09:14:50 LC
Thats good
09:13:51 ~Amey~
I'm awesome
09:13:39 LC
Hey amey
Im good you?
09:13:22 ~Amey~
How are you guys doing today?
09:12:47 LC
09:12:23 ~Amey~
Hi Chat!
09:05:31 Get's Hurt Easily
@sunny same, it has not stopped raining since two nights ago and is supposed to rain until wendsday
Sunstone Elite
09:03:41 Sun/Sunny
We didn't have enough rain this summer so I'm hoping the snow will make up for it.
09:01:00 Get's Hurt Easily
We are finally getting rain, our big 18 county water lake is down to like 20% full because of lack of rain. We have salmon coming up the creek and they look like mini sharks, they are huge the one have 3 1/2 feet long or bigger
Lilac Garden
09:00:40 This is Hill | Lilac
Ok thanks!
Arctic Dusk
09:00:27 AL - mighty RIDs
Hill, if it is capture day they might. But this is capture party and those don't have increased chance unless otherwise stated
08:57:59 Heyy it's Capp
Oh oh oh! I'll take some snow!
Hillcrest Equestrian
08:57:39 Hill, KSM
Do horses captured on capture day have more of a chance of rating well?
08:37:08 Legion
I had to move into my parent's house for about a week because the trailer wasn't staying warm enough
Arctic Dusk
08:35:11 AL - mighty RIDs
January/february was cold here
Sunstone Elite
08:34:23 Sun/Sunny
I feel that. And yeah the few weeks we have of -40's and whatnot weren't fun, but there always seems to be a week or two of that scattered in our winters up here, at least. I was shocked by how little snow we had. Was barely able to get out snowmobiling at all D:
08:33:05 Legion
As long as it isn't cold like it was in Feb
Arctic Dusk
08:31:58 AL - mighty RIDs
I dread it to be a snow to the roof kind of winter
Spruce Hills
ok thank you @Artic Spruce.
Sunstone Elite
08:31:06 Sun/Sunny
That would be great :D We've had an unusually warm fall, we're still averaging high 40's and low 50's during the day O.o Should be more like high 30's. Though as long as there's plenty of snow by Thanksgiving (and deer season) I will be happy.
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