Hidden Sun
09:19:33 Artie
Love it Sunny!
09:19:32 Ceci / (Call me) AL
I need to become rich before I try the experiment lol
09:19:22 Gala
Okay. Now is is a weird potential bug. Hm.
Sweetwater Creek
-HEE Click-

Toxic Rain
Toxic Fox or
Calling The Fox?
Jericho Stables

This is what I deal with while I'm trying to work 🙄
Hidden Sun
09:18:54 Artie
Mosa's sa I LOVE that face!
09:18:15 Tangle || Rebel Fork
"when I go mad".
If only I could relate. I already am xD
09:17:12 Ceci / (Call me) AL
One day when I go mad I will try to get that in EEE+ form
New Moon Stables
09:16:27 SunnyDay
XD I love the name
Dancing dire stable
09:16:00 Mosa's sa
-HEE Click-
Artie ^
Blue eyed beast :)
Sunstone Elite
09:15:59 Sun/Sunny
Oooh pretty AL
New Moon Stables
09:15:40 SunnyDay
New Moon Stables
09:14:38 SunnyDay
Yes I am TFB, Freedom Plains, and Shredded Pencil
09:13:41 Ceci / (Call me) AL
-HEE Click-
Hidden Sun
09:13:40 Artie
Aww I always love the blue eyed ones, cute Impala67! Supernatural? ;)
Freedom Plains
09:13:33 Impala67
To capture or not to capture??? That is the true question
Freedom Plains
09:12:21 Impala67
-HEE Click-
Ratings are gonna be shit but he’s so freaking PRETTY
Hidden Sun
09:12:20 Artie
Lol Fork, glad to see I'm not the only one!
09:11:42 Tangle || Rebel Fork
TFB, 150 x 150 pixels
09:11:23 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Same Artie lol.
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