Emmure Atreyu
can someone help me fit a banner? i cant get this to work for the life of me -.-
Ryshadium RIDs
11:31:47 InkSpren
Nice, Ashes!
Breezie Wubs
-HEE Click-
What do y'all think she will rate?
Sikoa Acres
Abstract Dunes
11:29:31 Abs
Congrats Ashes :)
11:27:47 Ashes
Hey Guys!
Check it Out! My FIRST Elite bravery. I hope her rating is just as good.
-HEE Click-
Fire and Ice
Oh your cute
-HEE Click-
Ravensgaard stables
11:22:47 Valkyrie Steeds and
Stormwatch Estates
11:03:15 Bally
Wrong account- meant to post on Brook Haven Farm
Stormwatch Estates
11:02:50 Bally
Looking for a new, more memorable stable name since I'm interested in making an art shop. Suggestions?
Jericho Stables
11:00:59 Wait, what?
I remember the days where I didn't have to show my geldings until they dropped 😂
Star Catcher Estate
11:00:54 Fleur|WBs
This is what happens when Fleur tries dapples. XD
Abstract Dunes
10:58:18 Abs
Yea I throw geldings on BM then forget about them and forget to replace them as they age out lol.
Cassa Belle
10:58:05 Jess/Cassa/Belle
can HEE be an interest or hobby for Scholarships? :')
Sikoa Acres
Thanks :)
Jericho Stables
10:57:23 Wait, what?
School master
Abstract Dunes
10:57:05 Abs
Schoolmaster, level 10 in all disciplines and no longer able to show.
Sikoa Acres
What is a SM gelding?
10:56:42 aero
If I need geldings, I stalk Eury’s sale barns xD
Jericho Stables
10:55:39 Wait, what?
I bought a ttttoooonnnnnn of geldings while I was out on maternity leave so they are all in similar age and training. So I don't breed enough to replace the hundreds I bought

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