At Wit's End
06:27:20 Gosky
I need to save.... But i also wanna capture...
Pretty Ponies Inc
06:26:56 Color obsessed
Nope it’s fine! Enjoy !
New Moon Stables
06:26:38 SunnyDay
-HEE Click-
Awwww look.

I can send some back if you’d like
Pretty Ponies Inc
06:25:32 Color obsessed
Sunny day I just looked and I didn’t mean to send you that much but enjoy 🤣
Arabian times
You better! I worked a whole minuet for that eb.
Arabian times
Now my eb count is an odd number... Dare I brake open my savings?
New Moon Stables
06:23:51 SunnyDay
Thank you. I will nurture this eb until it becomes something amazing
Pretty Ponies Inc
06:23:14 Color obsessed
New moon don’t need to pay me back! Hope it helps
Arabian times
I gave you an eb xD
Madsie Manor
06:22:29 Madsie // 🥝
I once loaned someone 18 ebs. They paid it back :)
New Moon Stables
06:21:09 SunnyDay
I would like an eb xD
Equine Dream
06:21:02 horse girl
ok :)
Arabian times
Sunnyday, do you want an eb? xD
The Black
06:20:34 Fawn
Plz instead of please. OMG, OML, LOL, LMAO are the only words allowed
Equine Dream
06:19:45 horse girl
what you mean
The Black
06:19:23 Fawn
Equine please don't use chatspeak
New Moon Stables
06:18:58 SunnyDay
I’m short 1 eb. 1 EB!
Equine Dream
06:18:36 horse girl
-HEE Click-
can i have your thoughts plz
New Moon Stables
06:18:29 SunnyDay
What the most disappointing yall have experienced recently?
All Breeds
06:16:18 Fawn
Thank you :D Currently trying to breed all my horses up xD
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