Quizzical Quarters
06:37:52 Ari
Captain Marvel!
Moncrief Eventing
06:36:46 Mon
Who made that Ari?
Lucky Ranch
06:33:38 Lucky
Quizzical Quarters
06:32:23 Ari
New stable bio!
Lucky Ranch
06:30:34 Lucky
ya! join silvers rp! its AMAZING!!!
Silver Falls/LL
06:28:01 Rosalie/Rose🌹
-HEE Click-
come and join.
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:28:01 Graceful
It's really starting to kill me that I can't get ducklings this year.
06:27:51 Legion
Well, that's neat. Got all my freshmen bred and I still have W mares left over. Thinking it /might/ be time to start booting the new E fillies.
Dawn Creek Rescue
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:25:07 Graceful
Pretty sure they're both micro usbs.
Dawn Creek Rescue
I just figured out that a chromebook charger can charge an android phone.
weird flex but okay
Cascade Range Acres
Cel, I see what you mean, but her week 7 was amazing.
Celestial Estates
06:20:29 Cel
-HEE Click-
I have such bad luck with wk 9s:(
Cascade Range Acres
I will also check with a mod before I upload it to be absolutely sure it's not violating copyright or TOS.
Cascade Range Acres
Rosalie, I'm going to give it a try, but don't expect much or anything soon. I won't upload it if it diminishes the games art. My goal is to customize the image; not mar it.
Dawn Creek Rescue
I just don't know how to edit anything
Cascade Range Acres
Good to know, Mera! I want to give mane modification a try. My first attempts will be... rotten... but gotta start somewhere, right?
Cascade Range Acres
Um.... alter; not altar

I want to change the image; not worship it. >_<
Idle Lane Farms
06:14:58 Mera
People do HEE Image edits all the time
Cascade Range Acres
A serious question, are we permitted to altar official game images? Does altering the appearance of official HEE horse art and uploading it as an alternate horse image break the TOS?
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