02:42:05 Sav
-HEE Click-
Ever since I bought her, she's been a big old brat
blondys paradise
02:42:02 blondy
@hem wow! what a pretty with ratings too!
MakeEm Arabians
02:41:25 Ally 🌺
This is my favorite

-HEE Click-
blondys paradise
02:41:03 blondy
well would have loved better ratings. shes just too pretty to fr.
-HEE Click-
Freedom Plains
02:40:59 RainyDay
Rocky Mtn Paints
02:40:16 Nat
Ooh, very nice, congrats!
Hemlock Farms
02:40:03 Hem
-HEE Click-
Got this colt. He boosted Minthe on every single board, but I was in too much of a haze when I bred to write it all down. Allergies are kicking my butt big time today.
02:39:49 WM
I swear, if my April Fool's joke is to come back online to find she's now a PPP... -HEE Click- I'm going to beyond ticked...
Sunstone Elite
02:39:12 Sun/Sunny
My 4 year old PON from Hayz's girl threw another W combo this month. No items, again. I'm curious to see where she lands.
Pony Paradise
02:39:02 Collector Of Sooties
Wow I dont think Ive ever seen so many people online
Lucky Ranch
02:39:02 Lucky II Licky
lol wow
Wanderlusts Dream
02:39:00 Wander / WD
Nat, I got this lovely <3 -HEE Click-
Star Catcher Estate
02:38:54 Mother of Amoebas
Though it was working fine when 274 players were on lol xD
Lucky Ranch
02:38:41 Lucky II Licky
im not sure, but it keeps coming in and out
Rocky Mtn Paints
02:38:35 Nat
Thanks Hem! She is here: -HEE Click-

Did you guys get anything good?
Lumix Estates
02:38:35 Hey, stob it!
Well I mean theres 257 people on, that could be a big lag factor lol, I've never seen this many people on before
Kuewi KNN Stable
02:38:25 Bazinga Force
256 stables online - seems this causes the glitch
Wanderlusts Dream
02:38:17 Wander / WD
It's probably because of all the people online.
Wanderlusts Dream
02:37:56 Wander / WD
Moon, my HEE keeps kicking me out and reloading weirdly.
Stormsong Manor
02:37:56 Ven
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Olivia the horse said:
20 on horse with tounge out

That one is a stable avatar so I'd do 6k
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Can I get a stable Avi with a high level Dressage horse preforming some sort of move. Below that put HMH
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As I'm back to school and have a lot on my plate I'm closing my art shop until around Christmas I think. Sorry:) keep an eye out for premades

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