All Breeds
12:17:58 Fawn
I'm triple checking before I train. I got busy with work for the last few weeks and couldn't train properly so I'm behind at the moment
wolf hi yup
Ok, thanks for the idea's. :)
All Breeds
12:16:33 Fawn
Thank you Hem! Did you see her training? :D
All Breeds
12:16:07 Fawn
Green hooves, halter and blanket
Silver Star Stables
12:16:04 Brin
@wolf he is very colorful
Hemlock Farms
12:15:25 Hem
She’s so beautiful, Fawn!
wolf hi yup
What should i add to my warmblood colt?

-HEE Click-
All Breeds
12:14:06 Fawn
Finally got the purple halter!
-HEE Click-
12:12:42 Tzeentch
Well, this isn't the real life world :D
North Street
12:12:02 North
I do not like them as in my real life world coloured horses are considered common. And a coloured has never won Badminton, though one has won Burghley
Elite Equines
shiny horses?
12:09:42 Katsuki Bakugo
-HEE Click-
i wanna see him as an adult so bad!
12:07:45 Tzeentch
Well, people typically like shiny horses, which tends to be a lot of patterning..
Misty Streams
12:06:29 Misty
I'm going to try this match. Literally no stud matches her lol.

-HEE Click-
Ivy Elites
12:06:10 Okie | Munchie
I just did five hours of SAT testing with the essay
North Street
12:05:50 North
Looking at the most Beautiful horse results. It seems that coloured horses are favoured, so no good entering a plain black or bay.
Golden Cackle
12:03:03 Golden/Cackle.
-HEE Click-
I can’t wait to see him as an adult
i got a few messages saying i broke the rules and i did not mean to i dont even know what rules i broke im sorry if i offended anyone
12:02:41 Katsuki Bakugo
so im getting into the Naruto series now lol
All Breeds
11:54:28 Fawn
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135: EWE WB Freshman - Champagne September 2, 2020 08:42 AM

Rockrose Eventing
Posts: 254
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My EWE Warmblood freshman will be available in 135. He carries champagne and sabino, I'd really love help testing him!

Min breeding restriction: EEE, however potentially willing to lower to EPE if that interests anyone.

Straws must be used next year (135), please don't hoard them. :)


5k per straw.

2k per straw for SSBC and TWS members.


1. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
2. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
3. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
Etc. to 25

Edited at September 2, 2020 08:46 AM by Rockrose Eventing

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