Ninjago Realm
11:05:55 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
im just trying to see what site has the better cards
Ninjago Realm
11:05:31 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
never mind
Ironworks Equestria
11:05:08 Seven/Egon 🜝
I'm sorry, I do not understand
The Old Gods
11:04:43 Dead King
Moonland And Elites
11:04:40 M&E, Loony
If i were to have a favourite coat out of my horses it'd be between these two ladies
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Ninjago Realm
11:04:11 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
I do have a qustion do the cards here have the smae odd ness that WPs do? like rick rollers and just creepy ones or are they chill?
Ironworks Equestria
11:02:27 Seven/Egon 🜝
I agree and thankful I'm not alone =D
Moonland And Elites
11:01:57 M&E, Loony
FireStallionStables, Whatever suites your fancy
Ninjago Realm
11:01:40 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
11:01:33 FSS/Fire
Grass II
11:01:24 Lloyd,Zane,Waterfall
11:01:03 FSS/Fire
Ok for Anglo Arabians what would you suggest
The Fallen Rulers
11:00:13 Storm|Straw Hoarder
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

Moonland And Elites
10:59:59 M&E, Loony
Neither are my favourite coats so i wouldn't breed either of those coats together
10:57:50 FSS/Fire
What do you think is what I am asking
Moonland And Elites
10:57:24 M&E, Loony
That depends what you'd say is "pretty colors" everyone has different standards on that
10:56:41 FSS/Fire
Like pretty colors
Moonland And Elites
10:56:14 M&E, Loony
FireStallionStables, What do you mean by color good?
10:55:32 FSS/Fire
Ok based on those 3 what might breed color good with apricot
Moonland And Elites
10:54:54 M&E, Loony
I'd say
1, Champange
2, Pearl
3, Dapple Grey
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