Savannah stables
07:40:17 Savannah
Too large of a file
Kaelua Stables
07:39:34 Lex
Too big or too large?
Savannah stables
07:37:47 Savannah
My image keeps on being either too big or too large of a file. Like bruh.
CC Mustangs
07:36:45 CC, Cici, Soggy
Hrmm...I'm going to have to figure out what grains to feed to these dang goats. :/
Cain Manor
07:34:14 Comatose
-HEE Click-
Kaelua Stables
07:23:20 Lex
I am really a procrastinator :(
07:23:17 Jared
-HEE Click-
Wow, look, a gelding!
07:21:58 puck
ok I'm out I've fulfilled my daily quote for chaos and then some. Time to actually homework xD
07:20:31 puck
heck yeah go for it
07:19:13 Jared
Yeah, that's fair enough. The past few weeks have been difficult to keep up on homework too for me. November was an eventful month.
-HEE Click-
Start of a SD bravery line?
07:17:40 puck
I used to, but this past year has just been rough and I've kinda given up. I'm getting by but I'm not graduating with honors or anything, and I'm ok with that at this point. I just want to be done.
07:16:55 Jared
Oof. I can't let myself let assignments go like that, I take it way too seriously xD
07:15:34 puck
I have another teacher that assigned 10 page essays to us but I kinda let that class slide and he hasn't actually penalized any of my missing assignments so I'm thinking that he's just... kinda giving up on this semester. Some of the teachers have been super cool considering the circumstances.
Savannah stables
07:15:18 Savannah
And he has elite bravery?!
07:14:37 puck
(I already have 3 of them mostly finished and 2 of them are super easy)
Sunshine Jumpers
07:14:12 Jared
Yup, sounds about right.
I have a problem/solution essay to write that I just... Haven't wwritten yet. Don't really want to either
Abstract Dunes
07:14:04 Abs
Sure lol.
Savannah stables
07:13:52 Savannah
-HEE Click-
I mean.. ok. Maybe I should gamble today or something.
07:12:52 puck
oooh mini tack!

I have 9 essays due for another class but my teacher extended the deadline to monday so I will ~do~ them on monday
i got to go its like 3 in the morning nd i have some foals to feed in real life
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