Gallops Estate
@cascadia Was I not Supposed to Roll? Lol
Cascadia Ranch
Nice, Paige!
Cascadia Ranch
-HEE Click-

Name suggestions for this pretty colt? Another quest horse but he's too pretty to FR
Salvatore Stables
11:19:28 Paige
-HEE Click-
Guys! 🥺
Red Star Equine
11:18:58 Red Star
If it wasn't for the brown in her mane...
-HEE Click-
Wanderlusts Dream
11:18:16 Wander
Woah he had a week 6, never seen that before o.o Good luck! Really excited to see that foal.
Cascadia Ranch
-HEE Click-

So I bought this stallion to breed for a quest, but he's so pretty I think I'm gonna keep him
California Valley
11:17:12 Cali | Kale | Csli
Well she will get a smacky smack if she don't start behaving

I was going to send her to Hashtag for a TB foal, but Boggy matches her so well so I'm doing this match
-HEE Click-
Jumping life stable
-HEE Click- sould I I breed her out?
Wanderlusts Dream
11:14:45 Wander
Same, she's really got me depressed, haha!

I bet Ani will do fine! Who's she going to?
11:13:56 Kae/Diamond OG
Super cute Red!
California Valley
11:13:48 Cali | Kale | Csli
BR Imma steal her
California Valley
11:13:23 Cali | Kale | Csli
Oof I had my hopes up for her. Maybe she will get her act together

I'm seriously hoping Ani doesn't flop for me this RO. I'm gonna be devastated if she does
Wanderlusts Dream
11:12:30 Wander
I sure hope so. I'm already preparing myself to sell her to be honest. LOL.
Big Red Stables
11:12:10 BR or Red
-HEE Click-

guys look at her <3
Red Star Equine
11:11:45 Red Star
California Valley
11:11:44 Cali | Kale | Csli
Damn RF was not in her favor. Lesta could still debut nicely
Arabian times
I have a 16hh Tb and he wont jump to save his life I swear but I have a 13hh gypsy cob that can happily popover a 110m course and a few 1.20 (I bought the gypsy for dressage but oh well
Wanderlusts Dream
11:10:59 Wander
Emerald Eventing put her to him -HEE Click- + scope I think
Sunset Grove Farm
11:10:44 Sunset | sun
-HEE Click-
Dang she had a good wk 14 :o
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