Oak valley
05:43:17 Olive Oil
Oak valley
05:42:44 Olive Oil
It was a pretty terrifying experience, first time he's ever reared with a rider on his back. Somehow I stayed on and got back in control before he could get seriously injured. At lie old place we had to rude along a very busy road then cross the main road, we didn't actually get onto the common at that place. At this place we have to get down the drive and cross the main road. We can either go to the muddy place straight across from us or go down a very quiet lane to get onto another part
Wraithcry Farm
05:39:07 Crazy Cat Lady
Yes that would make a difference lol. I’m not doing trails right now because I just don’t have a horse that can handle it. The horse I am looking at would though.
Oak valley
05:38:45 Olive Oil
We're taking baby steps now, edging further down the drive every time we go down
Blueberry Valley
05:38:17 blue // pride
Yeah, the lag is odd...
Oak valley
05:37:38 Olive Oil
It was a bit of a stupid mistake I made, we'd only just moved to a new place and I assumed he was going to be fine, it also didn't help that we turned away from a horse he barely knew
Wraithcry Farm
05:37:12 Crazy Cat Lady
I really hate this lag.
Oak valley
05:36:20 Olive Oil
Lol I just attempted to refresh the chat and it froze for like 5 minutes straight
Wraithcry Farm
05:36:15 Crazy Cat Lady
You need to make sure he isn’t doing that. Some endurance rides can have a lot of horses there doing a lot of different things. And some people aren’t to good at controlling their horses either. I’ve had someone brush against me,
My horse didn’t even blink, I just guided her through the situation and moved on.
Angels angels
05:31:27 *has 400+ brindles*
I feel so thirsty but I keep drinking water and it hurts my stomach because its full of water
Sandpiper Hollow
05:29:42 Piper
Of course lol. I try helping out the rest of the store as my department is dead today and a grate popped off of what I was stocking and wacked me in the face and busted my lip open
Oak valley
05:29:19 Olive Oil
This was at a new yard we'd just moved to
Oak valley
05:28:29 Olive Oil
One time we attempted to go on a hack with another horse, he was being rather spriteful and silly, decided to try and turn back, he reared up and nearly bolted onto the road
Oak valley
05:26:49 Olive Oil
Roleys never been on a hack before really, he used to be a wild boy on Dartmoor, not sure what he'll do when we actually get onto the common. He's amazing in traffic we're just focusing on getting him down the drive confidently, that way we can cross the road and go the short way to the common
Wraithcry Farm
05:25:08 Crazy Cat Lady
I have done 100-200 mile rides. I want get back into doing that again, but for now baby steps lol
Oak valley
05:25:04 Olive Oil
S is a rating meaning Superb, SSS means the horse rates Superb in Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping
Wolf Creek Stables
what is an SSS horse?
Oak valley
05:20:14 Olive Oil
I've never really done anything like it before. Every year a local equestrian club does a 10 mile pleasure ride, thinking of aiming for that next year, I think Roley will love that sort of thing
Wraithcry Farm
05:18:21 Crazy Cat Lady
I will definitely do endurance again eventually. Just not now lol. Going to wait until I purchase a horse first.
Wild KNNs Ranch
05:13:28 KNN
i think im going to go clean some tanks now guys. ill see you all later <3

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Favorite weird food combination October 6, 2017 08:18 PM

Cherry Blossom Acres
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Mac and cheese with salsa. Or ketchup but honestly salsa is better. Sounds weird but they're both soooo good. XD
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Hot Cocoa made with milk with All Spice, Ginger, and Pumpkin Spice.
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Lea Manor said:
I dont know if anyone else has said it does it but: Fries with Milkshake

yes! (nobody has said it I'm just agreeing with you)
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peanut butter pickle mayonnaise sandwich
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Fries and mayo
It's a German thing
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Syrup and Bacon

Syrup and Sausage

Cucumber and Carmel

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Barbecue Sauce and Fries
Ketchup and Pizza
Smashed Potatos and Mustard
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Pizza with dressing
Ketchup on scrambled eggs.

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