Starlit Acres
-HEE Click-

What about this one? :)
Hayzed Pastures
That one is better but his Int still isnt as good as i would prefer. But im really picky about my matches.
~ Hades ~
09:09:34 Queen Of Fpoons
-HEE Click-
Is this good ?
Charmed Acres
09:08:54 Charm/Charmie
definitely going to want a dressage medallion or at least int glass with it.
Starlit Acres

-HEE Click-

What about this? :). Thank you so much for helping <3.
Hayzed Pastures
Starlit it doesnt have int. Id be worried about that
Volcanic Ashes
09:07:08 Seaweed Spurts
I cant copy and paste in forums >.< When I try to paste I just get a popup that says 'link'
Starlit Acres
-HEE Click-

Could I get some opinions on this match please?
Dragonborn Estates
09:04:23 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
Yep I think a rock has more brains then her XD
09:03:44 Tangle || Rebel Fork
That Int hurts me >.>
Hayzed Pastures
I also bred a PWW prl this season on a side. Wanted to rage quit over it lmao
Hayzed Pastures
I think its the roan. Cause i caught two EEE TB boys as well and i know one was blue roan. The other i think is cremello..
Dragonborn Estates
09:02:38 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
-HEE Click- yeah I have this PWW girl (who I have no idea what to think of) but she has produced well for me her previous owner not so much lol
Charmed Acres
09:02:34 Charm/Charmie
Oh man, Hayzy! There must be luck with palominos this week! I caught an EES and a PPP all palos, too!
Hayzed Pastures
-HEE Click-
Yep >.> he couldve at least been Ch cause i was capturing there. But noooo.
BTS Lionblaze Farms
-HEE Click-

Do they match well? :)
Charmed Acres
08:57:45 Charm/Charmie
They must be two peas in a pod, Hayzy!
New Moon Stables
08:57:34 SunnyDay
-HEE Click-
BTS Lionblaze Farms
-HEE Click-

Who should I send her to?
Hayzed Pastures
Lol Charm. Goes well with the WWP TB boy i caught >_>
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