The Coven
09:42:46 Coven
Pm me Angel, I am bored haha
Angels angels
09:42:09 *has 500+ brindles!*
Can I pm anyone? I need to vent
Moon Shadow Ranch
09:41:35 Moon
He's not rare
Moncrief Eventing
09:41:21 Mon
Watch the text speak please.
-HEE Click-
Here, hes pretty IMO but idk. 3 years old unrated TB
Angels angels
09:40:07 *has 500+ brindles!*
No they aren't rare

Dancing no text speak please
Moncrief Eventing
09:39:57 Mon
Apricot horses in general aren't rare
Moon Shadow Ranch
09:39:16 Moon
Candied Pony, Link? I may be able to know
09:38:35 Cy
This isn't half bad.
I got an apricot stallion from the capture a wild horse, are these rare? I did use the apricot horse item
Emmas Eventers
I love Donkeys
Captain Marvel
09:32:43 Cap || Marv
Captain Marvel
09:32:07 Cap || Marv
lol mine are at a friend's barn. they have 3 arabs and a donkey with 2 extra stalls, so we took 'em xD are chubby quarters are so different compared to her 3.

omg.... I love Unicorn Hallow!
Moncrief Eventing
09:29:55 Mon
Deciding a stable name from my contest will be the death of me. I'm awful at decisions. Will need to rally troops to help xD
Jellos Warmbloods
09:29:22 Giggles Wubs
Mine are too! (in my backyard LOL)
Captain Marvel
09:29:01 Cap || Marv

and damn jells, we're basically neighbors lmao. my horses are in dallas
Jellos Warmbloods
09:28:57 Giggles Wubs
I like Unicorn Hallow. XD
Varian Arabians
09:28:22 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Sweet name Marv!!
Captain Marvel
09:27:51 Cap || Marv
i need to change my name and colors though >.< they just dont feel right anymore ha know?
how does Capricorn Hallow sound as a stable name to y'all?
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Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 9, 2019 12:27 PM

Fairwind Fields
Posts: 1286
Not all TB mares have been bred this year, so here's last years standing for reference.
La Llorona
Xeraura (produced #18 TB mare)
Starling (#10 PON mare)
Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 9, 2019 12:31 PM

Fairwind Fields
Posts: 1286
All mares have EEE requirements. I will offer a partial refund if you use an item.

SB: 400k
AB: 750k

SB: 400k
AB: 700k

SB: 350k
AB: 700k

SB: 300k
AB: 650k

SB: 350k
AB: 750k

Edited at August 30, 2019 08:47 AM by Fairwind Fields
Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 9, 2019 12:57 PM

Posts: 906
SB on Injustice please
Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 9, 2019 01:07 PM

Posts: 1354
SB Starling
Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 24, 2019 08:22 PM

Bioshock Manor
Posts: 769
SB Xeraura
Y122 TB & PON LB Girls August 30, 2019 08:45 AM

Fairwind Fields
Posts: 1286
Closing this for mares who have bids. Feel free to bid on mares without bids, just be aware that they likely won't be up until late on the evening of the 1st.

Forums > Broodmare Ads

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