08:33:58 puck
Good luck with them!
Moonlit Sandy Night
08:33:06 Sandy
Thanks Puck. My three matches are big TB ones.
08:32:44 puck
Sure, Mvt or D med if you're feeling splurgey
Moonlit Sandy Night
08:32:15 Sandy
Do you think a MVT glass would help Puck, or try again?
08:31:45 puck
Movement is a concern, Sandy

Oof gotcha Jello. Its nice they're so in demand though
Moonlit Sandy Night
08:31:34 Sandy
Jello, that's wonderful. You are looking out for the pups. It won't do the pups or people any good if they haven't done their research on what the pups need.
Jellos Warmbloods
08:31:27 Giggles Wubs
There are, and I really dont have anything against that. I would love for the lines to be continued and the breed continuing on a positive trend in the states.

Unfortunately alot of working dog breeding homes also just lock their bitches in a kennel their whole lives and do nothing with them other than condemn them to popping out babies.

So I'd much rather a sport home that has an interest in breeding. Then a breeding only home.
Stormsong Manor
08:30:23 Ven
Rare breed, fast cash
Stormsong Manor
08:30:01 Ven
I figured there would be people wanting them just for breeding
Jellos Warmbloods
08:29:58 Giggles Wubs
While there are certainly dutch shepherd litters out there that would make phenomenal pet dogs, this was not one of them. Both Savannah and the stud are A LOT of dog.
Moonlit Sandy Night
08:29:07 Sandy
-HEE Click- Puck, what do you think of this match?
Jellos Warmbloods
08:29:06 Giggles Wubs
Puck, because these are not really pet dogs. They are bred to work and do sports. Unfortunately, I got both alot of pet applicants, and then alot of people who LIED about stuff to make themselves seem like they knew what they were doing.
Also had a few BYBers hit me up as well. -_-
08:28:22 puck
(Like I once refused to sell a horse to somebody that wanted to keep him in a goat pen)
08:27:55 puck
(I know being picky is good for the puppies I'm just nosey about what sorta nonsense you have to deal with for applicants)
Sunset River Arabian
08:27:48 Athena - AAs
Damnit I need to restart my art piece. It didn't transfer
08:27:20 puck
Why such high turn down rates? 👀
Moonlit Sandy Night
08:27:20 Sandy
Aww. Those pups are going to be so spoiled. :)
Willow Hill Stables
08:27:17 mila🤍
how do i put a link in??
Stormsong Manor
08:27:13 Ven
Gotta be picky. Good for you <3
Jellos Warmbloods
08:26:20 Giggles Wubs
Sandy, no names. Right now they're all just called by collar color.

I do have a name picked out for whichever one i keep, though.
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