Firewalker Stables
09:09:21 Fire/Walker
-HEE Click-
I love out it fades. . .
09:08:44 Kelpie/Peace breaker
No it is not goodnight even though it is 3 am and I haven’t slept I will wait for a Pm the. I will go to bed
Hell Raised Grape
09:05:28 Bebbe / Kittack
My laptop hasn't been turned on for 3 weeks.. I think it'll be happy to be charged again 😂
Reese Farm
09:05:15 Reese| Ella
Good night Kelpie!
Crystal Heart Estate
09:04:19 Luxxy :3
Lol xD
09:04:02 Kelpie/Peace breaker
The Bubonic Barn
09:03:32 Bub
-HEE Click-
birthday horse, lol
A (shady) grape
09:02:01 Grape the almighty
Let's say my laptop almost went through my window more times than it should've.
Crystal Heart Estate
09:01:20 Luxxy :3
I couldnt imagine the frustration Garpe xD
The Bubonic Barn
09:00:57 Bub
Aight I'll see what I can get.
A (shady) grape
09:00:12 Grape the almighty
I think it's called for Bub.
The Bubonic Barn
08:59:28 Bub
Do you think I should treat myself to a capture for my birthday?
A (shady) grape
08:58:05 Grape the almighty
I'm not kidding this took almost 2 hours of straight power metal and rage to make. The willpower it took was immeasurable
Crystal Heart Estate
08:55:25 Luxxy :3
Ugh Grape I need you to do me a palette xD
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:50:44 Tyelpë
-HEE Click- just bred this Snowflake Seal
A (shady) grape
08:50:23 Grape the almighty
Success! After much struggling I've made a fading chatbox >:)
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:46:51 Tyelpë
Very pretty
08:46:05 Sierra
-HEE Click-
Not a knn but still a pretty seal brown !
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:44:27 Tyelpë
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click- ;) iiSea these are are few more kids
08:41:12 Sierra
-HEE Click-
I agree Tyelpe.
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Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 8, 2021 03:52 PM

Da Nutmeg Grape
Posts: 311
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I've been RPing with Dark Moonruler, and we're PMing each other our RPs. I copy and paste mine, and they're under the word limit for each post/email. Dark Moonruler is also having this problem, and we're wondering what to do.
Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 9, 2021 07:57 AM

Posts: 800
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Do you mean your messages just straight up aren't sending or is only part of your message sending? Because when I used to RP I had a problem where when I wrote very lengthy replies (still under word count) half of my message would cut off.
Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 9, 2021 03:20 PM

Sunshine Grapes
Posts: 1175
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Are you talking about the messages themselves, or the replies? After what someone writes, under the "Regarding:", it won't post your full message, it cuts off after x amount of words/characters since it's basically just a synopsis. As for the messages, I'm not sure.
Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 10, 2021 09:16 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 1548
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I've been having the same issue... Still well within the word count and my replies are getting cut off when I roleplay via mail/DMS whatever you want to call it... And when I say cut off (depending on the length) it can be from a few words to a few sentences... I know this because when I go into "sent" to reread my replies (on the occasions that I do) they're cut off.
Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 14, 2021 11:13 AM

Da Nutmeg Grape
Posts: 311
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Sorry for replying so late. They are straight up not sending. My RP partner will either get a blank message or just the words that I typed in, like "here it is;" and the same for me.
Copy and pasting long RP not sending. Under word limit. March 21, 2021 08:00 PM

Brackens Lil Grapes
Posts: 55
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Double post.

Edited at March 21, 2021 08:01 PM by Brackenhollow Stable

Forums > Bugs

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