09:29:08 Mack
Yes, my daughter. Her personality is starting to shine and a love it, but I'm also weeping for what I put my own mother through
Circle Star RIDs
09:27:48 Granny C
Mack - your first ?
MakeEm Fancy
09:27:38 Ally 💜
Layla will be 5 and Foxy will be 1 this year 🥺
09:26:54 Crowley | Myth
Who what?
Willow River Estates
09:26:13 JF Jelly Star lurkin
09:25:47 Crowley | Myth
I'm excited for May to be 3/4.
Circle Star RIDs
09:25:30 Granny C
Sandy - got that right. lol
09:25:20 Mack
Mines turning 3 this month. I'm not ready
09:24:56 Crowley | Myth
They are Tee (Tequila).
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:24:49 Sandy
Wow. Time flies with kids. One second they are babies, and the next they aren't.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:24:14 Sandy
Myth, who was that?
09:23:51 Crowley | Myth
I miss my chaos buddy.
Circle Star RIDs
09:23:03 Granny C
Sandy - yea, the other one is already 10
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:21:56 Sandy
Hazey, exciting! It'll look amazing.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:21:26 Sandy
Aww. Granny, that's so sweet. She's getting to be big. :D
KPH Equestrian
09:20:42 Rapcoon | Jester
ooh, that's called a Peacock Appaloosa pattern, pretty rare :D
Witch Hazel Acres
09:19:53 Hazey
I'm super stoked ^^ my headless is my favorite one.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:19:53 Sandy
-HEE Click- Anyone know what is up with this filly?
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:19:28 Sandy
Hazey, super cool!
Circle Star RIDs
09:18:43 Granny C
great grand daughter*
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Item Guide for New Players? April 7, 2024 10:58 AM

Flash Farm
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Is there a guide on the items and how they work? I'm overwhelmed by the number of items I can purchase when I go to "search items" and then there's even an alert I can use for a massive dropdown of a list of items and I don't know what ANY of them are. Like an adventurer's map, what is that, what does it do, etc... airplane for a rider's vacation, why would I need that, what does it do, etc.
There's so many items and there's no description of them anywhere I can see. Is there a guide for this stuff somewhere?
Item Guide for New Players? April 7, 2024 10:59 AM

Flash Farm
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I just found out there's a love potion to flirt with the accountant?!
Item Guide for New Players? April 7, 2024 11:40 AM

Eyrie of the Stars
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If you tap on the image for an item, in your inventory, the game store, or a member shop, it will bring up a pop up with a description of its purpose along with some other info.

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