Timber Canyon
10:48:10 Timbie
There is a section in the FAQ that will give you the crossbreeding formulas
Apex Equestrian
10:47:19 AE ~ Apex
So what breed do they end up as?
MakeEm Fancy
10:47:17 Ally 🌺

Timber Canyon
10:46:36 Timbie
Yer, been a thing for as long as I can remember
Apex Equestrian
10:46:34 AE ~ Apex
I haven't been on this game for a long time so apparently I forgot. Thanks
10:45:30 Legion
You've always been able to cross breed
Apex Equestrian
10:44:45 AE ~ Apex
Like for example X and TB?
Apex Equestrian
10:44:23 AE ~ Apex
Wait... you can cross breed in this game now?
Savannah stables
10:43:18 Savannah
My family thinks me and my grandpa are crazy for saying sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive, but they refuse to look at any evidence.
10:42:19 Golden
Anyways. I gotta go. Bai!
Vixen Creek
10:41:59 Vixie
Nature is wild
Spotted Acres
did anybody know that snowflake appaloosa actually grow into their spots. As my mom has an appendix QH that is starting to show snowflake appy spots
The Joker
10:41:18 Mojii
I’ve heard that bunnies can do the same thing
Savannah stables
10:40:30 Savannah
I don’t think I wanna answer that question
10:40:26 Legion
Some people will say 30 days, but it's closer to 60
10:40:19 Golden
I’m not gonna get into that @Savannah)
MakeEm Fancy
10:39:45 Ally 🌺
My head hurts _._ this is week 3 of a sinus infection and im over it
Nueve de Cassa
10:39:44 Just Cassa :)
...where do you think? XD
Nueve de Cassa
10:39:28 Just Cassa :)
Its always possible. Vet told us about one month
Savannah stables
10:38:56 Savannah
I knew the hormones stayed in their system, but i didn’t know they could hold semen. How do they even do that?! Like where are they putting it?!
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