Rushing River Stable
07:28:44 River / Savy
Heya Llama!
Llama Queen
07:28:40 The Hag of HEE
any time
Breezie Rose
07:28:15 The Goat-Mother
Thanks Llama!! <3
Coldwater Meadows
07:27:39 CM
Hey Llama!
Llama Queen
07:27:25 The Hag of HEE
And good evening everyone :D
Llama Queen
07:27:13 The Hag of HEE
hi CM
Libbygray Mares
oh sorry
Coldwater Meadows
07:26:10 CM
Libbygray, that goes in sales chat
Rushing River Stable
07:25:35 River / Savy
Snow Leopard/Snow Tiger?
Killer Whale Elites
07:24:32 Picture Tide
Cascadia, what about
Stripes of Twilight?
Cascadia Ranch
-HEE Click-
Name suggestions?
Llama Queen
07:22:21 The Hag of HEE
Breezie, I'll pm you. Hold on.
Breezie Rose
07:21:28 The Goat-Mother
Anyone with good showing income mind helping me out?

When/if I manage to reach 1mil ebs, how much of it would you spend on barns and show horses? And how much would you save?
I’m trying to get a good showing strategy going
Rushing River Stable
07:20:16 River / Savy
Just check out 'Game Guide' in the Help tab.
how do you play this????
The Joker
07:18:07 Knight of Ootensils
Ok well I have to go shower now (yardwork has made me smell like the universes personal butt-wipe) but I will be back later!
07:16:11 Did you miss me?
Pony Paradise
07:13:12 Pony || Ducky
Yes Dagger
Cascadia Ranch
Me; oh that's cool
Me, after reading the name: o h
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