Ebon Askavi
06:23:45 Ebon
Omg! My first good capture ever!
-HEE Click-
06:23:23 Hedgehog
He’s super cute :D
Emmas Eventers
Very cute. I really miss being around my Mum's dogs :(
The Chimera Rescue
06:22:29 Ghosted
@Lucky no, purebred Golden.
06:22:02 Kidd
-HEE Click-
hello lovely
The Chimera Rescue
06:21:58 Ghosted
@River I don't think I understand. What do you mean?
Lucky Ranch
06:21:50 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
looks like a golden mix
Killer Whale Elites
06:21:32 Picture Tide
I agree Ghosted. Hes adorable :D
Quizzical Quarters
06:21:20 Stupid Bitch
Max has to be taken on walks almost everyday. He doesn’t have much high energy, but loves nature. The Akita side of him I’m guessing is what makes him uneasy around certain things. I’ve heard Akita’s tend to aggressive issues.
The Chimera Rescue
06:21:10 Ghosted
Oh yes, very very soft. -Click-
Cute too
06:21:08 Hedgehog
Awe! What breed is he?
River Bend Stables
06:20:21 River
What Happened to the Barn
Killer Whale Elites
06:20:09 Picture Tide
Thats cute Chimera :D
Enigma Elites
06:20:03 Eni | Thing 1
I wanna pet Tuck, he looks soft
The Chimera Rescue
06:19:21 Ghosted

Tuck got to see the horses 😂
Enigma Elites
06:19:17 Eni | Thing 1
I've never met a Bluetick as big as Luke, even at conditioned weight he's massive

One issue my ex and I had was that he didn't establish proper boundaries with the dog, working breeds aren't accessories who you can just "not train" and he didn't seem to understand that *eye roll*
River Bend Stables
06:17:46 River
I hope he will get me Started on X
Quizzical Quarters
06:17:42 Stupid Bitch
Max doesn’t like fireworks, but other then that he seems to be fine around loud noises. Just quick or sudden movements make him uneasy. He loves to snuggle, though, only problem is he is 110lbs. :’)
Enigma Elites
06:17:00 Eni | Thing 1
He's pretty, River
River Bend Stables
06:16:26 River
-HEE Click- I Won him and his EEE Colt at Auction and now I am in the negatives
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Lazy Dog Acres
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Swan Lake Estate
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Can I get a stable avatar? Something to fit my stable name. Tell me when you want me to send in the ebs.
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Can I get a Avatar/banner set i would like a western theme to fit my ranch let me know when to send the money.
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I will buy the western for 20k
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Can I get a stable set I would like a barrel racing theme
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Can I get a stable avatar please? Free reign except I want my stable name and number on it
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Torpedoes Atoning said:
Can I get a stable avatar please? Free reign except I want my stable name and number on it

Yes of course! There is another order before yours so I may not get it done until tomorrow but I'll start on it as soon as I can.
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Torpedoes Atoning
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Alright thank you
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I’d love a stable avvy for my new name :3 wolf outline perhaps and in colors that match my background pretty please (doesn’t have to be exact haha black n white, greys and white, doesn’t reslly matter) :) love your avvy btw, sweet!

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Hello I was wondering if I could get a stable avatar please pm me for detailse

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