldn't eat and there was blood in his poop. Yes I know he wouldn't have survived or there was a slim chance but still that reality hurts. A lot. If you want me to get more into detail, I started crying and he died in my arms and it's hard to think or even talk about him without feeling a stab in my heart or tearing up to the point I'm crying. I'm sorry to just load this onto y'all, I'm trying my best to get over it but it's hard

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for listening
I just... WHY October 28, 2019 11:15 AM

Equine Stables
Posts: 426
Don't be sorry! This is what the Snark Factory is for.

It's the saddest thing when a group of good friends break up. I hope there is some way to resolve the issue. Just don't hesitate to tell your friends how you feel about the situation. If they are truly understanding and caring about how you feel they will listen without an issue.

I'm so sorry for your loss! It can be so hard to lose a pet that you have a strong connection with, especially if it is a precious little baby. I hope you feel better soon and if you ever need someone to vent to, I am a good listener. :)

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