Circle Star RIDs
10:07:06 Granny C
My daughters 1st boy, Tony, went fine. Nick had issues, and her youngest, Vince went fine too.
2 Lazy 2 Ranch
10:06:53 Nat
I just had a roller coaster of a pregnancy and was considered high risk. Luckily I had a relatively easy birth. 8lbs 11 oz, 21.5 inches long xD
MakeEm Fancy
10:06:17 Ally 💜
My first was 1lb 11oz and my second was 7lb 8oz ☺️
10:04:22 Mack
I feel very blessed and lucky, it was a carefree pregnancy for me. Birth only took 15 minutes. 7 pounds, 19.5 inches long! Homie was a string bean (still is)
2 Lazy 2 Ranch
10:00:51 Nat
Amnio tests aren't performed very often unless necessary because of how risky things are. Ultrasounds and blood tests can determine a lot these days
Circle Star RIDs
10:00:41 Granny C
Nick was born way premature and spent the 1st year of his life in hospital. He was fed thru a stomach tube and had another tube in his neck so he could breath.
We still call him the million dollar baby.
MakeEm Fancy
10:00:14 Ally 💜
This dog is smart but not rollover smart 😂
09:59:04 Mack
Sorry, low-key said the same thing as Granny C
Hummingbird Meadows
09:56:11 Hummer
@Mack, probably.
09:55:39 Mack
Makes sense. Like if I did a gene test for spina bifida and stuff, they would see the gender as well. Maybe they just use the test if it's already being done. It's probably save money instead of test and ultrasound
Circle Star RIDs
09:54:34 Granny C
Makes sense then, as Nick had issues when he was born, and probably was worried about his daughters being ok.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:52:53 Hummer
When I google it, it says an amniocentesis is typically used to diagnosis disorders of the fetus, but it can be used to determine gender.
MakeEm Fancy
09:52:52 Ally 💜
They do ultrasounds but majority of moms do the blood testing now and then an ultrasound to confirm it
Circle Star RIDs
09:50:40 Granny C
Hummer - maybe some do, I don't know. My grand kids did the amnio tests.
09:49:56 Mack
Mine was through ultrasound. I remember there were 3 lines like a hotdog, and that meant girl
MakeEm Fancy
09:49:23 Ally 💜
I had ultrasounds done for gender
Hummingbird Meadows
09:48:43 Hummer
@Granny, I thought they are still doing ultrasounds?
Circle Star RIDs
09:47:48 Granny C
Now days, they do the amnio test to determine gender. Back when I had my kids, they were still just doing ultra-sounds.
What they declared was to be a boy, as the penis was visible, turned out to be my daughter. lol
MakeEm Fancy
09:46:53 Ally 💜
It was the best experience. I would 100% do it again. It was something that was shared between the hubby and I and in all honesty it was the best feeling. If I were to have another I would keep the gender a surprise again
Hummingbird Meadows
09:43:24 Hummer
@Ally, I don't think I could handle the suspense of waiting to know the gender until birth.
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Possible Reroll Color Variations February 4, 2018 06:00 PM

Stormsong Manor

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A lot of people ask questions about how rerolls will change their horse's coat color. I figured I'd make up a quick list of the various color changes that may occur. Genetics will never change; pattern, marking and coat color variations may change.

Bay variations:
Light bay
Mahogany bay
Blood bay

Chestnut variations:
Chestnut - with roans and duns, this is called Red
Flaxen chestnut - with roans and duns, this is called Flaxen Red
Liver chestnut - with roans and duns, this is called Dark Red
Flaxen liver chestnut - with roans and duns, this is called Flaxen Dark Red

Palomino variations:
Chocolate palomino
Pale palomino

Dunalino variations:
Golden dunalino
Chocolate dunalino

Buckskin variations:
Buttermilk buckskin

Dunskin variations:
Buttermilk dunskin

Rerolls may also add or take away coat modifiers such as sooty (dark hairs) and pangere (light hairs). These are not represented by genes, but you can see for sure if your horse has or does not have them with a gene test. They are listed under Phenotype at the bottom of the test results. Like the coat color variations, they are random and are not inherited or passed on.

Brindle will always stay, but may change color from black to white, or vice versa. This is also not inheritable or passed on. Rerolling your horse will not add brindle if it does not already have it.

Markings such as socks, blazes, etc may change or disappear.

Patterns such as tobiano, frame, etc may change in variation, but will never disappear, as they are genes. Rerolling your horse will not add a pattern(s) if it doesn't already have it.

Additional markings such as bend-or spots, bird catcher spots, lace and chimera may come and go randomly with rerolls. These are not genes and are not inheritable or passed on.

07/08/18 - Edited to add Chimera.

Edited at July 11, 2019 06:49 AM by Stormsong Manor
Possible Reroll Color Variations February 26, 2018 12:36 PM

White Oak Manor
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Thanks, this helped a lot!
Possible Reroll Color Variations September 7, 2018 01:02 PM

Former Stable
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How many rerolls do we get? Do they renew each day?
Possible Reroll Color Variations September 7, 2018 01:06 PM

Jericho Stables
Posts: 3175
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Silver Crest said:
How many rerolls do we get? Do they renew each day?

You have to purchase them. Or you get 10 for your birthday or if Eve is feeling kind and gives some away.
Possible Reroll Color Variations January 6, 2020 03:14 PM

Former Stable
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If your horse is albino will it change that?
Possible Reroll Color Variations January 11, 2020 07:46 AM

Sweet Sugar Acres
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What about Champagne?

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