05:38:57 Cowgirl
@Flav does that work with baby foal's, calves, or kittens too XD
Star Catcher Estate
05:25:30 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Best way to keep a toddler entertained:
Give them an empty travel toiletry case with many zippers and pockets
We're going on 15 minutes of zipping things closed and open
Silver Tail Farm
05:24:16 Jo (X Acct)
Ooooh yes!
-HEE Click-
After The Storm
05:23:20 Decrepit Llama
200 horses and nothing better than an SEP
Silver Tail Farm
05:23:12 Jo (X Acct)
Yayyy I got some shiny captures :D I wish their ratings were better for SD, but oh well... I'll be busy for a while lol
-HEE Click-
Jellos Warmbloods
05:22:54 Jello? Is that you?
And its just "bay".
Plain ol bay hasn't existed for a LONG while
Killer Whale Elites
05:20:39 Picture Tide
Also, beautiful floating mane and tail
Lucky Ranch
05:20:38 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
XD ari
love the name
Killer Whale Elites
05:20:23 Picture Tide
Such a cute floating eye
Diamond C Ranch
05:19:58 Diamond | Cumber Bud
What a cute floating eye.
Killer Whale Elites
05:19:45 Picture Tide
quizzical, your horse half disappeared XD
Coldwater Meadows
05:19:25 CM
Also, chatspeak is not allowed. Spell out your words please.
Quizzical Quarters
05:19:03 Stupid Bitch
-HEE Click-
Lucky Ranch
05:18:55 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
no horses for sale/breedin/auction in main chat. I think it depends on the mare
Garner Stud
Hat Cat
Diamond C Ranch
05:18:22 Diamond | Cumber Bud
Don’t post horses for breeding in main chat.
Elysium Opalus
05:05:51 Begone Thoughts
also most are renknowned WP art lol
Elysium Opalus
05:05:20 Begone Thoughts
I got her so much art wow
Lucky Ranch
05:04:49 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
XD it sounds like your house is quite an interesting place
Elysium Opalus
05:04:40 Begone Thoughts
why are we here*
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Posting the link of the chapters here! August 21, 2019 05:35 PM

Aspen Fire ES
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Hey so I'll be posting the every chapter's link onto here so you guys won't have the trouble of looking all over for it, Chapter one is out but Chapter two is still in working process so I hope you guys enjoy the stories of each chapter that progresses the story more!
Also please don't post on here but you can post in any of the chapters. I would love to hear y'alls tips, advice, or really sweet comments <3
Bonus!, you can learn more about some of the characters if your curious mind craves for some spoilers (P.S: Please don't post there as well, thank you):

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Posting the link of the chapters here! August 21, 2019 05:37 PM

Aspen Fire ES
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Chapter one: A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions

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Posting the link of the chapters here! October 27, 2019 12:54 PM

Aspen Fire ES
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Chapter two: Behind Her Blue Eyes (WIP)

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