Demons Lair
12:45:18 *Pokes Eyeballs*
I saw the horse on the HEE front page was changed, nice touch!
12:44:59 Legion
12:44:12 Gala
I'm guessing you have no clue if its one of those or one that counts then either
Starlit Stables
12:43:56 Cries in a cool way
Under services Floof :)
12:43:51 Legion
Pretty much lmao. It really wasn't that bad of an exam. It's a "basic competency" test, so, you have to half the questions right to pass.
12:42:57 The Floof
I made this account some time ago and now I'm lost

How do I hire a rider XD?
12:42:38 Legion
Caveat: 50 questions don't count and are being tested for inclusion on next year's exam.
12:42:30 Gala
So basically you have 6 hours to figure out if the last 6 years of your life means anything lmao.

Yeah, I prefer those types of questions anyways. I was the kind of person who scored worse when I second guessed things.
Starlit Stables
12:41:49 Cries in a cool way
Wowza Eury.
12:40:42 Legion
I think each break is scheduled after two hours. I just remember getting the "hey, do you want to take a break?" pop up and I only had 20ish questions left.
12:39:54 Legion
400 minutes scheduled, which includes 2, 10 minute breaks. I think it took me a little over 2ish? You only see one question at a time, so, it's a case of "know it" or "don't know it".
12:37:51 Gala
how long did it take?
12:37:31 Legion
The exam was brutal. 250 questions.
Feather Run Farms
i made my horse eden bank account cry but the mom was worth it
Feather Run Farms
-HEE Click-
omg im so happy with this filly! i spent 10k on her mom and i dont regret it, i am in love with this filly!
12:36:24 Gala
Congrats Eury, I bet that was a happy sight :D
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
12:36:12 Mrs.Moo
Congration you're-a-gnome
12:31:39 Legion
-Click- So, I did a thing.
Golden Cackle
12:31:06 Golden/Cackle.
I do not have good luck today with the games
Moonland And Elites
12:28:06 M&E, Moo, Loony
Nevermind found him
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