Lost Crystal Stables
10:07:32 Lea
Shadowfax Stable
10:06:54 Savannah pt II
I definitely spelled brinely wrong. I cant figure out how to spell it lol.
Shadowfax Stable
10:06:28 Savannah pt II
Good thing you chose an easier item than brinely lol.
Lost Crystal Stables
10:06:22 Lea
@Squoose How much Ebs did you spend-
Lost Crystal Stables
10:06:00 Lea
@Timbie Thanks! Hopefully I can get some EEE or EWE foals out of her in November... that would be nice
Hallucination Manor
10:05:28 Gym | Squoose Queen
Ahahaha nope, there were 117
Shadowfax Stable
10:04:49 Savannah pt II
I hope there weren't 1600 of them.
Timber Canyon
10:04:32 Timbie
Oooh I love that gray, Lost
Cerberus Manor
10:03:36 Jae
Trying to save for straws, broods, and a sven is proving to be more mentally draining than I thought :')
Hallucination Manor
10:02:55 Gym | Squoose Queen
And now all of the appaloosa capture passes from member stores that were not for trade are mine
Idle Lane Farms
09:58:52 Mera
Not for my SD mares it wouldn't be.
Lost Crystal Stables
09:58:24 Lea
@Mera a WWW stallion would be best for anything xD
Idle Lane Farms
09:57:53 Mera
You need to find a stallion strong in INT and SCP. A WWW stallion would be best.
Meadow Brook Farm
09:56:53 Zienna
Hi, could someone that is experienced in matching rating horses help me match this mare.

-HEE Click-
Lost Crystal Stables
09:56:41 Lea
@Wolf ooo I like that
09:56:14 Wolf Pack
Or Revenges Price
09:55:56 Wolf Pack
I think I want to do a combo
Revengeful Pride
Shattered Melodys
Never Belive
Lost Crystal Stables
09:54:41 Lea
Lost Crystal Stables
09:54:31 Lea
Royal Harmony/Melody
No Looking Back
Revengeful Tigress
Drenched in Pride
Torn to Bits
Shattered Faith
Never Gonna Forget
Watch Your Back
Stay out of My Way
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