Blood Bay Rescue
04:24:51 BB, Blood Bay,
I fell on ice the other day and my hand and my wrist got cut up and my knee went through the ice luckily there was nothing under the ice expect mud
Elysium Opalus
04:22:55 Begone Thoughts
One time I slipped on ice right next to a police station.
Sono Reizin
04:22:44 Sono
I was hitting to breed
Sono Reizin
04:22:31 Sono
-HEE Click- I just bought this mare on accident :(
Empire Eventers
04:21:42 Emp or Empy
Someone please remind me to never eat at McDonald's ever again... 🤢🤢
Running R Ranch
04:19:58 RRR (Jo)
Yikes the driveway is a slushy mess today. We got a bunch on rain on top of our snow last night
Elysium Opalus
04:16:54 Begone Thoughts
My sad heart in need of my siblings was like: well it took you guys long enough but better late than too late :)
Jericho Stables
There is literally not a single person in the store.
Dragon Knight Stable
04:15:46 ~-Teen mom-~
Same I almost fell running in the barn to get my horse Scarlet.
Running R Ranch
04:15:43 RRR (Jo)
Yeah I'm not sure what caused us to become closer, but I definitely prefer it over the fighting that we used to do
Double Rose Ranch
04:13:22 Sugar's SA
I'm glad the horses and everyone is ok. That's literally my worst nightmare.
Elysium Opalus
04:12:59 Begone Thoughts
And we were adults by then.
Dragon Knight Stable
04:12:47 ~-Teen mom-~
Apperntly a heater or a lit cigarette was the cause. @Sandwitch, I live 3 miles away from the barn.
Elysium Opalus
04:12:47 Begone Thoughts
I think it's like that for other siblings. In my case with my two little brothers, it was after I had to drop out of college due to a disability suddenly brought to light that we got somewhat closer.
Running R Ranch
04:10:59 RRR (Jo)
In the last year or two my brother and I have become friends, he finally learned to take a joke and we stopped fighting. It only took... 17 years? 😂
SandWitch Arabians
04:10:35 Witchypoo
Dragon - dam, that was quick.
Double Rose Ranch
04:10:30 Sugar's SA
Do they know what caused the fire?
Elysium Opalus
04:10:01 Begone Thoughts
Plot twist, siblings became adults and somehow ended up taller than be passing late teenage years.
Elysium Opalus
04:09:22 Begone Thoughts
Eldest of three, the other two. I know the weight of oldest/first sister or brother pain too well.
Dragon Knight Stable
04:07:47 ~-Teen mom-~
I'm back from the barn thankfully none of the horse's were hurt from the fire!
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