Legacy Patron
04:18:44 Trony / Legacy
Go for it. I just have to warn you, at the moment I am hella broke, so I wouldn't be able to pay you.
Blu n' Lacey Stud
04:01:30 Missy | Lacey
I really need to get some practice in for stud adverts Trony, if you don't mind if love to give it a go
Legacy Patron
03:50:55 Trony / Legacy
Ugh I keep going through all of the old art I have lying around for this girl, but nothing looks even remotely good, but I'm also too lazy to make anything new so eh
-HEE Click-
03:41:02 Luinin
Thanks everyone :)
Ill give him a chance then
Stellar Performance
03:40:46 ƧƬELLƛ
Welcome deary
03:40:16 Creach💫
Thank you Stella! <3

Yea i would test him his freshman year then if her flops than snip him.
Growing Geldings
Level 2 race anyone?
Jericho Stables
03:39:16 Wait, what?
Test him first
Stellar Performance
03:39:08 ƧƬELLƛ
Giveaways, sales, breedings, price checks, wanted ads, etc all go there
Trony's Art
03:39:01 Patron / Tequila
I'd say test his breeding before snip snip because you never know
03:38:13 Luinin
-HEE Click- is his training decent? or send him to snip snip?
03:38:10 Creach💫
Sorry.. I thought since i'm not selling it it didn't matter.
Stellar Performance
03:36:53 ƧƬELLƛ
Stellar Performance
03:36:46 ƧƬELLƛ
Sales chat Moon
03:30:41 Creach💫

Anyone want this? I can change things..
03:18:39 Sam
Really fun
Legacy Patron
03:18:25 Trony / Legacy
Fun stuff
03:17:03 Sam
I fantasize about getting my waffles from that bird
Legacy Patron
03:16:39 Trony / Legacy
I just have fantasies about this guy I'm in love with, but he just moved, and now he's ghosting me, and I'm dying just a little bit inside hehe
03:14:54 Sam
Because Purple gave my waffles to a bird >:/

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Bad Horse habits // Horse help! May 15, 2019 11:19 PM

SM Stables
Posts: 786
Ok, so I've been working with a lot of rescues recently, and as some of you may know, rescues pick up bad habits. So I've been having many problems with my rescues, and If I try anything it gets worse.

1) Tucker.
a) He can't cross tie, as In i mean he flips out and almost breaks him neck everytime I cross tie him, and I've left him tied up to a fence post all day and hes fine, its JUST cross ties. Help?

b) He bucks. Like bad. I've been riding him bareback a lot recently, with someone lead lining him. And he does fine. He trots and extends it easily. While being led. The person I had leading him, went to go to the bathroom, and I decided to go for a walk, so I clucked and gave him a little nudge, and he starts bucking like a bronc. He does this bareback and with a saddle.

c) He also likes to bite people. He was spoiled when I first got him, because I was trying to get him to gain weight, so I have him lots of treats and alfalfa (bad idea). He now bites all the time. I flick him everytime he does, but he bites other people who let him and think it's funny. So he keeps doing it.


a) He also cannot cross tie.
b) he doesn't buck, but he lips people a lot.

New Horse: Max

I don't know any of his vices yet
Bad Horse habits // Horse help! May 16, 2019 05:41 AM

Ebstone Elites
Posts: 255
Take a look at Warwick Schillers training methods. Completely changed my relationship with my horse, and fixed many of the issues we first had :)
Bad Horse habits // Horse help! May 16, 2019 06:00 AM

Lambo Farms
Posts: 247
for biting you need to slap their noses. not just a little tap! i mean slap them or you can pinch their lips too. i think pinching lips works better as they do not become head shy with that.

For the bucking he is probably being lazy and not wanting to go anywhere I would start from the ground with flexing, yielding hindquarters, lunging and getting the respect from the ground before hopping on his back.
Bad Horse habits // Horse help! May 16, 2019 12:59 PM

Posts: 1264
Sorry to be blunt but if you don’t have inklings of how to correct these problems you should get a trainer. ESPECIALLY the first horse. It could go real bad real fast.
Edited at May 16, 2019 01:00 PM by Cappuccino
Bad Horse habits // Horse help! May 16, 2019 01:30 PM

White Crown Stables
Posts: 250
First, if you haven't already, get them checked out by a vet. I'm sure you know this, but pain can do a whole lot for making horses sour. Also, like Capp said, GET A TRAINER.

For Tucker's cross tie issue, it might be something to let be for a bit. Sometimes, a bit of trust makes all the difference. Additionally, when you can stay with him, perhaps put him on one cross tie and have a lead on him. Associate being in the cross tie area with things he's going to enjoy, like food and grooming. Filming each of his issues would make it easier for people to pinpoint problems, but those are some basic suggestions.

For his bucking, I would do a lot of groundwork to start, once pain is ruled out. Make him move away from pressure, ground drive him, work him into the ideal in-hand horse. Round pen him, longe him, get him to the point that he'll longe without a line and without running off. When you get on him, have someone keep a line on him, but not touch him. No whip, no direction. Have yourself in control, but someone else able to help if needed. Continue that until he has no issues with it. When that's the case, just sit on him without the line for a while. Don't ask him to move, just ask him to stand while you touch him, put your hands on him and shift around on him. It's okay if he fidgets a little, that means he's sensitive to you. Put the line on him again, and have the person on the ground be close and put pressure on him to make him move to the side. Do that for a little, then transfer to you being the one to put pressure on him. Practice bending in and out of a circle while on the line. Practice walking and bending off of the line, but with someone else there to keep an eye on him. Basically, do a lot of little things that help him learn what's expected of him. He might not be too broke. Go slow. And, of course, heap praise and love on him when he does anything positive.

For the biting, I'd swat him on the nose for biting, and perhaps teach him a word that means he can have his treat. If a dog can learn the command 'wait', so can a horse. If people aren't scolding him for biting, I wouldn't let them be around him. I'd raise a huge old fuss until they decided it was more worth it to scold the horse than deal with you getting irritated.

For Frost, it sounds like the same things could be useful, but again, filming would make it easier to pinpoint what's going on with him.

For Max, just take things slow.

Edited at May 16, 2019 01:31 PM by White Crown Stables

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