River Hill Stables
05:36:19 Ringo
Cause some people think people with disabilities aren't People
Elysium Opalus
05:33:57 Begone Thoughts
lol some lady at the food bank barred food from us because my mom was helping me put food in my own bag. Because everyone in the food bank knows I'm disabled but that doesn't ring a bell in this lady. We are one family not two for her.

Why am I crying why do people have to out their disabilities to people.
Ebstone Elites
05:33:39 Ebstone | SH
I'm praying for a WW filly. I desperately need some more good rated girlies.
MakeEm Fancy
05:32:29 Ally 🌺
RO can slow just a little XD im not completely ready
Elektra's elites
05:27:46 Elektra
I know right i hope i can have something good for my girls next ro
Ebstone Elites
05:24:26 Ebstone | SH
Ugh, rollover can't come fast enough.
The red wolf
I think my favorite capture horse i have gotten this year is my Blood bay tobiano splash white rid mare.
High Valey Estate
Can't wait to see his foals!
-HEE Click-

Yeah they really do :)

-HEE Click-
Jacobs Irish Mash
05:07:51 Jacob
Or my frame RIDs XD
Ducati Equestrian
05:07:50 Ducati
Frames really hit different
-HEE Click-
Jacobs Irish Mash
05:05:54 Jacob
Fuck im not done breeding my KNN
I'll be able to put this boy up for studding tomorrow :)

-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-

look at this little cutie
Sweet Melody
04:51:39 Mel
Sweet Melody
04:51:18 Mel
Happy Hawoween @Tobi
ok sorry
That goes in sales kda
Happy Hawoween Tobi!
Tobiano Lady
04:48:53 Tobi | Tofu 👀
Happy Halloween! Or whatever holiday y'all celebrate around this time :)
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