Bignus Bognus
09:28:53 (totally not bingus)
Omg -HEE Click-
Munchkin Stables
09:24:07 Munn - PONs
I wouldn't...but you do what you want.
Elysian Meadows
-HEE Click-
should I geld? like I have never had this happen before I am so disappointed
DragonFyre Estate
09:21:10 Whip
Holy shit. Wasn't expecting that training.
-HEE Click-
09:13:40 Wixy / Azi <3
Good. -HEE Click-
Running R Ranch
09:12:13 RRR (Jo)
She's so pretty, I'm glad her training is decentish cause she's gonna be tallll xD
-HEE Click-
Stone Haven Farm
09:10:01 Court
-HEE Click- 🥴 got worried with that wk 7 for a minute
09:07:06 Aura
Shamrock Equines
09:00:45 Crowley
Don’t ever log into it again.
09:00:28 Kittiara / Pheonix
-HEE Click-

He grew up so pretty 😍
How do you delete your account
Dark Dream Appaloosa
08:57:02 Moon|Appaloosa Hoard
Thank you ♡
Running R Ranch
08:56:33 RRR (Jo)
Oooh nice
-HEE Click-
Shamrock Equines
08:55:34 Crowley
Happy Birthday Elf! 💜
Elysian Meadows
-HEE Click-
what in the heck is this week 4?? worst ive had in awhile :/
Dark Dream Appaloosa
08:50:15 Moon|Appaloosa Hoard
It's this one
08:50:09 Wixy / Azi <3
Crow, let's just hope she produces nicely too.
Malikova Madness
08:50:07 Amber
-HEE Click-
Briar Thorn Ranch
Ok I know rollver is still half a month away but I don't suppose you guys have suggestions for who to match Yen here to, do you? I'm desperate for her to be the one to produce my first WWW
-HEE Click-
Shamrock Equines
08:45:46 Crowley
What’s your ISH account?
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Forums > Embryo And Straw Ads

Straw Rules June 4, 2019 09:38 PM

Coldwater Meadows

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If you have any questions or issues, please contact a moderator. Rules are subject to change without notice.

General Rules of Conduct:
1. No cheating of any kind. Accounts must be played separately. Do not involve other members in your shady activities. For additional information, see the Game Rules and Terms of Service.
Game Rules:
Terms of Service:

2. No blacklisting of any kind. If another player has wronged you by breaking Game Rules, please report to a moderator and/or block them. Please refer the Community Conduct Rules for the definition of blacklisting.


Purchased Straws and Straw Use:
Sellers are allowed to dictate how many straws are able to be purchased and whether or not the limit is per player or per stable. This information must be posted on the initial post in the straw thread.

Sellers may price their straws as they wish. Prices may raised for new orders; however, existing orders cannot be raised. Prices may be lowered at any time.

Suggestions or Requirements:
Any suggestions or requirements are at the Seller's discretion. It is up to the Buyer to follow through with the agreement. Suggestions or requirements will not be enforced by staff as this is a deal between members.

Time Limits:
Any time limits are up to the Seller. If the Buyer cannot follow through with the agreement for any reason, please contact the Seller.

Gifting Straws:
Members may not purchase straws for other members, including side accounts. If it is a gift, please note it as such and ask the seller if they would allow it.

If either Seller or Buyer breaks or cancels the agreement, either may block the other. If payment has been exchanged and no refund has been sent, report to a moderator as this is scamming.

All Sales Rules apply

Bidding Amounts:
The Starting Bid and Autobuy amounts (if any) must be posted at the start of an auction. Once bids are placed on a straw, the straw cannot be removed from the auction for any reason. The lone exception to this is if the stud is sold to another user.

End Time:
Once you set an end time, the auction must end at that time. You can use the forum time stamp to see who had the last bid before the end.

Placing a Bid:
No private bids or anonymous bids of any kind. Bids made with anything other than EBs (horses, broods, art, etc.) need to be assigned a value in EBs so that other bidders can counter. This value should be based on realistic pricing and should be determined by the Seller.

All Sales Rules apply

All prizes must be stated and available at the beginning of the raffle.

Raffles with entry fees are not allowed.

End Time:
Once you set an end time, the raffle must end at that time. You can use the forum time stamp to see who had the last entry before the end.

Edited at July 3, 2019 09:28 AM by Coldwater Meadows
Straw Rules August 5, 2020 09:48 AM

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Hi - you mind just clarifying what you mean by straws?? Hope it’s not me being stupid:)
Straw Rules August 5, 2020 10:11 AM

Jericho Stables
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Straws are frozen semen that premium players can collect from their stallions to sell or use themselves.

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