Angels angels
09:14:19 *has 500+ brindles!*
-HEE Click-
Made suggestion
Star Catcher Estate
09:14:09 Fleursie||Welcomer
How are you, Ink?
Ryshadium RIDs
09:14:05 InkSpren
I haven't been getting any weird ads, but I use Adblock on my laptop and phone.
Ryshadium RIDs
09:13:27 InkSpren
Hi Fleur.
Arctic Dusk
09:13:27 AL (RID/WB/PON)
I get them if my adblocker is disabled for some reason
Star Catcher Estate
09:13:26 Fleursie||Welcomer
Ya know, it's not happening to me. Don't know why
Star Catcher Estate
09:13:02 Fleursie||Welcomer
Hey Ink :D
Veterna Springs
09:12:38 Mon
Happening to me too Keo. Driving me insane
After The Storm
09:12:35 Decrepit Llama
Morning Ink :D
Star Catcher Estate
09:12:03 Fleursie||Welcomer
I know Keo. It's weird. I believe there's a bug forum for it
Nordic Acres
09:11:43 Keo
LOL llama 😂
Ryshadium RIDs
09:11:43 InkSpren
Morning Llama.
After The Storm
09:11:00 Decrepit Llama
I'll try to get some EEP out of her for a couple of seasons. My Glitter Bomb horses are weak as hell anyway :D
Nordic Acres
09:10:42 Keo
It's not just you fleur, it's any art link that doesn't automatically show.
Star Catcher Estate
09:10:37 Fleursie||Welcomer
Keo, if it helps, it's at the bottom of this forum :D
-HEE Click-
hopes love
shes pretty
Flying With Eagles
09:10:09 Flingy
I've found that on my laptop, opening postimage links in a new window gets rid of the pop-ups. Just close it out before you go back to your other window.
Angels angels
09:10:05 *has 500+ brindles!*
Shes so pretty little brat lol
Veterna Springs
09:09:38 Mon
-HEE Click-
I've got one of those too Llama -.-
Star Catcher Estate
09:09:10 Fleursie||Welcomer
oh, I'm sorry Keo ;_;
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