Shivering Sea
07:28:20 Shiv
I did my graphic design course with a Mac. The screen was very nice but is was quite slow. Of course is the school's fault. Some of them stopped working mid work xD
Pony Paradise
07:27:22 Pomy Or..Just Pony
We have Dell Chromebooks. They are nice and small
Hayzed Pastures
Thats how my work is. Phone and company iPad. We have desktops though that are like HP.
JP Show Stables
My boss is just really big into Apple. The first time he saw my surface he just sort of stared at it and was like... why not an iPad? Because it does more than an iPad...
Coldwater Meadows
07:18:32 CM
Yes Elon
Hayzed Pastures
I dont like Macs and most of my professors hate when you do work on a mac and then have to convert cause things dont transfer exactly between programs >_> especially pages. So Mac is out lol
JP Show Stables
I hate my Mac. Its for work and less than a year old, but switching from Illustrator to Photoshop or Acrobat makes it run soooo slow. I bring my surface to work now and use that instead.
If a horse has a minimum breeding rating, does that also apply to straws?
Llama Queen
07:17:39 Or am I?
Okay thank you guys.
Shivering Sea
07:16:40 Shiv
I have a MSI laptop that is for gaming, so handles photoshop, illustrator and indesign just fine.
I wouldn't get a Mac ever. I need my games.
Jericho Stables
I'm going to be getting a mac air
Hayzed Pastures
Ill really need a GOOD computer especially now. And mine is crapping out >_>
Pony Paradise
07:15:40 Pomy Or..Just Pony
I want a MacBook, but I have a school computer so I just use that. Only problem is, my district blocks 99% of stuff
Oak valley
07:15:32 Just a lonely POTATO
I was speaking to her just a minute ago
07:15:06 Tangle || Woody
I spoke to her like...yesterday? Ja, yesterday
Llama Queen
07:14:34 Or am I?
Oh okay. I know I've been pretty MIA in chat. Wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.
Jericho Stables
I need a new laptop. One is on the books soon.
Oak valley
07:13:54 Just a lonely POTATO
She's alive Llama. Very much alive
Pony Paradise
07:13:45 Pomy Or..Just Pony
I saw her not that long ago...
JP Show Stables
Love mine. Need to do stall charts while walking around barns? Easy. Handles switching between Adobe products better than my new Mac desktop (I hate this Mac). Makes Art so nice to do.
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Explore info coming up on the top of the page
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