feather acres
02:22:30 KM/Aurora
Oh wow tangle
02:22:00 ♞ Tosk
-HEE Click-
Nice wk7
02:21:51 Kait
Paige, training them helps you see what their strengths and weaknesses are to help you breed them better.
02:21:46 Koko
Training them helps with matching which helps with breeding for ratings, which is why most people train there horses even with no plan to show them
02:21:41 Diva's House Sprite
-HEE Click-
That's more like it :D
Sunset Grove Farm
02:21:36 Wolfei (WP) | sunset
Yep sort of, training is used to match horses when breeding
Salvatore Stables
02:20:59 Paige
Is it bad I don’t train? I just breed them for ratings and not showing
Iron Haven Quarters
My WWE filly was only up 3/6. That was a real kicker.
02:19:49 Diva's House Sprite
-HEE Click-
But of course you're a colt :(
Sunset Grove Farm
02:19:32 Wolfei (WP) | sunset
All 3 of my fillies, eee, ewe, www went up 3 for week 4
02:19:14 Koko
Not terrible but i am slightly disappointed with it
-HEE Click-
Sunset Grove Farm
02:18:45 Wolfei (WP) | sunset
-HEE Click-
Are you freaking kidding me
At Wit's End
02:18:20 Gosky
-HEE Click-

Ohhh nice
Shivering Sea
02:16:13 LB mare destroyer
You can train now :3
02:16:11 Kait
They really do, that stud only gave me a few good fillies, and gave me a few of my top producing geldings so I guess I can say he was a bit of a blessing- But its so difficult trying to make up for the weaknesses he has caused,because my PON project is being a pain, other than the 2 EEEs I got lucky enough with. It's been difficult
Shivering Sea
02:13:53 LB mare destroyer
No problem :D

Weaknesses are sometimes really hard to match and when you are trying to improve, they become your worst nightmare xD
02:12:49 Kait
Shivering, thank you so much. That has helped me realize that the old stud I had before I fr'd him, was pretty weak in all but XC, which was so frustrating.
02:11:40 Koko
Im scared but excited to see her Week 4...im preparing myself to be disappointed but I hope i'm wrong about that lmao

-HEE Click-
02:11:36 Kait
-HEE Click- If we're talking about cute lil ones that we wish could have 1 slightly better rating, I think he is my main "Why wouldn't you have had one more P or even thrown an E"
Shivering Sea
02:11:12 LB mare destroyer
Training doesn't automatically make a horse a good or bad producer, but the training gives you an idea of how strong that horse is.
You will prefer to breed with a strong stud than with a weak one.

It's like passing on the good genes.
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