Shivering Sea
03:23:14 Back to my PPP curse
The only thing I can think of is that the horse were FRed and so they got deleted from the game.
Squeakywheel Ranch
ok, Im confused. I had an auction with 16 horses. 14 sold. but when I open the completed auction, in only shows 8 horses sold in the auction. What am I missing?
Olive Tree Equine
03:12:20 Olive / Yarn
fank youuu :3
Plumeria Stables
happy birthday to you. you little potato bean
03:09:51 saphira~
happy birfdayyy! :))
Olive Tree Equine
03:07:05 Olive / Yarn
happy borthday to mee, happy borthday tooo meee. (in gru voice)
The Seven Sins
03:06:55 Sher
I'm loving this new character. I should develop her more haha.
Stables of Avalon
strawberry smoothie
-HEE Click- Yay! Seal Brown!
Plumeria Stables
oh wow thats really pretty :)
I'm on a roll!
My second finished art piece today xD
Plumeria Stables
i randomly felt like saying happy birthday to : Dark Hearts Revenge
Clovers Paradise
Supernatural Stables
Idocus Studios
have a great day!
Hello Everyone!
Dark Shadows Estate
02:37:42 Bazz
Hell - I wish my RO was costing me 75k!
02:17:41 Soft Boi Corgo
-HEE Click-

I finally got a seal brown!
Hell Raised Arabians
02:16:05 Bebbe emo owl
75k needed for RO :D
02:11:58 Soft Boi Corgo
-HEE Click-

Oh shes cute too
02:07:01 Soft Boi Corgo
@Sarcy, Im gonna combine Cardinal and Splash and name her Cardinal Splash
Hell Raised Arabians
02:01:00 Bebbe emo owl
red capped mushys
The Seven Sins
02:00:22 Sher
Blue flowers
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