Sunset Grove Farm
07:49:35 gertrude
Awh no mish
Star Catcher Estate
07:48:56 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
noooooo ;-;
Moonland Ranch
07:48:41 Moony, Moon.
Keisha's only been here a few days and she's driving me nuts
Amhain Dull Liath
07:48:00 Blonde Boy Zone
I'm mad Fleur cause as soon as you were ready to get him art my idea just poofed from reality. It is no more. And now I can't do his artsies 😭
Star Catcher Estate
07:47:21 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
ugh Gert it's gonna be impossible xD
Sunset Grove Farm
07:46:59 gertrude
That's gorgeous llama 😍😍😍

And lol fleur, with the current entries no doubt it'll be hard to. Choose
Spirtasi Acres
07:46:53 Wings/Spring Day
Woah so regal! and that's with a rolled r
Ladybird Estate
07:46:27 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Me calculating if I can accumulate an extra 200k by june:hmmmm if there is a present from the gods it is a perhaps
Star Catcher Estate
07:45:51 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
I'm going to have no money after I get Calion's arts lmao xD
But it'll be so worth it
Llama Queen
07:45:25 The Hag of HEE
Sunset, this is the set it was built for.
Llama Queen
07:44:22 The Hag of HEE
lol this is such an OLD set, but I love it. Let me put the set on that this pallet was actually made for. Hold on.
Llama Queen
07:43:50 The Hag of HEE
I have to fork out a LOT of money next weekend :D
Sunset Grove Farm
07:43:34 gertrude
Llama can I just say I love your pallete and set 😍😍

The colours are gorgeous
Llama Queen
07:43:32 The Hag of HEE
Let me tell you though.. these damn horses better shine like rockstars in the shows this week..
Sunset Grove Farm
07:42:40 gertrude
Ladybird Estate
07:42:30 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Bloop I don't have any more money to throw Llama you cant
Ladybird Estate
07:42:10 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Nothing :)
Llama Queen
07:41:59 The Hag of HEE
*cough* maybeimighthave
Sunset Grove Farm
07:40:52 gertrude
Wait whtt lol
Breezie Rose
07:40:48 The Goat-Mother
Lol Llama I know they’re so bad XD

I have to do a major cull eventually
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