Honey Maple Ranch
01:07:05 Honey
YAY!! Those varnish patterns are fire!!
MakeEm Fancy
01:07:05 Ally 🌺
Infected ingrown toenail 🥴
Bluebax Manor
01:06:30 Killer Hummingbird
THank you Lucky!!
Honey Maple Ranch
01:06:29 Honey
WhatÂ’s wrong with your toe?
All Breeds
01:06:24 Fawn
Oooh new varnishes *-*
MakeEm Fancy
01:05:59 Ally 🌺
Me : no more surgeries
Also me: *sitting in a room fixing to have surgery on my toe*

Ugh 😑
01:04:19 ⫷⫸ Sem
Honey, that really speaks to me ♡
MakeEm Fancy
01:02:56 Ally 🌺
I love that honey
Honey Maple Ranch
12:58:36 Honey
I did an adopt for someone and I just realized I love painting line art 😅

Snow Stable
12:58:03 Snow Gem

Hm, I am a INFJ. I haven't read much of anything about them being angry. We just into your heads too much.
Pentagram Stables
12:56:44 Penta - KNNs
Blue Acre Quarters
At what age can horses no longer breed?
A grape
12:53:28 Lucky
Here you go Blue :)
Pentagram Stables
12:50:22 Penta - KNNs
snow - perhaps you've just learned to control it really well.
Snow Stable
12:49:15 Snow Gem
Funny thing, I don't think I get angry much. I get sad mostly...
Bluebax Manor
12:48:44 Killer Hummingbird
Can someone please help me shave this image down to 300 x -Click- Thank you!
Bumblebee Stables
12:44:37 Sweet Tea || Sara
Stab* <.<
Bumblebee Stables
12:44:08 Sweet Tea || Sara
And when i mean stab.. i mean absolutely stab the shit out of the box until i've run out of places to cut
Paradox Elites
12:43:16 Brie | Para
ooh I do have a knife I could put to good use.
All Breeds
12:42:24 Fawn
I usually take a bath and play my video games to get my anger out 😂
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   Introducing The Eden Echo: The voices of HEE (our rebranded June 5, 2021 04:01 PM

Sporting Chance Farm
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I am happy to announce that HEE will continue to have a magazine. TEN: The Eden News is now The Eden Echo: The voices of Eden. It will be continued by Sporting Chance Farm (SCF) with big thank yous to Cassa Belle for the chance to keep it going. I have done a sample issue you can find here The Eden Echo: The voices of HEE . It is my goal to have our first official issue out in July. If you are a part of The Eden News and would like to continue a role in The Eden Echo please pm me and we can talk about what is needed. There is an article in the sample issue that talks about the positions that are open and what is expected. We are also searching for all sorts of talent, writing, cooking, drawing, painting ... any and all creative vibes. I would love to talk with some artists about cover art for the magazine. We have a lot of ideas we want to share with the community and look forward to their help and support in making and keeping it a success. Any questions PM 266600. Please keep everything positive we don't do negative here.
Introducing The Eden Echo: The voices of HEE (our rebranded June 10, 2021 05:38 PM

Cadence Farms
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Looking good! Good job!

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