~ Hades ~
07:06:07 Queen Of Fpoons
Ladybird Estate
07:02:15 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Oop she as EGD
Wings Of Glory
06:50:40 O Great Potato Wing
hand drawing dapples is going to be the end of me
Lotus Flower Estate
06:42:10 ᪥ Lotus
-HEE Click-

She is so ugly 🙃😑
Lotus Flower Estate
06:31:00 ᪥ Lotus
Her color rating is 1/1449 lol
Bright Feild Stables
06:29:33 Gi
*her lol
Bright Feild Stables
06:29:19 Gi
Can't wait to see what his color ratings might be:
-HEE Click-
Skye's Paradise
06:01:16 Pickle
Thanks! Got them. :)
Skye's Paradise
05:51:12 Pickle
Can anyone interested in naming 5 horses pm me? I don't want to clog up chat.
Wings Of Glory
05:46:54 O Great Potato Wing
thank you<3
my arm is dead thoughXD
Skye's Paradise
05:44:27 Pickle
Sorry, hit it twice.
Skye's Paradise
05:44:08 Pickle
Well you didn't. It really looks good.
Wings Of Glory
05:43:13 O Great Potato Wing
oh i didnt add the markings i just prayed i wouldnt ruin them during when i smudgedXD
Skye's Paradise
05:40:35 Pickle
Those markings are excellent Wings. :)
Wings Of Glory
05:38:38 O Great Potato Wing
thank you guys^-^
Wintercrest Arabians
05:37:34 Skye's Paradise SA
Oh I love it Wings 😍
~ Hades ~
05:36:46 Queen Of Fpoons
Kaj. Loes is my favourite kitty of yours
05:35:53 Kaj
sooooooooooooooo pretty
05:34:13 Madsie // 🥝
Wings thatÂ’s so cute
05:33:57 Madsie // 🥝
Hades I was one of the annoying ones (sorry)
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