California Valley
08:15:56 Cali | Kale | Call
Rose I got 3 sets in only a couple days and I have 3 more coming... Oops
Night Crescent
08:14:53 Rose/NC
Haha mine too Cali
08:14:51 Zen's AAs
I just set free a PPP brindle, and then I got one from breeding right after... He put his dad at number 11 on the JABLB -HEE Click-
California Valley
08:14:26 Cali | Kale | Call
Fleur my collection of sets is growing way too fast xD
Star Catcher Estate
08:14:00 Fleursie||Welcomer
I'mma have a collection of sets now
California Valley
08:13:18 Cali | Kale | Call
Cap pfft not good? Thats a lie xD
Captain Marvel
08:13:01 Cap || Marv
Omg, thanks ya'll (': you guys are too sweet!
and of course McFleury.
Lumix Estates
08:10:51 Hey, stob it!
I'd go and order one as well xD
Star Catcher Estate
08:10:43 Fleursie||Welcomer
Cap, I hope I can redeem my free set lol
Lumix Estates
08:10:37 Hey, stob it!
Man, if only I had an extra 90k xD
Captain Marvel
08:09:56 Cap || Marv
Damn, I'm not that good Cali, but I appreciate your eagerness <3
Toucan stables
08:09:17 Toucan
08:08:57 Ana // Anastasia
I made a gallery ^^
California Valley
08:08:57 Cali | Kale | Call
I have never run to an art shop as fast I just did... Well except for Jello... And Ven... And Sunset lmao
08:07:26 Zen's AAs
Yes! My first W from my first W boy! -HEE Click- and he's shiny!
California Valley
08:07:24 Cali | Kale | Call
Cap yay! XD
Captain Marvel
08:07:05 Cap || Marv
lmao a mug of beer with the horse is a great idea xD
Star Catcher Estate
08:06:44 Fleursie||Welcomer
I mean, yeah probably XD
Cap, where would I find that? lol XD
Captain Marvel
08:06:11 Cap || Marv
Done and done, Cali (;
River Run Manor
08:05:56 River
Add a pint or two and you're set
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